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I received an e-mail forward the other day, but before my mouse could make it to the “delete” button, I noticed what it was about. Xerox is sponsoring a program where you can go online, fill out a few forms, and they’ll send a postcard to an American soldier in Iraq. (Yeah, an actually true, legitimate email forward!)


It’s free and it take less than a minute, so I went and sent one. I wanted to spread the news about the program as well, because no matter how you feel about the war, these men and women are over there serving their country because they believe in the freedom and the rights of individuals that our country stands for.


Our Armed Forces are an all-volunteer army (no conscription), so please go say thanks to those who would risk life and limb to defend our freedom, and the rights of others.


Send a card now at


You can also donate towards care packages at

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I am thankful every day for the troops who give up so much for you and I to live in this country! It only takes a few moments, so please send a card today.

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