Assembly Instructions at Your Fingertips

In case you’ve lost your assembly instructions, we offer downloadable instruction guides directly on our product pages at

To ensure the assembly process is as simple as possible, our customer service team has offered these suggestions:

  • Read the directions first and make sure that all of the necessary pieces are included in the box
  • Separate all of the pieces into different categories to expedite the assembly process
  • If you are having trouble putting two pieces together, try using liquid dish soap to allow parts to fit together easily, or use a hair dryer on low heat and gently blow over each connecting area to warm the plastic to make it more pliable
  • If there is plastic inside a screw hole, or if the hole is a little too small, gently rub the hole with sandpaper or use a potatoes peeler to remove the excess plastic
  • If a part of the toy becomes damaged during the building process, or if a part is missing from the box, please call 1-800-347-8372 Monday – Friday, from 8-5 ET to order replacement parts
  • If you need a copy of assembly instructions for a discontinued product, email us the name or a detailed description of the product and we will email you the instructions.
  • We also offer step-by-step video instruction guides for the Naturally Playful® Adventure Lodge Play Center, Naturally Playful® Adventure Lodge Play Center with Glider, and Clubhouse Climber.
  1. the only directions that I received with the picnic table were worthlress. I can’t ubderstand whar goes wgere.

    1. Georgia, sorry to hear about your frustration with the instructions for the picnic table. If you need assistance with assembly, please give our customer service team a call at 1-800-347-8372 (Monday – Friday between 8 – 5 ET) and they would be happy to walk you through any difficult steps.

  2. We were given a used Step 2 “big climber” and it did not have the instruction manual. My wife and I can’t figure out how to attach the slide could you send the instruction manual to my e-mail address please. Thank you very much for you assistance. I am sure we will be buying some of you products in the future.

  3. Is this number toll free? I am at an elementary school trying to set this “Step 2 Climber” for the primary students.

  4. We assembled the Step 2 wagon, however the wheels are rubbing and we discarded the assembly instructions, can they be emailed to me?



    1. Chuck,

      Of course we can email you assembly instructions. What was the name of the wagon you were trying to assemble? Also, you can find assembly instructions by going to, clicking the specific wagon you bought and then underneath the pictures of the product, you will see three tabs and one of which is the “Assembly” tab. By clicking “Assembly Instructions” you will be able to download the instructions of the wagon you are trying to put together. In addition, you can call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-347-8372 Monday-Friday between 8am-5pm EST for further assistance.

      I hope you find this information valuable!

  5. Step 2 Naturally Playful Adobe House Assembly instructions.


    We lost the assembly instructions and it is no longer to get them from your website. Is it possible to mail the PDF.



  6. There were no instructions in the whisper wheels easy steer sportster I ordered. Only illustrations. Would you please email them to me?

    1. Elsa,

      Our products are sold in over 70 countries, in order for everyone to understand the instructions that are provided with our products, the images are step by step directions. If you have having difficulty assembling the Easy Steer Sportster please give our Customer Service Department at 1-800-347-8372. They are available Monday – Friday between 8 am – 5 pm ET).

  7. RE: Naturally playful woodland climber.

    We are attempting to disassemble the climber and cant figure out how to separate the landing/platform from the ladder and slide sides.

    Maybe the assembly instructions would help. We see no screws and have taken off the two rock climber sides.


    1. D.S,

      I will send you the assembly instructions through an email. If you are unable to figure it out after looking through the instructions, please give our Customer Service Department at 1-800-347-8372 Monday- Friday, from 8-5 ET.

  8. Hi. We were given a used large climber slide without directions. My husband and I cannot figure out how to attach the slide. We are almost at the point of finding it a new home,, , but I know our kids would be upset. Can you please em!ail me the instructions? Hopefully we can get it up and running.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Krista,

      We would be happy to provide you wish instructions. Do you know what the climber is called so we can provide you with the correct assembly instructions? Give our customer service department a call at: 1-800-347-8372 (Monday – Friday between 8 – 5 ET) and they would be happy to send you instructions and walk you through any difficult steps.

  9. Hi. I am looking for the instructions for the Step 2 Big Climber Kid’s Backyard Playset with Swing and Slide. I bought this second hand and the person didn’t have the instruction manual to put it back together. Thank you.

    1. Krystn,

      One of our customer service representatives sent assembly instructions to the email address you provided.

  10. Hello, we bought a step two outdoor slide fort hideout second hand. It seems like it should be more sturdier. Is it.possible to send a photo and u could help us out with directions and even more plastic screws if needed? Thank you

    1. Lindsay,

      We would be happy to help you out! You can give our Consumer Service department a call at 1-800-347-8372 Monday – Friday, from 8-5 ET and they can answer any questions you have about assembly.

  11. I was just given a Step 2 Big Climber from my sister and there are a few broken parts. How can I get them replaced? Also can I purchase the swing assembly that attaches to it?

  12. I bought a Step 2 Touring wagon and when I tried to put it together I couldn’t. Where it said to put the screw’s in for the canopy and the back seat’s there were no screw holes and I couldn’t screw them into solid plastic. I took it back to the store and got another one hoping that it was just a fluke in the production. When I started to assemble the second I ran into the same problems. When it says to screw the long metal screws to secure the back of the wagon there is no hole to screw it into, also with the plastic parts that hold the canopy up I have the same problem, it shows where I am supposed to screw it into but there is no hole for it to go into. I am going to be taking it back and getting something else but I want to know if that is how they all are?

    1. Hi Erick. I’m so sorry to hear about your frustration! We do not pre-drill holes in an effort to ensure that no shavings are inadvertently left over in the box, as these shavings could pose a choking hazard to little ones. Our screws are self tapping screws that are able to go through the plastic. If you need further assistance with assembly, one of our customer service representatives would be happy to walk you through the process. Please give us a call at 1-800-347-8372. We’re here M-F, 8am-5pm EST.

  13. We received the All Around Wagon as a gift. It came with the picture assembly instructions, but we can’t figure out how to put it together. Do you have any instructions where the instructions are written out?

    1. Hi Kelly. Please call toll free 1-800-347-8372 Monday – Friday, from 8-5 ET and we will be happy to assist you with this request.

    1. Hi Katie,

      We apologize for the instructions not being included. This product has been discontinued and we will be happy to send you a copy of the instructions to your email address listed.

  14. Hi, we have a step 2 combo climber and I’m having a nightmare trying to reconnect the slide. Could you please email me instructions. Thank you.

    1. Hello John,

      We have tried to email instructions to you and unfortunately this was not successful. Please provide a good email address and we will be happy to try again.

  15. We are reassembling a Big Climber with swing and slide and are in need of instructions. Could you email them to me?

    Thanks, Kristie

    1. Kristie, we would be happy to email you the instructions for your climber. Can you please let us know the item number that appears molded into the plastic, or can you send an image of the product to webadmin [at] step2 [dot] net so we can identify the item? Thanks!

  16. Hello – we purchased 2nd hand a Step 2 Slide / Climber and are having a difficult time getting the slide to even fit back in its spot. Could you please email me a copy of the instructions. Thank you

    1. Hi Carrie, we would be happy to email you the instructions for your slide/climber. Can you please let us know the item number that appears molded into the plastic, or can you send an image of the product to webadmin [at] step2 [dot] net so we can identify the item? Thanks!

  17. Hello, could you please send me a copy of the Step2 Naturally Playful Big Folding Slide and the Clubhouse Climber.

    Also, I noticed that the links to the step-by-step instructional videos are broken. It would be great if the links could get updated since I bet those are really helpful to watch. Thanks.

    1. Michael, yes, we will send you these instructions via email. Thank you for the feedback regarding the video. We will look into this and have it fixed.

  18. Step 2 Drill stopped working , took it apart now need to figure out how put it back together. Is there any instructions or video to help assemble?

    1. Hi Sonya,
      Please contact our Customer Service Dept at 1-800-347-8372. They will be happy to help you with your drill issue.
      Have a good day!

  19. We just bought the step 2 playhouse with swing extension. We can’t get the swing metal pole to fit into the plastic hole. Please help!

    1. Hi Jen. Please call our Customer Service team at 1-800-347-8372 and we would be happy to assist your further with the assembly of your Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension.

  20. !Please send me the instructions for the Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table. I have lost them. THanks!

    1. Hi Cheryl, Please give our Customer Service Dept a call at 1-800-347-8372 and they will be able to assist you! Thanks!

  21. I’m looking to get assembly directions for my Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber. My set did not come with the directions.
    Justin Dennis Sr

    1. You can find assembly instructions for the Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber here:

  22. we purchased a neighborhood fun center and there wasn’t a packet with instructions or any stickers. Is there a way to get them?

  23. Looking for the assembly instructions for the step 2 Big Climber. Was given this unit, and am having a hard time with assembling it. I can’t seem to find the instructions anywhere. This unit has an attached single swing slot, including both a regular swing seat and a baby seat.

    Could you please help me with this?

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