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At Step2, our philosophy revolves around doing things right. Part of that includes making the types of toys and home and garden products that people are looking for. You already know that if it’s made by Step2 it’s going to be high quality, but does that matter if we don’t make the toy you’re looking for?

So here’s your chance: if you could have Step2 make any one item with our traditional quality, what would it be? (no, we’re not going to start manufacturing toothbrushes, so don’t even ask) Click on the “comments” link below to leave your response.

  1. I am in search of a beauty shop/salon for my 2, 3 & 4 year old daughters. Something very similar to the larger lifestyle kitchens. A friend of mine had indicated that she bought a similar product several years ago (I not sure who the mfg. was) and that she spent about $300 on it. I believe it was purchased at Toys R Us. It had a shampooing station, a cutting station and a hair dryer station, plus all of the accessories. She said that it was huge and was just like going into a real salon. My girls would play beauty shop all day-every day if they had a product like this. I want so badly to find a product like this to gift to them for the holidays. Any suggestions?

  2. Currently, Step2 doesn’t make anything bigger than the Fantasy Vanity. Given that your friend bought this item several years ago, there’s a good chance the manufacturer has stopped making them–you might search eBay and Craigslist for play beauty salons, as this may lead you to the manufacturer.

    It certainly looks as if the Lifestyle Grand Walk-In Kitchen will be a big hit, and this may cause us to look at creating other walk-in playsets, but the development cycle is usually around a year or more, so this wouldn’t be anything too soon even if we decided to make such an item.

  3. I’m not free to discuss forthcoming products here any more than a few weeks in advance, depending on the product. When the timing is right, announcements on new products are usually made through this blog and via our email newsletter.

    We do currently make three battery-operated vehicles, which include two three-wheelers and the Music in Motion Roller Coaster.

  4. I saw that Step2 is now offering a walk-in kitchen. If my children did not already have two kitchens we would have purchased this item. I really hope you do decide to develop other walk-in playsets because we would definitely buy them. I would love to see you develop one with a post office/general store theme.

  5. Thanks for your input. No one knows children better than their parents, which is why customer feedback is so important to us. As to this suggestion, I’ll be sure to pass it on!

  6. Hi, I just bought the grand walk in kitchen for my 3 year old for Christmas. I can’t wait to see the look on her face Christmas morning. She actually saw it in a magazine and insisted that Santa was bringing it. I would put it together now if I had someplace to hide it. Has anyone put one together yet? How hard was it to do and how long did it take?

  7. While this is a new product and we don’t have tons of feedback on the assembly process, we put one together here with 2 people in about 45min – 1hour. The decals are one of the more time-consuming parts of assembly.

  8. First off let me say that I think I own TONS of Step2 Naturally Playful and Lifestyle toys, Step2 products are my favorite! Anyway, I would love for Step2 to develop a new “front loading” style washer and dryer/laundry center with the neutral colors (minus the greens). I have been waiting for one to come out because my 2 year old loves to “do laundry”. Just a thought… I know of other moms that would like one too. Thanks for having a place to post suggestions!

  9. I love all Step2 products and have tons of the Lifestyle and Naturally Playful Collections. I was hoping that Step2 would develop a “front loading” style washer/dryer/laundry center with the new neutral colors (minus the greens). My 2 year old just loves to “do laundry”. A couple of moms that I know were discussing how great this would be. Thanks for having a place to post suggestions!

  10. I love the Step 2 Push and go Buggy –

    I have two young kids in tow all time I was curious to know if perhaps you could have a two seater push and go buggy with seat belts – I was thinking it would look like the push buggy plus an additional buggy right behind it that was slightly raised for the second child.

    PS: I love the push buggy canopy that just came out-

  11. Maria,

    The double-seated Push-Around Buggy is a good idea, but has a few drawbacks. Unfortunately, a double buggy would be much, much harder to steer around corners because it would be so long, and the extra weight would require re-designing the handle as well.

    That said, there may be a way to work around those problems. We do appreciate your feedback!


  12. I too would also love to see a 2 seater push around buggy. I have 9 1/2 month old twin girls and that would be great if they had one.

  13. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the Choo Choo wagon! It is so unique and definately need if you have more than 2 toddlers!

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