Holiday Shipping Schedules

“Will my order arrive on time?” is one of the most frequent questions we hear at Step2 as we approach Christmas. Let’s face it: this can have a huge impact on whether or not you place that order, because Christmas gifts that arrive on the 27th just aren’t as much fun.

At, the easiest way for you to know is by simply starting to place an order! Our checkout system automagically compares the State you’re shipping to with a chart of our average transit times, and will warn you if your purchase is in danger of arriving late. So order with confidence–we won’t let you place an order too late without first giving you a big, glaring message. (You can’t miss it, because you have to confirm that you’ve read it before continuing with the order!)

For those of you who don’t like that kind of self-help system, I can give you some basic guidelines. For Playhouses and Climbers (items that ship via Truck) cut-off dates range anywhere between 12/6 for Washington State and 12/14 for Ohio. For our smaller items (including Kitchens, and anything that ships via FedEx) the cut-off dates range between 12/14 for sunny California and 12/20 for Ohio.

Again, we recommend that you order as early as possible to ensure product availability!

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