Slow down, sonny!

We love to hear stories about how Step2 has had a notable impact in your life, and we love even more to see pictures. Jessica from Bethesda, MD recently sent us one such success story.

Jessica lives in a neighborhood that has about 30 young children, but no sidewalks to create any type of safety boundary. Because her street connects two larger streets, they receive a large amount of shortcut traffic. So the neighborhood took action: to date, Jessica estimates that around 15 families on her road use KidAlert signs to caution motorists to slow down.

The results have been great, and the brightly-colored safety signs have even had some unforseen benefits, as Jessica notes, “It has brought our neighborhood together.” You can see how one block of her street looks in this picture that she sent us:

KidAlert Safety Signs

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Jessica does say that the signs have helped slow down traffic. “The cars absolutely slow down now, with all the reminders, at least 40 in all!”

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  1. Step2 has saved me quite a bit of money. May mail box has been hit at least 12 times since I’ve lived here. At crushed mail box #6 I had had enough. I bought the step2 mail box and it has been hit 6 times and still is doing its job. Three hits ago I thought she was a goner.Not only hit but run over and knocked 75ft down the road. I put her all back together and the only thing I added was a new wood post and a couple of strips of duct tape. Thank you for a great product. Don, Mint Hill, NC

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