Elephant Seals love Step2!

The fine folks over at the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur sent us some great pictures of how they’ve been putting Step2 products to work. Part of what they do involves rehabilitation of Elephant Seals, and it appears as if these sleek swimmers really enjoy using our Big Splash Center pools! If you want to see video or more details on this organization, head on over to www.mar3ine.org!

Seals in a Step2 Pool!

  1. I don’t believe that these pools were donated (or requested, for that matter). This just happens to be a case where the durability of our Big Splash Center was a good fit for these growing seals. We are also glad to help spread the word about what this organization is doing!

  2. We would love to, but the only cost-effective way to distribute these is in large bulk quantities. Due to the size of them, national chains hesitate to carry them in their stores–if you want to take action, ask your favorite national chains to carry these items locally!

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