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5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Family

Valentine's Day Ways to Celebrate

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is a holiday full of affection and letting those you care about know how much they mean to you. As this loving day approaches, here are five ways to celebrate this special event with your family:

Scavenger Hunt: Place hearts (they can be paper, candy, etc.) all around your house! The first person in your family to find the most hearts within 10 minutes wins a Valentine’s prize.

Sweet Treats:  There are plenty of delicious treats you and your kiddos can make, from chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels to heart shaped calzones! If you need some inspiration, check out our post about sweet treats.

Crafts: Gather around the table, grab some paper, pencils and crayons and draw all the people and things you love in your life! Your mini artists can let their imaginations run wild and draw their family, friends, pets and food they enjoy.

Movie marathon: What better way to fill your family’s hearts with joy than to watch movies all about love! Parents.com has come up with a list of eight Valentine’s Day movies for families.

Party time: To get into the full swing of Valentine’s Day, why not do all of the activities above and throw a party? You’ll have treats, decorations and games that both parents and kids will fall in love with.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

8 Rules for Winter Safety

winter safety

Brrrr it’s cold outside! For those of us that have to endure the harsh winters full of snow, as chilly as it may be, it sure is beautiful. The best part of a snow filled winter is snowball fights, building snowmen (and women) and making snow angels. Even though the snow can be fun to play in, it’s very important to stay warm and dress accordingly during these frigid temperatures.  Without further ado, we’ve compiled a list of eight rules for winter safety with the help of Parents.com and KidsHealth.org:

  1. Layers, layers, layers: It’s essential for kiddos to wear more layers when they go to play in the snow. However, the key is to not overheat little ones with too many layers. Stick with polyester fabric shirts and pants and top it off with a wind and waterproof coat!
  2. Little gloves for little hands: To prevent frostbite, keep mini hands nice and toasty with mittens and gloves. If children are playing outside it’s crucial that the gloves or mittens offer insulation and waterproof protecting from wet, melting snow.
  3. Keep little tootsies warm too: Boot quality is just as important as wearing gloves while playing outside during these wet and polar weather conditions. When it comes to purchasing the right pair of boots for your youngsters, go up a shoe size so they can layer their socks. Also, be on the lookout for boots that are waterproof and insulated.
  4. It’s all about the bright colors: When your little ones are playing outside in the snow, it’s crucial that their gear can be seen so motorists are cautious when driving around the neighborhood during snowy conditions. It might also be helpful to place a KidAlert at the end of the driveway to ensure extra protection for your kiddos.
  5. Sunscreen all year round: Just because it’s not warm outside doesn’t mean the sun can’t cause skin damage. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, snow reflects 80% of UV rays. Sunscreen should be placed on any exposed areas such as the face, ears and back of the neck.
  6. Stay hydrated: Playing in the snow can be exhausting and dehydrating. Youngsters can stay hydrated with hot cocoa. It will keep them warm and wet their appetites during their snow-filled adventures.
  7. Stay stylish with hats and earmuffs: Keep little heads and ears warm with hats and earmuffs. The more body parts that are covered up from arctic conditions, the warmer your kids will be.
  8. Take breaks: It can be a blast to play in the snow, but it’s important that children take breaks in between winter explorations. When they take breaks, they can go inside, take a breather, drink some hot chocolate and warm up any parts of their body that are very cold.

What measures are you and your family taking to stay safe while playing in the snow?

5 Reasons to Hug

Reasons to Hug

Today is National Hugging Day, what a loving holiday for all to celebrate! Adults and children alike can enjoy the embrace of a nice warm hug. Wrapping your arms around someone can be a way to greet others or show them you care. Either way, giving hugs can make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. You and your little one can celebrate this adorable holiday with big bear hugs and cuddling! Besides embracing one another on this heartfelt day, did you know hugging is healthy for you? Here are five reasons to hug:

  1. Hugs reduce worries and fears, according to the Association for Psychological Science.
  2. Studies show that, hugs are a natural stress reliever.
  3. According to an experiment from Emory University, babies that are hugged a lot become less stressed adults.
  4. Hugs help comfort loved ones when they’re sad.
  5. The best benefit of all is hugs are proven to make people happier!

Who are you going to hug during this affectionate holiday?