Wohoo, the Choo Choo Wagon is back!

****Update, October 2009****
Thank you for your interest in the Choo Choo Wagon and Trailer. We made our last production run on the Choo Choo Wagon and Trailer in 2008, and our inventory was depleted in early 2009. The tooling for these products is over ten years old. The molds are outdated and must be rebuilt. We are working on this, but it will take quite some time before we are able to begin production with new tooling.

We realize that the Choo Choo Wagon is particularly popular among parents of multiples, and we are eager to continue offering a wagon specifically designed with their needs in mind. We will be happy to notify you when this product becomes available again in the future. Please let us know if you would like to be on the waiting list.

****Update, February 2009****
Production on the Choo Choo Wagon has once again been suspended. We thank you for your solid support during the last two years it was available, and hope to bring it back again someday!

You’ve been asking for it, and we’ve been listening. I’m proud to announce today that the Choo Choo Wagon is making a comeback. We’ve started preselling it here, and the orders are pouring in!

Choo Choo Wagon

If you’ve never heard of the Choo Choo Wagon, it’s an expandable wagon that starts with two cars and can accept up to three additional trailers! This means you can easily haul twins, triplets, or more, and still have room for their “stuff”. Even better, the ride is a lot more peaceful with each one in their own private car.

This wagon will be available while supplies last only from Step2.com.



  1. It’s about time to get the choo choo wagon back! I own and run a triplet parent group called Parents Of Triplets Club and there have been moms on there who have had to go to eBay to get these and pay up to $500! These are like gold and should not be limited but put on continual sale, especially with the boom of multiples in this world. There is no other wagon that can compare for triplets! Thanks for bringing it back and please KEEP IT IN STOCK!

  2. As long as there’s healthy demand we’ll keep making these wagons, but if demand drops off we might discontinue them again. So buy them while they’re available, and let others know about this wagon if you think they’d be interested.


  3. Thank you for bringing the choo choo wagon back! I have been calling and looking for one for months. I have one year old twins and a two year old son and will get great use out of it. There are so many multiples and so few options for getting them all around.

  4. I am so happy to see that these are being given a second chance! I am also so happy that they are now including the necessary seatbelts with it (safety should not be extra or optional). I LOVE my choo choo as do my triplets. I take it everywhere and I am constantly asked where to get one. I am happy to be able to send them here rather than the overpriced ebay! The only way to make this wagon better is to put a motor on it…ha ha ha! I am now telling everyone to go online and get them before they sell out! How long is the shipping taking on these? Can the green tag along be attached to it? Just wondering because it would be nice for extra storage.

    THANK YOU STEP 2 for an awesome product!

    Mommy of 2 1/2 yr old triplets

  5. I am very interested in the Choo Choo Wagon but haven’t read in any of the descriptions anywhere that it is equipped with seatbelts. I would love to know if it actually is.

  6. That’s a great question–we had originally only run a few hundred of these trailers, and we sold them all out. At this time, we’re unsure if we’ll be making more, but you should know within a month or so: if we’re going to keep making them, they’ll become available again, and if not, they’ll disappear from our website.

  7. Please don’t discontinue the Choo Choo Trailers. They are so popular and in demand. I know quite a few triplet families that LOVE them and are waiting for them to be available.

  8. I just saw the choo choo wagon and trailer the other day and wanted to order it having 4 kids under 4, but they said they are not going to produce them anymore. I searched all over online and it seems like there are a lot of people who want this item, why discontinue it??? Makes no sense, bad decision on someone’s part.

  9. “Anonymous”,

    Unfortunately, the demand of a couple dozen people (vocal as they may be) isn’t enough to justify manufacturing and offering any given product. This item has been discontinued before, and was brought back when it was felt that demand was sufficient–I am sincerely sorry for all those who “missed” the opportunity to purchase this wagon during it’s second availability, but we are hopeful that it may be resurrected again soon.


  10. I live in Ottawa, Ontario.
    Why is it that no store in Ottawa sell the CHoo Choo Wagon.
    I run a home daycare and I think that alot of Daycares would invest in your product,
    Thanks Lisa

  11. Lisa,

    We’re sorry that you can’t get that item locally, but the truth is that it’s not available locally in the US either. Because this item is popular only for a small niche market, retail stores are hesitant to make it.

    We had enough requests from parents and childcare providers to resurrect this item after it had been previously discontinued, but demand is low enough that we only manufacture small batches periodically and only sell them via the web. Sadly, at the present time this excludes our international customers.

    If you’re really determined to get a Choo Choo Wagon, you can either have a friend or relative from the US receive the item for you (if applicable), or find a local “Mom & Pop”-type store that sells Step2 products and ask if they could include a Choo Choo Wagon for you on their next order.



  12. Can you tell me what the weight limits are for the wagon cars, and the overall dimensions once assembled for both the choo choo wagon and choo choo trailer.
    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hi Lisa,
    I’m also from Ontario Canada, and I have just received word from Toys R Us that they can ‘special order’ the choo choo for me!! try giving your local store a call!! I have a home daycare as well and I’m looking forward to carting my crew around in this snazzy wagaon!! Good luck!

  14. Kitty,

    This item is currently being produced periodically in small batches. As long as demand continues it should be available at Step2.com, though there may be occasional periods during which it is unavailable as we await a new production run. While we cannot guarantee future availability, we do understand the current marketplace need, and will continue to produce the Choo Choo Wagon as long as it remains logistically prudent.


  15. Hi .. thanks for the response Andy, being in Canada however I am unable to order from Step.com so I am wondering if any retailers here will be carrying it aside from Toys r us.. as they seem to be out of stock or severely back ordered right now.

    Mini Circuit here sells it, but they claim a shortage of product… it’s a bit confusing!

  16. Kitty,

    In order for us to be able to profitably sell this item, we must wait until we can justify manufacturing a large batch of them at once. This means that there are periodic back orders that will occur, even at Step2.com. Unfortunately, the best advice I can give you is to contact Toys R Us or Mini Circuit and make sure you put your name on the backorder list. Otherwise, if you know someone in the USA who would receive this item for you in the US, you could order from Step2.com.


  17. So how can we find out when they become available? Our twins are 6 months old and our oldest is 2. The wagon would be great for the 3 of them.

  18. Bridg,

    Sorry, but production on this item has been shut down indefinitely. If you are still looking, your best option is to look secondhand.



  19. Why would you suspend this product, so many triplet moms want and need it!!!!!!
    Nooooooooooooooo don’t take it away!!!!!!

  20. This is crazy! I know so many other moms who want it too and were waiting for their tax refund or for their kids to be born to buy it. Please, please consider bringing it back!

    Maybe you should consider taking pre-orders so your potential customers can prove that they really do want it.

  21. Anonymous,

    We would love to continue producing this item, but it is not logistically feasible at this time. If this changes, we hope to bring it back when possible.


  22. This is so sad to hear! Every time I take my boys out in their Choo Choo I get asked where I bought it and where they can find one. In the last week alone I’d been asked no less than 10 times. How sad to now have to tell people they can’t get one unless they find one used!

  23. ******** I have one if anyone is intersted. It is used but in excellent condition. Daughters grew out of it. ******** email me at kadijahmoss@yahoo.com

  24. I have one of these that i will be selling soon. It has 3 wagons. e-mail me if interested: stefanie@stefaniebaldwinimages.com

  25. So Sad. I saw the Choo Choo Wagon around Christmas time. It was always in the back of my head that I wanted it for my triplets, which were not born yet at that time. Now they are too young to use it this summer, but I know I will want one as soon as it becomes available.

  26. I would love to buy this wagon live in Ottawa, Canada if anyone wants to sell I will pay for shipping… e-mail… paul229@sympatico.ca……. Thank you

  27. This is so sad. We love our Choo Choo Wagon (2 yr old twins and a baby). I feel terrible for people who want this and can no longer order it. There is nothing close to this out there as a replacement. So sad.

  28. This really is a bad idea to not have this. I have a daycare and was planning on getting it with another attached wagon for it the end of Feb. Im very disappointed!!!

  29. Please bring back the Choo choo wagon. We have three families that have triplets and that was our planned 1 year old birthday present. They should NEVER stop production!!! There is no other wagon available for triplets and quads!!!!!! I say KEEP IT IN STOCK!!! We want three wagons – 9 cars!!!!

  30. I have been looking for a choo choo wagon since seeing one on TV. If anyone has one available and is willing to ship please contact me at rleszynski@yahoo.com.

  31. I would really like these cars to come back. It would be nice for each car to have an underseat storage for a pull up and pants for the trips to the park when sometimes they don’t make it.

  32. Please, please bring back the Choo choo wagon. I have three sets of triplets and 1 set of quads. who want them!!! This is the great item for parents of multiple and the number of multiples in the USA has been growing greatly in the past few years!! They seem to be in BIG demand! Please bring them back!!! We would even pre-order!!

  33. We understand that there is still some demand for this product, but this isn’t the best place for you to voice your concerns in this matter. If you would like to let us know that you’d like this item to be brought back into production, please send us your contact information via the “Contact Us” form on our Help site.

    If we do bring this item back and you have provided contact information, we will let you know.

  34. Please bring this item back. I was waiting until spring to buy this for my 15 month old triplets. We have been told it is so helpful for multiple parents!

  35. We have a couple of the orange trailers. They are new, still in the boxes. E-mail, if you are interested. TheResnicks@msn.com

  36. well i just filled out a contact us form i hope it works i would love one of these and you can’t find them any where ebay is even out =( my girls saw one at the zoo and have been asking for it i’m so upset i hope the bring it back

  37. Yes I am also so saddened by this! I have one but wanted to add another trailer onto it, and my other friends who run daycares want to buy them too! I really hope these come back, way too many people want them!!

  38. I am so disappointed that I cannot get the choo choo wagon anymore!? Well I could get in on ebay if I wanted to pay $500, people are cruel and greedy. PLEASE bring this back in stock! I am the mother of 8 month old triplets and this is a MUST have!

  39. Bring it back! I also am the mother of triplets and this is a must have for us! People are selling them on ebay and craigslist for way above marker price and their USED!

  40. I would also love to have a choo choo wagon.I have twins that will turn 1 in May.If anyone knows of anyone looking to get rid of theirs I would love to be emailed. bunny74@cox.net

  41. I know why the demand wasn’t great enough to continue producing the choo choo wagon….the marketing! I have 21 month old twins and a 4 month old baby. I had never heard of or seen the choo choo wagon until stumbling across it on ebay earlier this month. Why wasn’t it advertised better? I absolutely want to buy one, preferably with 2 extra trailers. PLEASE bring it back before the summer! You are losing SOOOOO much money to the people who are taking advantage of the situation and selling their used ones for $300-$500!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Raising multiples is hard enough, don’t take away a tool that would help make life a little easier!

  42. I am having my fourth child in August and she’ll be 14 months younger than my son. I also have a very small 6 y/o and lots of stuff to bring along on outings. I would really like to see this brougth back into production!!! People are making a fortune off this with a resale value being anywhere from $550.00 – $850.00. This is a shame in this economy that the public is getting ripped off by others because your company stopped production. BE SMART AND START MAKING THIS AGAIN!!!!

  43. I have an inhome childcare and I just bought the first two parts of the wagon but can not find the orange part. I really need two for all the kids to get a ride to the park up the street from our house. If anyone can help me even with one please let me know. The kids would be so happy they are all about 18 months.

  44. written in Korea….
    I want to have a choo choo wagon….But I can’t find. Please get it back… I have threee kids and have a trouble to go out with my kids…
    if it is abvailable, I’ll realy appreciate you…

    if the day(a choo choo wangon is available again….) comes.. please let me know…. please…
    my e-mail address…is amrta1@daum.net….

  45. written in Korea….
    I want to have a choo choo wagon….But I can’t find. Please get it back… I have threee kids and have a trouble to go out with my kids…
    if it is abvailable, I’ll realy appreciate you…

    if the day(a choo choo wangon is available again….) comes.. please let me know…. please…
    my e-mail address…is amrta1@daum.net….

  46. Mother of Twins in OKLAHOMA! If anyone is wanting to sell their CHOO CHOO please email me @ DevynF@hotmail.com

    Thank you.

  47. Why can’t you have people pre-order these wagons and when you get enough orders than make them! In this economy most companies would be dancing in the streets if people were begging for a product! Raising multiples is hard and these things make our life so much easier. I refuse to let someone rip me off and pay $500 on ebay!

  48. Just tell me….Is there any hope of the Choo Choo wagon coming back anytime soon? I don’t want to drop a ton of money on one, and then find out Step2 brought them back a month later. Please give me a little hope!!!

  49. The Choo-Choo wagon is not scheduled to resume production in the immediate future. We thank you for your support concerning this item, and will keep looking for ways to make it feasible to resume production!


    Andy Pull
    The Step2 Company

  50. Who is in charge of deciding if the choo choo wagon is made? I would like to know so I can write to them. I can’t believe how many people want this and there is no plan to mfg it. This is really strange to me. These things are selling for up to $800 on ebay.

  51. Aww! This is certainly a bummer. I have 6 month old quadruplets and planned to get one of these for their first birthday. BUMMER! Hey, as long as production is haulted, what do you say you go back to the drawing board and add an optional sun canopy to the cars. Just a thought.

  52. If you would like to write concerning this product, please address your inquiries to:

    Step2 Consumer Service
    10010 Aurora-Hudson Rd
    Streetsboro, OH 44241



  53. I’m so glad we bought our choo choo wagon last year. We’ve been using it almost every nice day since our 16 month old quadruplets were about 7 months old (we would prop them with boppys or bumbos to keep them upright). I would say, without hesitation, that the Choo Choo is the BEST multiples product we’ve purchased since the babies were born! And that beats out ALOT of other products.

    EVERYONE asks where we bought it and how they can get one, and I always referred them to the Step2 website. It’s a shame they’re halting production…is it just a ploy to increase demand? I guess I can be comforted to know resell value will be excellent.

    I’m with jag….maybe the manufacturers should go back the the drawing board before bringing it back. I’d love to be on a customer feedback panel for it’s redesign! Canopies would be nice, but so would different color options for the trailers. And underseat storage in EACH of the trailers.

    I hope that they decide to bring it back soon. It has saved our family’s sanity….seriously.

  54. Moni,

    Unfortunately, the reason is not as simple as holding off to increase demand. I can’t really go into detail, but some considerable financial investment would have to go into bringing this item back into production, and therefore requires some very strong sales projections. Feel free to send letters to the address I recently posted, or use our help site to submit a request that we bring it back, as feedback from the public is a good indicator of demand.


    (p.s. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!)

  55. I would like to order the Choo Choo Wagon, but I am unable to add to a shopping cart and check out. Is there a way to order it? I have recently read comments that it is back in production, only to find I cannot order it. I do not understand. Sincerely Ramona B

  56. Ramona and others,

    Comments are still pouring in on this post, and I find myself repeating the same information, so I'm going to summarize here and stop publishing comments on this post:

    * The Choo Choo Wagon is not currently in production, and not available for sale. There is a link in the post above to be put on a list to be notified if it becomes available.

    * Step2 will bring this item back if/when it is feasible to do so. We understand your desire to own this item, and suggest you sign up at the link in the post above if you want it to resume production more quickly.

    * We have stopped posting comments from those wanting to buy or sell this wagon secondhand. If you would like to buy or sell a Choo Choo Wagon secondhand, please explore other alternatives such as garage/yard sales, newspaper classified ads, Craigslist, eBay, etc.

    Thanks again for your support for this wagon!

  57. I would like to purchase the choo choo with 3 cars attached. I would like to see a removable canopy added, storage in each car (like the purple one), love the cupholders, a locking door like on the coupe would be wonderful, the middle car to be an add on just like the orange car would make it easier to buy two choo choo’s second hand and make it into one long wagon. I like that the wagon does not have any stickers that get ruined and fall off. Simple is best. I keep trying to get on the waiting list, but the website says my email is already in use, but when I try to get a new password it says it cant find one.

    1. Thanks for your interest! I believe we have resolved the login issue, but please feel free to let us know if you still can’t login!

    1. Jill,

      Our initial estimates are that it will be available this fall. Some revisions are being made, but at this time the Choo Choo Wagon is still in its engineering phase, so we do not know specific details. Further details will be posted as they become available!


    1. It’s possible, but given that it’s still in the engineering phase we don’t have any concrete information. If you contact Step2 Customer service in a few months they may be able to provide you with further details.


  58. I am reading the the choo choo wagon is coming back this fall. If this is for sure I will hold off on buying a used one and buy brand new!:-)
    These wagons are great for more than 2 kiddies!!

  59. Glad to hear you might have some more of these wagons soon. I would love to purchase one for my triplets. They will be ready to use one by the fall. Every mother of triplets that I have talked to says this wagon is their best friend.

  60. I would love to see this item brough back. Ebay is asking $550+ for these!!! I have 3 under 4 and need something for when we go out and my 4 yr old get’s tired of walking! Can you use the regular plus 2 wagon with the trailer for a child? That would be my only other option

  61. Please Please bring the choo choo BACK. Today I drove over 2 hours to see one that they had on craigslist for 300dls and it was really not worth it, not even 100dls. Please bring it back. I have three kids under 4 years old. I really need one. If anyone finds a website or if they come back please email me at 133794@gmail.com Thanks

  62. I have a choo choo wagon seats 5 I am looking to sell in florida, if you are intrested you can contact me at apriljohn2@yahoo.com

  63. I would really love to have a Choo Choo Wagon. I’m in Sacramento,Ca. If anyone has one they’d like to sell I’d love to buy it from you my email is robandroxie@yahoo.com. It’s a shame that Step 2 isn’t going to follow thru & have these out by fall as stated before. I refuse to pay an arm & a leg on Ebay. So in the mean time I guess I’ll get a Radio Flyer wagon. Bummer because I really want one of these.

  64. Need to choo choo badly. Me and my 4 friends and my cousin are waiting for its arrival. when is it going to come back

  65. heard rumors it will be available this fall…is that still the case? if so do you know a for sure date? also wondering how much it will cost? thanks!

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