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Wordless Wednesday: Spooky Rides

Wordless Wednesdays spooky rides

Have your trick-or-treaters ride in style this Halloween. Check out these creative ways the Test Drive Bloggers used their wagons for this spooky time of year:


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Staying Active in the Fall

Finding ways to keep kids active during the fall can be a challenge. During the summer, children enjoy playing in the pool and being outdoors, soaking up the sun and fun daily. As school starts and the weather cools, as parents, we can easily forget about all that outdoor active play has to offer.  According to Health.com, there are simple ways to keep your children active during autumn.

  • Encourage them to play outside during the weekends or after school during the week
  • Remind them to use their playhouses and swing sets to increase their levels of activity
  • Find a kid friendly class in the community that requires physical activity
  • Go on a hike during the weekend – don’t forget to bring your wagon to collect leaves and rocks
  • Turn simple chores into active play – turn on the music and ask them to sweep up the kitchen floor with the beat


Teaching your children the importance of staying active will help to lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits.  What tips do you have when it comes to keeping your children active during autumn?

Utilizing Toys Creatively

Here at Step2, we realize that children eventually grow up and although our toys have grown with them- children eventually outgrow them. Even though the playing may be over with, that does not mean you cannot still utilize Step2 products!

Below are some ways to use Step2 toys:

1. Planters: This is a great way to make your garden look beautiful and an untraditional way to showcase your flowers. Not only can the wagons become planters but the sandboxes can become flower beds as well.

2. Pooch palace: Every dog deserves its day. Now you can let your dog have a blast on the Step2 climbers after the kids are too big to play on them.  This is a great way to help your dogs stay active besides the average walk around the block.

3. Multi-purpose table:  Even if your children are not too big for their Step2 toys yet, sometimes they may get bored playing with sand or water when it comes to the water tables and the sand & water combos. Try using different substances like shaving cream or mud (if you dare) in areas where sand or water would usually reside.

4. Animal carrier: Let your pets relax while you parade them around in their own wagon. If your children still fit in their wagon, this can be a fun way for your children and pets to bond. Otherwise, it can be a way to let your pet take a nice relaxing stroll while you chauffeur them around. Better yet, let your big kids be the chauffeur for their furry friends!

*Disclaimer*: The Step2 Company does not promote or condone the use of our products in ways other than the original intent. This blog was solely written for the purpose to encourage creativity after a child is done with the original intent of the product.

Tips for Getting Your Outdoor Step2 Products Ready for Summer Fun

The kids are almost out of school, temperatures are rising all across the country, and outdoor toys are being brought back outside. This means one thing – Summer is almost here!

At Step2, safety is our number one priority; so we’ve devised some tips for getting your outdoor Step2 products ready for summer fun.

Outdoor Toys

Wagons & Ride-Ons

  • Review assembly instructions [available on all product pages (example)] to verify products meet all safety requirements as installed
  • Check seat belts on wagons and ride-ons to insure that they are secure, the buckles function and the fabric is not weathered or damaged
  • Look for signs of excess wear on wagon and ride on wheels
  • Check for bent axles or casters
  • Look for cracking on any handles


Swings & Climbing Equipment

  • Review assembly instructions to verify products meet all safety requirements as installed
  • Check for obstacles around home playground equipment  (there should be a minimum of 6 ½ feet clearance around the perimeter of the equipment)
  • Check all hardware on climbing & swing set equipment to make sure they are tight and make sure anchors are in place and beneath surface level
  • Check swing ropes on climber/swing sets to insure they are in good condition with no signs of fraying or rotting from sun/weather exposure. If you see signs of wear, please call Step2 at 1-800-347-8372 to order a swing replacement kit.


Sand & Water Products

  • Make sure sandbox lids are intact to keep sand clean and critters out
  • Check umbrellas for proper installation, function and fit.  Check umbrellas for exposed metal tips or torn fabric.  Remove damaged umbrella from use.
  • Check all sand & water product plugs for wear and make sure they are inserted all the way to prevent leakage


Additional Outdoor Toys

  • Review assembly instructions to verify products meet all safety requirements as installed
  • Check to see if basketball/football bases are properly weighted with sand or water
  • Check for cracks in any plastic toy before use
  • Products can be washed with a mild soap & water
  • Use Armor All®* to shine up your Step2 mailbox or playhouse after washing (not recommended for use on climbing/swing equipment for safety reasons)


Replacement parts & decals to spruce up your products (with exception to some discontinued products) are available at reasonable prices by calling us toll free at 1-800-347.8372 Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM ET.

*Armor All® is a registered trademark of Armor All Group