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Thoughtful Thursday: Little Singer

The Star-Spangled Banner is a tough song to sing. One extraordinary three-year-old girl melted our hearts as she sang this traditional American song on YouTube for the world to see. Grace Anna Rodgers was born with Conradi Hunermann Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects her motor skills and sight. She is unable to walk and has multiple cataracts.


Photo by: People.com

This adorable little girl began singing when she was just a year-and-a-half old. Grace was inspired to sing by her mom, who sings all the time around the house. Her mom even helped her through her surgeries singing by her bedside at the hospital.

Grace’s family has received an out pour of well wishes for their daughter after this video of her singing the Star-Spangled Banner went viral.  This Thoughtful Thursday, we honor Grace, who has inspired many lives by the power of her tiny but beautiful voice.



Thoughtful Thursday: Kool-Aid

thoughtfulthursday ka

Eight-year-old Jaxon Evans is what some may call a savvy business man. He has collected $1600 from his Kool-Aid stand, but he doesn’t plan on keeping a single cent. In fact, Jaxon’s goal is to raise a total of $2500 before Black Friday to buy presents for homeless children.


You may be wondering how this budding philanthropist was able to raise so much money. For starters, he came up with the slogan “It’s cool to aid kids.” Then he created fliers to give out at school and his mom alerted friends and family through Facebook of the great cause for which he was raising money. The local news even covered the story about his thoughtful gesture!

Not only will Jaxon be donating toys to the Bakersfield Homeless Center in California, but he will also be adding nonperishable food and baby products to the list of items these kids need.

This Thoughtful Thursday, we thank Jaxon for his generosity and compassion.

Thoughtful Thursday: Teamwork

13-year-old Keith Orr was never the most popular kid in his grade, but ever since his teammates designed a play for him to score a touchdown,he’s been the MVP.

Keith has a learning disability and struggles with boundaries; however, he embraces all of his peers with love and care.  In order to help him learn about teamwork, his parents signed him up to join the football team – who knew he would make such an impact in the lives of his fellow teammates.

The coaches and fans knew nothing of the generous act of kindness that was going to occur during the football game on October 5th. The first of the two plays got the team as close to the goal line as possible without scoring. Then, during the next play, Keith was handed the ball and a rush of players ran with him across the goal line.

Keith described scoring his first touchdown as “awesome.” This Thoughtful Thursday is dedicated to the Olivet Eagles for showcasing teamwork.

Thoughtful Thursday: Inventing to Save Lives


“If you believe it, you can achieve it,” said American author Napoleon Hill. From a young age, 11-year-old Peyton Robertson believed he could invent something spectacular that would help save lives.  It is apparent that Petyton’s invention of sandless sandbags could indeed save lives and homes in case of a flood.

When Peyton was four years old, his family experienced the havoc of Hurricane Wilma. This experience got him thinking about how he could save lives and homes from destruction. It then hit him – create sandless sandbags. “Instead of filling it with sand, I filled it with just the right amount of [chemicals and salt],” he said during his interview with ABC News “What’s amazing is that when you pick these bags up and they’re not wet, they only weigh a pound or two.” Experts have confirmed that Peyton has invented something extraordinary since regular sandbags are hard to maneuver during floods due to their weight, especially when wet.

Peyton’s idea was submitted to the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Peyton was declared the winner for his idea that could revolutionize the way we protect ourselves when a flood occurs.

This Thoughtful Thursday, we congratulate Peyton on his scientific discovery and his desire to save lives!


Thoughtful Thursday: Playing Doctor

thoughtfulthursday playingdoctor

Seven-year-old Landon Browne contemplated being a zombie or superhero for Halloween. Then he realized that he wanted to dress up as someone who has impacted his life – Dr. Jay Rubinstein, a Seattle surgeon who has been helping Landon hear since he was just nine months old. Landon was born deaf and Dr. Rubinstein has been working hard these past seven years to improve his hearing.


Photo by: KomoNews.com

This Thoughtful Thursday we praise both Landon and Dr. Rubinstein for the efforts they have made toward helping people hear, in more ways than one.


Thoughtful Thursday: Running Champs

thoughtfulthursday runningchamps

Running a race (and making it to the finish line) is a huge accomplishment, especially for brothers Tobias and Titus. 10-year-old Tobias wrote a letter to News9 in Oklahoma City asking if he could borrow a jogging stroller to push Titus, his 11-year-old brother with cerebral palsy, in an upcoming 5k race. Since their mom wasn’t able to afford this type of stroller, ABLE Tech, a statewide program funded by federal grants that provides assisting technology to individuals with disabilities, graciously gifted one to the brothers to use for this race and future races.tobiasandtitus

    Photo by: Molly Sanders

Running the race together was a dream come true. This Thoughtful Thursday, we congratulate Tobias and Titus on completing their first race and making an effort to get out and play, no matter the circumstances.

Thoughtful Thursday

Photo by: JMHS Foundation

Check out this video of Titus and Tobias before the big race:

News9.com – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

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