Getting scooped, and email integrity.

This offer ended on 9/10/06

I had an “oh, crud” moment this week. I’m in charge of the Step2 email newsletter, and we’ve been talking about doing a “Back to Preschool” email with 20% off a bunch of our items for a couple weeks now.

Normally, we send every other Friday. However, on August 11th, we did the Blockstravaganza offer, and it wasn’t set to expire until the 28th, so we decided to postpone our August 25th mailing by a week.

Go figure, our biggest competitor throws out a “Back to Preschool” email two days before our revised send date. So we sent it anyways. Hey, at least we offered something with ours, instead of just sending out a big glossy buy-more-stuff ad.

That’s our philosophy: if it doesn’t say anything new, or offer any special promotion, or provide some worthwhile insight, why should we send it? Right, we shouldn’t. So we don’t.

Fighting for the freedom of inboxes everywhere,

PS. If you’re looking for the things we put on sale, they’re the Art Master Activity Desk, the Easel for Two, and the Creative Art Center.

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