Hoping For the Return of the Big Splash Center?

Since the Big Splash Center was discontinued years ago, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of requests to produce this product again.

Step2 Big Splash Center

We sincerely appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers and welcome any feedback about our products. Because of your feedback, we’ve brought back the Pedal Farm Tractor and the Choo Choo Wagon. We’ve also passed the feedback about the alternatives to the discontinued Kangaroo Climber to our research and development team.

Here is some of the feedback we’ve already received about the Big Splash Center:

“I am curious to know why step 2 discontinued slide that goes w/big splash pool? They are a HOT item on ebay!” –Anonymous

“BRING BACK THE BIG SPLASH POOL/Slide. There is not one out there that is as durable.” – Lora

“I want a Step 2 Big Splash Center for the grandson and dogs to cool off in, but I can’t find one. I don’t want a cheap pool that won’t endure a southern summer! Be different and market a useful item that lasts! Please consider producing this item again…” -M. Ryan

“Please bring back the Step 2 Big Splash Pool! We had ours for 13 yrs, 5 kids, numerous neighbor and daycare kids before it got a crack in it only because our son jumped on it when it was turned upside down. I am heart broken to find out that this slide isn’t available anymore. Please bring it back!” Amy

What do you think? Do you want the Big Splash Center to return? Is there another Step2 product that you wish we would bring back? While we can’t ensure that this or any item will return, we welcome your feedback!


Thank you all so much for your feedback and passion regarding the big splash pool. Over the last few months here at Step2, we have been trying to find a way to make this product so that it is affordable to customers, affordable to ship, and still has all of the features and quality you would expect from Step2. Unfortunately, we are unable to come up with that right combination, and therefore, we have decided not to move forward with bringing this product back.

  1. I had one years ago for my kids and it was the best pool ever. Wanted one for my dogs last year and was lucky enough to find someone selling one. They love it as much as the kids did. You REALLY need to bring it back

    1. I still have mine and now my kisses kids are using it!! I’m so glad I got this pool when I did. I’m just looking for the slide that goes with it!

  2. I know that we would love if you brought this back, and many other people I know would love it as well. We currently have a used one, but would buy a new one in a heartbeat! These are the best pools out there, they last longer then any of the cheap plastic pools, and obviously longer then inflatables, plus the kids LOVE them 😉

  3. Please bring it back!! I have been looking for one everywhere for my ducks!! I know a whole forum of duck lovers who would also like to have this pool!!!

  4. Hi there. We have 1 year old triplets and a 3 year old. I would be interested in this items for size and durability. We just bought the choo choo and love it. Thanks Lisa Tott

  5. Please – and bring it back soon!!!! I have three kids (5y, 2y, and 6m) and we would buy one of these in a heartbeat if you released it soon.

    Another favorite that you should bring back – Tuggy the Tugboat sandbox. We have one that’s 20+ years old and the kids STILL love it.

  6. I could just kick myself for getting rid of mine! We had a third child…10 years later…recently started looking for the Step 2 Big Splash pool and Slide…had no idea it has been discontinued!!! PLEASE bring it back! I will buy it again!

  7. I had never seen this product before but I certainly would buy one if you brought it back. I hate those flimsy kiddie pools and the blow up ones are fine but they get holes too easily. This one looks sturdy and nice and from the other comments it seems to withstand the test of time!

  8. My granddaughter tried the big splash yesterday and she absolutely loved it. I went online to find one but found out it was discontinied. Please bring it back. I really want one and the slide too. Please. Please.

  9. Please bring it back!!! My kids’ Grandma has one. All 4 grandkids love it and play together- just not possible with the one I got from Kmart. Its deep enough for my 4 year old and my 2 year old loves to sit in the bottom and get splashed when her sister slides down. I have had to settle for the plastic ones from Kmart because I don’t want to deal with one of those inflatables.

  10. Bring back the Big Splash Center. I bought one when my son was small. Now he’s in college and I want to buy another for my dogs! Bring back the Big Splash Center!

  11. Bring back the pool! THe new one with the umbrella is great, but its too small! My son is 18 and he had one that lasted for years. I now have a 2 year old daughter & would love for her to have one. Bring it back soon!!!

  12. I can not say how strongly I feel about the need for this product to be back in production. I would purchase one for myself personally as well as for the preschool that I work for. It is the strongest and best for steady and annual use. It is a wonder to me as to why it ever left the market. Please hear my request echoing what so many have already said, “Please bring it back!”

  13. Please, please, please bring it back! It is THE BEST POOL ever and i am hoping that my 2 girls can experience all the fun with it! Why on earth would you discontinue such a great item! Do we need to petition it back? 🙂

  14. Like everyone here, I cannot urge you strongly enough to bring back this wonderful product. My kids play in my sister-in-law’s all the time when we visit her family, and they wonder why we can’t buy one for ourselves. I have to tell them “Sorry girls, but they don’t make it anymore.” The look of disappointment I get is beyond words. Truly, nothing else compares. Bring it back exactly as it was. Please do not change the material or its thickness or do anything to “cheapen” it. It’s a great quality product as is. If you produce it again in this way, you’ll have a few satisfied, if not overjoyed customers at our house plus hundreds more in backyards across the country.

  15. Please bring this product back, I have only just discovered this pool at our local playgroup, have come home to order one only to find it is no longer made!
    It is perfect for our Australian lifestyle.

  16. Please, please bring back the big splash center soon! I am so sick of the flimsy kiddie pool option out there. I have been searching for a used splash center for three years now to no avail. Please, pretty please. Before my kiddos get too old.

  17. YES!!! Was just on your website looking for one, please bring back the inflatable pools are not durable and don’t last a week around my house

  18. PLEASE bring this back!! I am so over inflatable pools. I just bought one with a slide and within 2 hours there was a hole in the slide – such a waste of money! I need this pool so that it can stand up to the abuse of my children!! [pretty please with a cherry on top?]

  19. I am currently looking for one of these for my daughter.
    Very hard to find used. I would spend the money for a new one.

  20. Please bring it back! I drove 2 hours to buy a used one for my dad’s German Shepherds and now I have been looking for one for my dogs as well and I haven’t had that great of luck! This pool is the perfect size and is strong enough to endure summers worth of use for big strong dogs!

  21. You have all these requests but nothing saying you will in fact bring back this item due to high demand. I’d love to be able to buy one for my son. Please bring this item back! The toddler version is way too small to last for more than a season.

  22. We appreciate your feedback and comments and will pass this information along to our Research and Development Team. We will make an announcement here and on Facebook if the Big Splash Center goes back into production.

  23. Would love to see you bring back the Big splash center pool. I saw the pool in a menards about 4years ago and regret not purchasing it. Have been looking for one for months now with no luck in my area. The slide I have is over 15 years old and has held up to daycare use and is sill like new. Please bring back the pool. I would love to be able to purchase one for my daycare. Love your products they are very durable.

  24. PLEASE BRING BACK THE BIG SPLASH POOL. I DESPERATLEY NEED 1. My oldest son had 1 15 years ago and now our youngest could really use it. It is durable and safe.

  25. We would love to purchase this product…..please bring it back! Their is nothing else like it! My neighbors have one and we would like one for our kids too! Please!

  26. i have been trying to find this pool everywhere but they always sell before i can get to it! please please please bring this pool back.

  27. Please bring the Big Splash Pool back. I recently found out about this pool and would really like to buy one. It is a fantastic pool with or without the slide. If you can’t bring this exact one back, how about making the pool you are offering now a little bigger. I have 3 children under the age of 4 and there is no way they can play together in the small one without hurting each other. Either way, please make a durable, high quality pool that will last the test of time and fit a small family.

  28. If this item was back in production, I would buy 4!!! PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back, we had one, went away on vacation and when we came back, it had been stolen! My kids are devistated!!!!! I had it for years and it was great! I am still very upset about this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. how come you can still buy it here on http://toko.duniabermain.com/products/step2/step2-big-splash-center/ but not in the USA?

  30. I would really like to see you bring back the Big Splash Pool. This product was the best on the market. I was sad to see that it had been discontinued. I really would like to get one for my granddaughters. Please bring it back!

  31. Please bring this back!! There is nothing out there that compares to this pool for durability and fun. Inflatable pools and drop side pools are complete garbage! I would buy this Step 2 pool in a heartbeat. I drool over the small one with the umbrella you guys have out right now, but it’s too small for my kids.

  32. Please, please, please, bring it back. I don’t know what it will take to get you guys to bring it back. But I think it would be a HUGE money maker!! Not to mention how happy it would make folks!

  33. Please bring back the Big Splash Pool!!!! I did not realize it was discontinued. Went looking for one and could not find anything comparable. Why would you discontinue it when there isn’t anything like it on the market?

  34. PLEASE! I had it for my older two kids and gave it away after they outgrew it. Shortly after, baby 3 came! Neighbor moved, and I am going through 5 or more kid pools a Year! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back!

  35. yes, PLEASE begin making this wonderful product again!!! It’s perfect for even bigger children, too. I will buy it and recommend it to everyone I know with kids and grandchildren.

  36. Please bring back this pool!! For the life of me, I can’t figure out why you would discontinue such a highly sought-after product!

  37. A friend inherited one of these and I would LOVE to purchase one for my 4 young kids (7,6, 4 & 2). Why was it discontinued? Any hope that it will be brought back?

  38. I would love to have The Big Splash Pool & Slide for my grandchildren us use when at my house. I am so disappointed it is no longer available. Please bring it back!

  39. Please bring back the Big Splash Center and Slide! We are desperately looking for a slide to fit with our old Splash Center. It is the only pool we have found that can sustain our 85lb dog and our toddler, and would replace both if we could!

  40. I have been looking for the big splash pool for two years now. I found one on craigslist that had a climber on it. Is that factory? It looks like a lot of fun! Wish I could go buy one new today!

  41. Please more info if and when it is coming back….Many friends looking to purchase one and its just getting hotter. going to purchase something else soon if it is impossible to get this one!!!!

  42. Bummer… after many online searches, I decided that this was definitely the pool I wanted for my daughter’s first birthday gift… But now I can’t find one anywhere! Please let us know if you are releasing it soon and I should sit tight. The little round pool with umbrella is cute, but would probably be too small quickly.

  43. I have been looking for one for two years now. Everytime I find one someone has just sold it. It would be great if you would begin making it again.

  44. Please bring it back!! And offer it at your store in Streetsboro so I can pick it up. I just bought an old used one off eBay for $140 and that’s about avg for their price on eBay. Even win my “new” old one, I would still consider purchasing a new one, esp if it was even bigger (I have the smaller one, I believe there was actually a larger one.).

  45. I just received this pool for my 1 year old just last week. It has been past around the neighborhood for years and it is still in great condition. We lost the slide somewhere along the way.. but we all love it! I especially like that it’s big enough for mommy to get it in too!

  46. I am looking forward to you bringing back the splash pool. Our childcare has two and needs at least a third. Each summer the pools are brought out and the eyes light up as the preschoolers get to go “swimming” like the day campers. Each summer I come to your web site in great hopes that the pools will be there, but alas they still are not there.

  47. I looked at the picture from the link above and the ones that we have look larger than the one in the picture. I am guessing that there were two sizes available. The ones that we have are the larger size. If you re-introduce the pools, I hope that the larger ones are made.

  48. When I was younger, my family went through several pools. The slide and pool was the best one that we ever had and was the longest lasting. I wanted to buy one for my sons, but see it is now discontinued. I would like to see this come back!

  49. Don’t understand why this product is no longer available since it was so popular. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! Nothing compares to this product.

  50. I would LOVE it if this product came back. Ihave already gone through 2 blow up pools this summer for my kids, while my neighbors have this pool, with the slide, and it is still in great condition after years of use!! My kids LOVE that pool and I would really love to get one for them!

  51. All I can say is that this pool is fantastic, my children and i were at a friends house and they have one that was left by one of their rental properties, I came home and did some research to go buy 2 today, one for my daughter and her 2 children and one for my home, for the grandkids to enjoy, I was sadly disappointed to find that they are no longer available. Please reconsider this product to be back on the market, I would recommend it to all my friends and family!

  52. Please bring it back! We have kids from 1 to 8 who thoroughly enjoy playing in this pool. It is the best!!

  53. my 16 year-old daughter had the whole system. two slides, pool and swingset. it was the hit of the neighborhood. one neighbor boy used to call our house Disneyland her loved it so much. we now have 3 more children who would love this pool. i promised them i would order it today until i found out i cant because it has been discontinued. in todays economy, why would a company stop making such a popular product? there is nothing else out there that even compares. please listen to your clients who have kept you in business for many years!

  54. Please bring the pool back! I am purchasing the naturally playful playhouse climber and want the pool to go with it!!

  55. The splash center definitely looks like a great product. I cannot believe how much they sell for on craigslist but think a new one would be able to sell very well at around $125 (what was the original retail price?) Hope to see a return!

  56. We have two of these pools in my dog agility school, and they are wonderful for dogs. I was trying to find one for my dogs, but found out that the pools were discontinued. Please bring them back. These are the best pools for dogs hands down. Durable, just deep enough, sizable for 2 large dogs to splash around, and wonderful for hot southern summers.

  57. bring it back! i have been looking and searching garage sales for one all summer. they are a hot commodity! please bring it back!

  58. I would love to have The Big Splash Pool & Slide for my children. I am so disappointed it is no longer available and impossible to find used. Please, please, please bring it back!

  59. I would love to see this product back on the market. Preferably the larger size one, it was a sturdy product that held up to kids and dogs.

  60. Hello, I am very disappointed that this came off the shelves. I have 4 children and I run a dayhome. The kids have been through many different inflatable pools and a couple cheap plastic ones. Why did this come off the shelves? Is it because the other pools were no longer making a profit and nobody was buying any more cause the little tike is so much more durable?..This is the only conclusion I can think of! This is a wonderful product that the children love!. To have it come off the shelves is terrible..Put them back out! Please!!..I want my children to enjoy this product and have many fine memories of all the time they spent in the really cool pool!..Bring it back for the little ones!!!

  61. Please bring back the Big Splash Pool. These are hot items on eBay and Craigslist. I would buy a new one if it were available. Can’t understand why it was discontinued in the first place. Please listen to customer demand and bring it back with the slide.

  62. Someone actually stole ours from the backyard!!! I would gladly pay full price for one again. NOTHING compares.

  63. I have been searching for this pool!! I’m SO sad to hear that its discontinued!! PLEASE bring it back!!

  64. I just used one at a neighbor’s house for the first time and was so disappointed to find out you don’t make them anymore! PLEASE bring them back so I can buy one!!

  65. Bring it back!!!Many of my friends wanted to know where I bought this pool . When I tell them that I bought it 12 years ago when my eldest son was a baby, the are amazed. This product is durable and is still in use today .I now have nieces and nephews that would enjoy this pool .

  66. Saw this product online and was so happy ,thinking I had just found the perfect summer time toy for my 3 yr old. Sadly,I soon discovered I can’t go buy one. PLEASE,bring the big splash product back to the shelves. The blow up pools with slides are dangerous and short lived. We need a sturdy,safe alternative….your product 🙂

  67. Please please bring it back. I’m tired of buying blow up pools that get a hole or have to be deflated to empty and re-inflated refill.

  68. Yes! There is nothing similar on the market. I’m tired of inflatable pools that are both inconvenient to blow up and take down and not ideal for kids stepping in and out. Please, bring these back! Naturally playful colors would also be appreciated. Hurry!

  69. So with all the feedback you received on the Big Splash Pool, have you made your decision to manufacture it once again, as it should have never ever been discontinued???

  70. Just saw one for the first time at a friends home, came home got on line to order one and found out the sad situation. Please bring back.

  71. I am buying this on craigslist today but I would still buy a new one if i could. I also need the slide that goes to it which I cannot find. UGH!! I just threw away a blow up pool today that we only used twice.

  72. please please bring the step 2 big splash pool back. Looking for one and can’t find it any where. need it for the grand children and for the dogs. (they need to cool off too) thanks

  73. Please bring back the Big Splash Center, My friend has it and we spent the day at her house. My kids loved it and I spent all day trying to find one. Much to my dismay, I found out it is discontinued. Please bring it back. It is much better than what is presently on the market

  74. I saw this pool in someones yard and had to goofle it right away because it is exactly the type of thing I am looking for. disapointed to see it is no longer avalible..bring it back please!!!!!

  75. I was lucky enough to buy the splash center pool and slide for $125 on craigslist! My 4 yr old adores it and it is so long that me being 5’11” can fit in it with him! Wonderful product that would sell so well if brought back in stores!!!

  76. I would love to see the big splash pool return. I never even knew that it existed until my new neighbors pulled theirs out. It’s so much nicer, sturdier, and larger than the little flimsy plastic one I have at my house.

  77. we are one-year-old twin boys. all we want is a simple pool that is big enough for both of us to play in, easy enough for our parents to empty & clean when we arent using it, small enough for us to get in and out of on our own, sturdy enough for twin boys – the added bonus of a slide is a dream… so we wont even ask for that. but alas… there is NOTHING like this on the market. our parents would actually consider buying a used one (if only they could find one) however… would MUCH rather that we had our very OWN squeaky clean toys. ~ please help.

  78. PLEASE bring the big splash pool back. We’ve had two and would love to have another. Both bought used and used a lot by us, both cracked by boys jumping on it. Sure would like to have another for my youngest ones.

  79. 4 kids under 5. I saw this pool at a garage sale, I offered to buy it, owner said no way not for sale… WE NEED ONE!!!! Please bring it back!

  80. PLEASE bring this back today! My 14 month old twin girls loved playing in their cousins and we would like to buy one! If you had it available I would have already bought one this morning and my sister would have bought one to replace the one she has now. Please bring it back! Look at the huge reponse you have gotten from everyone. Don’t you think you should put this back on the market before the summer disappears?

  81. My daughter played with this at Grandma’s over the weekend and I have been trying tfor three days now to find one for her. I am debating driving 6 hrs rounds trip to buy it used. We really really want this product back!!! Nothing in the current market compares to it!

  82. My kids loved this pool and slide set. It’s hard to believe Step 2 discontinued it as it’s really the best kid pool out there. For those of you looking for one, I have a used pool and slide set for sale. I live in the Seattle, WA area. It’s currently listed on craigslist

  83. Who knew the search for the perfect kiddie pool would be as tough as the search for childcare?!
    PLEASE bring the Big Splash Center out of retirement quickly – our kids deserve the best.

  84. Please bring it back. I’ve been looking everywhere for it. My daughter LOVES it (my parents have one for when the grandkids visit) but I can’t find one anywhere.

  85. trying to find a durable pool and slide like this one for the kids. we would love if you brought this one back.

  86. Please bring back this pool. It is the best out there and most durable. Definitely worth every penny. So yes, yes, yes, bring it back

  87. Please bring back the Big Splash Center. I got one about 10 years ago for my brand new puppy and his older brother and they both still love it. Now, my friends bring their kids over to play in it. They all really want one, but are very disappointed that it has been discontinued and they can’t get one. PRETTY PLEASE!!!

  88. I would be very interested in this product if you bring it back. My grandkids would love it, so would my ducks! 🙂

  89. please PLEASE bring this back!!! we’re already on our 3rd blowup pool this summer. we are constantly watching craigslist/ebay for one!!

  90. Please bring this item back. Both my kids love this pool every time we visit our friends. I would buy it in a heart beat!

  91. I would love to have the big splash center back. I have a used one but need a slide attachment. I know of 4 moms in my “mommy group” that are all now searching on Craigslist to buy one!

  92. My nephews LOVE my Uncle Jay’s pool. I started looking to buy one and found they are discontinued. I would definitely buy one for my house and have three siblings who would too! Please bring it back !!!

  93. I have been searching high and low for a used Big Splash Pool, since Step 2 no longer makes them new. I, and many others, would love for Step 2 to bring this item back! It would be really nice if you would make one to match the Naturally Playful items, since I own all of those!!!


  95. I’ve been looking for one and didn’t realize they were discontinued. Yes please restock! I am a Nana and my grandson would love this. Me too as it wouldbe much easier to clean and sanitize than plastic blow up pools and last longer than one use. I bought a pool last year and the year before. Onewas a blow up thatgot dirty right away and was terrible to clean and took forever to setup. The other was a snap set that grass grew through the liner. Help!

  96. PLEASE bring back this item. I would particularly like it if you sold the slide separately as I already have the pool. It is a wonderful summer product. We can fit six kids in there safely!

  97. I had the round little tikes pool with the built in slide for years and have wanted a Big Splash Center for as long as I’ve been a parent (20 years). When my kids were young, I couldn’t afford new items of this price range but watched for a used one for many years. The going price for a used one was always around $75 but someone always beat me to it when I found one 🙁 I recently was blessed when I happened upon a couple dragging their old, dirty, BSC to the curb. It still has the original plug and NO cracks! My dream come true! My babies are all grown up but I’ll be saving this pool for when the grandchildren arrive! I will NEVER sell this family heirloom! I would buy a new one for my kids when they have kids of their own if it makes a comeback 🙂

  98. Absolutely bring back the Big Splash Center. I have my neighbors’ used pool and dread the day I have to give it back. Also, a top would be really nice so the pool doesn’t have to be flipped over after use to keep it clean.

  99. My daycare lady has one and it’s the only pool that stands up to the kids. I want one for my own use but can’t find one in good condition! Please please bring it back for next season. I’m sure it would be a hot seller.

  100. I would say bring it back these pool`s are GREAT I had 1 fro my little girl and just sold it on craiglist I didnt not sell it for an arm and leg like I seen one on e-bay for $399.00 with teh slide when they were new it was only like $80.00 and a little more for the slide which we never did buy . I would say to bring it back and sell them with the slides I would say $150.00 for both s a fair price or maybe $170.00.

  101. YES!! I know of several people, including myself, who are trying to find a Big Splash Center. Those cheap plastic pools just don’t do the trick. These are wonderful for children and dogs!!! Absolutely bring it back!!

  102. Yes, please bring back this pool!! I’d go buy one immediately!!! Have been looking for a used one, but they are tough to find! My babies would have room to grow with this pool.

  103. PLEASE bring the big splash center pool back! this seems to have been one of your most popular items…WHY ON EARTH DID YOU DISCONTINUE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? the other pool with the shade is too small. you have to bring the big splash pool back!

  104. My 3 yr old & 18 month old were playing with this at a friends house yesterday & They ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I was hoping to buy 1 for them! PLEASE BRING IT BACK! I have searched & there isn’t another product out there like this 1! I REALLY hope it comes back before summer 2012!!!

  105. Please bring back the Big Splash Pool had been looking for a month and finally picked up used one on craigslist today. Hated spending the money on used pool since it was a gift for the grandchildren. I have to say how shocked I was to see the prices on eBay someone was trying to sell the combo for 399.00. So save us from pirates and bring back a product we love and trust.

  106. This is one item that I cannot believe was discontinued. My mother-in-law bought one around 10 years ago and it is still going strong! A year after my son was born(2006), I searched everywhere for this pool and I was willing to pay nearly anything for it!! I searched ebay and craigslist but shipping this pool was not an option. I still check back on this site every now and then in hopes of it’s return. PLEASE BRING THIS POOL BACK! I would tell everyone about it and I’m sure everyone else will too!! It’s a GREAT item!!!!!

  107. I have had the Big Splash Pool for 13 years. I got it when my dogs were puppies. My dogs are now gone but now my three children use it (ages 2 – twins and age 4). I just went looking for the slide on-line and found it has been discontinued. How disappointing!! Oh, how I wish I would have bought the slide when I bought the pool. Please bring it back!!!

  108. Please bring this pool back – A friend found one on craigslist and my grandchildren love it. I have 3 grandchildren and just found out the my daughter is expecting twins – I need 3. PLEAE BRING IT BACK.

  109. I was fortunate enough two years ago to buy one from a friend whose children had outgrown it for only $40.00 (pool and slide). I do home day care and this is our FAVORITE summertime toy! If you had new ones, I’d buy a “fresh” one – mine is pretty scratched up (I think it has had several families) – it works great, just isn’t as pretty as I’m sure it once was. You’d sell at least 4 more – each of my day care families has searched for one. I was actually online just now looking for some links to give them and see it was discontinued!

  110. PLEASE bring back this pool — we have several Step 2 products that would work wonderfully with this item. It’s raved about on the Toys R Us site, and we want one! Would buy tomorrow if you’d start selling it again! 🙂

  111. We would LOVE it if you would bring back the big splash pool and slide!! There is nothing out there like it and it is so hard to find someone willing to part with theirs. I would spend just about anything to get one but can’t find anyone selling it in my area and they won’t ship them. I know MANY people w/ kids and grandkids that would scoop these up FAST. Not sure what it costs to make these but seems like there is enough demand out there that it would be silly not to act on it. The only pool you have available currently can barely fit one of my kids…most families I know have multiple children, yet no one makes a single product to accomodate the average family? Please listen to your loyal step 2 customers and bring this back!!

  112. Definitely interested in the return of this pool! We got one of the cheaper hard plastic ones this summer because our little inflatable got a hole right away last year. I’ve been saying for awhile how you can’t find decent hard plastic pools anymore but this was one of them. The one we’ve got for now is pretty thin and no drain. Trying to get one of these used but it’s hard because they go so fast!

  113. Please bring it back! Wonderful pool! They were right about southern summers, the heat and sun breaks down other pools, and inflatable pools get moldy and get holes. This is the best pool EVER!

  114. I have a big splash center pool with a slide and swing set combo in IL that I am trying to get rid of. […]

  115. Please bring back this pool. I have been searching for a used one for 2 years and can’t seem to reply to the ad or get to the sale fast enough before it is gone. There are no alternatives that are as sturdy or last as long. We have already spent a total of $250 dollars over the past 2 years on other pools that don’t even last a season. We would have loved to been able to invest this money in something that we love rather than a mediocre alternative. Step 2 will make lots of money if they bring back this item. Please hurry up and start manufacturing it again. My kids are only going to be toddlers for so long.

  116. Please bring back this pool! We have used it at my cousin’s house and my 3 year old loves it. Our younger daughter will love it too. 🙂 PLEASE do this soon! You obviously will have a lot of people interested!!!

  117. I would like to see this product back on the market, its very sturdy and the easy access of draining it makes it more attractive to us the customers. Im finding it on CL and ebay for sale….I was surprised to find out it was discontinued!!!

  118. PLEASE bring this pool back! We have the climbing fort and the kids have been BEGGING for a pool, but nothing else compares with the splash center!

  119. I have been looking for a reasonably priced used one for 2 years! I would LOVE to buy a new one!!!!!! Can not believe you stopped making these!!!

  120. Bring it back! A friend that has dogs showed it to me tonight, and I want one so bad for my dogs!! Please, please bring it back!!

  121. I have been searching for a sturdy outdoor pool for my Great Dane to cool off in and THIS seems to be exactly what I need – PLEASE bring it back!

  122. Please bring it back, we’ve lost 3 blow up pools this year due to holes and major windstorms. I have just recently seen the Big Splash and am in love. I have 2 and an half year old twins that love water, I have a Step 2 backyard complete with climber, clubhouse, and roller coaster and they need a “cool” companion.

  123. Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! I saw one on craigslist and it looked sweet but it was gone within 24 hours of posting.:( Why do companies ALWAYS discontinue their BEST products?

  124. BEST KIDDIE POOL EVER!!!! I have a 5 year old and 3-1/2 year old tripelts and they can all play in it together!! We have a crappy LT slide that we have to put over the side b/c our Big Splash Center was a hand-me-down, and the slide was gone. But it works, and they LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I would easily pay $100 for a pool/slide combo that I knew would last me the many years I needed it! It’s going to my BFF next year when we get an above-ground pool, whose daughter is turning 1 at the end of September. No doubt she will have it for many years to use through all of her children as well. PLEASE consider bringing this fantastic product back!!! (Along with the camper playhouse, teehee!!)

  125. PLEASE!!!!!! Bring back the Big Splash Center!!!!! Every time we have a party the inflatable pool doesn’t survive the party. I had to borrow my sister’s Big Splash center pool, which she got from her neighbor, this year. It survived the party and I know it will survive a 100 more parties. But I need to get my own, so please bring it back because I don’t want to bring hers back. My children love it and I need it!!!

  126. We have had the Big Splash Center for over 10 years now. We have it for our, now adult, severely mentally challenged son. It has been so durable but we see the end of it’s life coming soon. Please bring it back. We have looked and looked for an alternative but there just isn’t any as good. PLEASE, for Mikey!!

  127. I had to add my comment to the many people wanting to purchase a Big Splash kiddie pool. I was just online, searching locally to see if anyone was putting theirs up for sale, when I came across this site! In government, they say 1 letter equals the voice of 100 people. If that’s true and you’ve also “received an overwhelming amount of requests to produce this product again…” the 2011 summer season has come and gone and you lost quite a few sales! Yes. Please, bring this product back into circulation. I am definitely in the market to purchase one and I know a few other parents (and pet owners) who would love to get their hands this pool as well!

  128. I purchased one of these pools, used, approximately 7 years ago for pet geese and ducks. I cannot stress enough the durability and versatility of this product! Many people have shown an interest in this pool, which was sadly discontinued. It shows only minor effects of being out in the sun and enjoyed by the dogs, geese and ducks year round. Please bring back this product!

  129. Are you going to bring back the Big Splash Pool? It would work wonderful for my licensed daycare I’ve had for 36 years! I have cheaper pools but they aren’t as durable………..do you think you would bring it back? And how would I know? Do you take our names? Please reply! I love Step 2 products and have the slide/climber/swing set all in one……..and the Step 2 big house……….think of all the people you’d make happy!

  130. How about the MaintStreet Village collection? My kids are playing with it now and we really wish we could have purchased more of the collection. It’s the most durable unbreakable set out there and they love it year after year!!!

    1. Justin, the MainStreet Village line was disconinued a few years ago. However, we’ll pass this request along to our research and development team. Thanks for your feedback!

  131. So I bought a used slide on craigslist earlier this summer. Come to find out when scouring for info on it, there’s a pool that goes with! I want the pool for my daughters ages 3 yrs 3 mos old and 2 yrs old.

  132. I’m so sad to find out the big splash pool is discontinued! We just got the slide/climber second hand and want to buy the pool. Let me know if you bring it back! We’ll be first in line!

  133. Thank you all so much for your feedback and passion regarding the big splash pool. Over the last few months here at Step2, we have been trying to find a way to make this product so that it is affordable to customers, affordable to ship, and still has all of the features and quality you would expect from Step2. Unfortunately, we are unable to come up with that right combination, and therefore, we have decided not to move forward with bringing this product back.

  134. I had one of these growing up and had tons of fun with it! Now I have a 2 year old and I hate buying those cheap blow up pools I really want one that will last her a while I am sad that you guys discontinued it please bring it back! I would buy it in a heart beat!!!

  135. Please bring back The Big Splash Center. I run a kindergarten in Singapore and this is the ONLY paddling pool that is safe, sturdy and provides the children with a real ‘large pool’ feel.Please bring it back!

  136. I just found out about this as an accessory for the Step2 Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension that we are purchasing for my son’s second birthday. Please bring back the Big Spash Center! He LOVES water, and it would be a perfect way to combat the Texas heat.

  137. Yes! I have been looking all over for one. I didn’t know it was discontinued. Please bring it back! It is perfect for what we need.

  138. I use to have one of these pools I can’t believe i ever let it go. Now I have a 2 year old again and can’t find one anywhere. His birthday is saturday and I refuse to spend a bunch of money on those cheep blow up pools. These are the only pools that last more then a month. Pleeeeeease bring them back.


  140. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to purchase one of these for my daughter. Have spend soooo much money on those other pools (snap set pools and infatable pools) and they have never lasted more than one use! This would be perfect for beating the florida heat!!

  141. I have searched and searched.. even for a good used one to no avail. We had these for our threee boys, now ages, 25, 22, and 16. I need one for our golden retriever puppies!! This was the best pool ever! Please manufacture these again!!!

  142. I had one and let it go not realizing it was irrepaceable go. Biggest mistake I ever made. It was eighty today and the kids were looking for it. I would buy this step2 product again in a heartbeat. our local independent toy store says they have never been able to offer anything as good since you discontinued this.

  143. Please let me know if you have decided to reintroduce the big splash pool/slide
    I really would like to purchase one


  144. I have searched for this pool for the past 2 years. I actually went to Toys R Us 2 years to buy it and I was totally upset to find they didn’t carry it anymore. I took for granted that it would always be there because it was so awesome. I for one would pay whatever the cost would be if it was brought back. I’m tired of buying cheap pools every summer for them to not make it past that. I’ve given up on the inflatable ones because they only get slimy and are so hard to keep clean. Not to mention after one night of the neighborhood cats, they deflate and are trash. I’m not as interested in the slide as I am in just the pool. Why don’t you bring it back with the pool as an optional accessory. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this item back. Toys R Us carries a ton of summer fun items but NONE even come close to comparing to this pool. As soon as its in the store I will own one. PLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE. Do more research, find a way to bring this back for all of your loyal customers. My oldest is 21 years old this June and I have every step 2 product I purchased for him. These things went through my girls ages 15 and 12 and are still going strong with my youngest ages 4 and 3. they love the climbers and the slide outside. I love your products because they are quality. Please bring this pool back, I’m sad that I never bought one with my oldest. Hopefully you will bring this back instead of everyone going to Little Tikes to get them to produce one.
    Thank you for your time.

  145. My oldest is 23 years old and my youngest is a year old and I was hoping to get my daughter a big splash pool,only to find out it is no longer made. Me and my sister bought one at Toys R us when my son was about 7 and hers were about 2. The pool and the step 2 slide gave them kids hours of fun.Please for all the newer kids coming alone PLEASE BRING IT BACK AND SOON. IF THERE OUT SIDE PLAYING THERE NOT IN THE HOUSE WATCHING TV. THE WORLD HAS TO MANY COUCH POTATOES. WE NEED THE POOL BACK 1 BECAUSE I’M NOT BUYING NO CHEAP POOL FOR MY DAUGHTER TO PLAY IN MONEY IS NOT THE ISSUE SAFETY FIRST. YOUR POOL DOESN’T FALL WHEN A KID LEANS OVER THE EDGE. THE POOL IS ODD TO STORE BUT ITS THE BEST POOL THAT WAS OUT ON THE MARKET.SO PLEEEEEASE BRING THE POOL BACK.

  146. I’ll echo all of the other requests to bring this one back! We just found a used pool after much searching. It didn’t come with the slide. While we’ll have tons of fun with just the pool, I’m wondering if any of the slides in the current lineup will work with this pool? Maybe the Fun Fold Jr. Slide?

    1. Laura, thanks for your feedback. The only slide currently available that is compatible with the Big Splash Center is the slide on the Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension.

  147. Really great pool, would love to see it come back! We do have a great used one to sell. frankt1354 at msn dot com

  148. I am so sad that you have decided against bringing this product back. I have been searching for this pool for a long time. It looks as though there are many people here who would be willing to pay for a quality product such as this. I hope you will reconsider (and soon!).

  149. This disappoints me. No reasonable way could be found? Do you have plans for anything like it to replace it with? Maybe just charge a little more to cover the shipping costs? It seems with this much feedback they would be an item easy to sell.
    Gladys P (Here from Newly Crunchy mama of 3)

  150. I bought the pool in 1994 when my daughter was 4 she is now 23 the grand kids used it my day care will use it again this year,we have had story time in it ,made snowman in it,it`s great for car races,and one little guy liked to nap in it,it is the best. Thank you for making products that last generations. phyllis

  151. Also very disappointed that we cannot find this pool. My former in-laws got one used in the 90’s for my kids and their little sister still plays with it. Thought it would be perfect for an 80 lb pitbull mix! Impossible to find a sturdy product. Please reconsider. Children and dogs are desperate to cool off!


    Bring back the big splash pool! It is the best pool out there and is made with the ultimate quality in mind!

    My sister has one and she uses it for her dogs to cool off in. Her pool stays out in the Wisconsin weather 365 days a year! It is still just as good as day one!

    Now that I have my son I would like one for him to have fun with.

    Not only for parents of little ones but pet owners also can be marketed for this item! This is a universal pool!!! With the prices out there now, roughly $200 and up how much could Step 2 remake them for?? I would be willing to pay $200 plus for a new one!

  153. My daughter just used an older version of this pool at an event and absolutely loved it! I immediately came home to find out where I could buy this pool and slide! She is almost two years old and I know would be able to use this for years and years to come. It would be worth the money. As mentioned in previous requests, I also agree that this pool is the most durable and kid friendly pool I have ever seen. And sooo much fun!! Please re-consider and bring this item back…soon! Thanks!

  154. Please bring the Big Splash Pool back! What is the problem? So many people want it. If you made it before you can make it again. Why did they take it away in the first place?

  155. I came to this site looking for a good, hard plastic, pool for the kids, no one is selling them! My mom passed my younger sisters on to me (It would be 20 years old!) but a tree fell on it during a storm and cracked the bottom. I guess I’m going to have to try to fix it because I’m not buying an inflatable pool that wouldn’t last a minute between the kids and dog. I would like to know how its cost effective to sell plastic play houses and big swing sets but not the pools. Even if you don’t sell them directly from this site what about in stores? I guess there is no point in heading over to Toys R Us if all the companies have discontinued this type of pool.

  156. I am a mother of two kids that have had the inflatible pools. Each cost at least $30 each and sadly do not last a full summer. I have been on a mission to find a molded plastic pool that can hold up to two toddlers. Some are at wal-mart but cheap and not large enough, or little tikes that has a pool with built in slide which is awesome, but not large enough for a 2 and 4 year old. I would much rather put my money towards a pool like the splash center knowing it will last. I found some on craigslist.com and trying my best to get one of the two listed!!!!

  157. PLEASE BRING THE BIG SPLASH POOL BACK!!! My friend has one she found at a garage sale and I am JEALOUS! Cannot find anything like it, and not many used ones for sale. HELP!

  158. This pool is the best! We bought one 6 years ago for our dogs to cool off in since they would bite holes in the thin plastic ones. Now we still have it and use it for our two children ages 2 years and 6 months! It is very easy to drain and clean! If or when you do bring it back again I would reccomend adding a lid that securly attaches to the pool to keep out bugs, grass, and dogs etc when not in use.

  159. I currently have 2 of these pools. No slides though. But I think all that are begging for them to be brought back, consider how much you’re willing to pay for them. Right now, second hand they’re going to 175.00 Are you will to pay 400.000 for one brand new? Thats the point the company is trying to make. They could bring them back, but once they put forth the cost are the consumers going to buy it… their perspective and mine, most likely not.

  160. I had a Big Splash pool and slide for my kids when they were little and they LOVED IT!!! They spent many hours of fun with that set. I have a toddler now and have been looking for another set but cannot find anything close to that set in design or durability. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! It was the best swimming entertainment for young kids, no comparison!!! I can’t believe it was even discontinued! What’s to change, if there was nothing wrong with it???

  161. For those who have a crack and want to fix it, we’ve been told car bondo does wonders, havent had to try it so far.

  162. Just felt I needed to comment….My oldest is 18 of 4 children. This pool is the BEST! I received the pool 18 years ago from my parents as a gift, along with the Big slide. At the time I thought my parents were NUTS! As a new mom, (Lifeguard instructor and water safety Instructor) my 1st thought was “I will have to throw this thing out after next winter and my child will never be able to use it!”. MOM knows best! My parents knew from experience that this was the way to go. We still have the pool and slide and are not looking to pass it onto another family. We have raised dogs in it, baby ducks learn to swim in (thank goodness for the hard sides or a hawk would have taken one of them) and we have even used it as goal for lacrosse (until I put a stop to it). Every year we ask should we pass it on to another family and the kids all have a reason to keep it. I highly recommend bringing this product back on the market. I want my children to be able to say…Mom knows Best! I would pay up to $300 to give this gift to my 1st grandchild, because I know it would be worth it!

  163. Step2:

    Can you tell me what year these were discontinued and what the retail price was at the time? I currently purchased a used one and was curious about the new retail price when they were being manufactured.

    Thank you,
    Mom of 2

    1. Hi Laura, thanks for your inquiry. The Big Splash Center was discontinued in 2005. The retail price for this item was $73 and it was available in stores (this price does not include any shipping costs).

  164. Step 2 has quality products that are worth the money. BRING BACK BIG SPLASH POOL. I too am broken hearted over the loss of my pool. I have a doggie daycare and used my kids old pool for the dogs. It was great and the dogs loved it. I would invest in 2 more if they ever came back. I have also looked on ebay, but they are always local pick up only and too far away. I just bought a rubbermaid agricultural tub 50 gal and only 1 dog can fit in it. It’s ok but not like your pool. I’m begging for the dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. you make the sandbox/planter for $89 It is the same I am thinking about using that for a pool. It cant be that much more to make the slide.

  166. Please bring back this pool and slide. My daycare kids loved it. I still have my pool but somebody actually stole my slide and I need another one. People must really want it if they are going around stealing them

  167. I was fortunate enough to acquire this pool FREE from a neighbor that was moving. I’d never seen one before and was using the cheap drugstore plastic pools for my dogs. We have multiple dogs of our own, volunteer for a rescue and board dogs in our home, so we must have a pool that’s tough enough to handle a lot of doggy traffic. This pool is amazing! and has lasted through about 5 years of constant sun and many dogs crowding into it at once. I scrub it and change the water sometimes several times per week, and leave it full even when the water freezes and the pool is still near-perfect. There is nothing else out there like it. I know they were around $100 or so before, but since there aren’t many alternatives out there, if you brought it back I believe people would be willing to pay a good deal more to acquire one. And I know lots of bulky items get shipped to stores all over the world, so I don’t think the cost of shipping should be an obstacle. You wouldn’t have to offer individual shipping, just indicate to visitors where they could buy one locally. I think you’re missing an opportunity to be a hero to many kid and dog parents as well as make a BUNCH of sales. Google the thing . . . it’s in great demand on craigslist and ebay. Thanks for allowing my opinion, hope you will reconsider.

  168. Along with all the others here, I am BEGGING you to please bring this back… hopefully all this feedback will do something. I have been searching so long for one close by, so I could actually go and pick it up, but no luck so far. Please, just make things easier on all of us and start making these again!! 😉

  169. I have the big splash pool–at least a dozen or more people have asked me WHERE I got it and how they can get one. My granddaughter and my dogs ALL swim in the pool. I have millions of pictures on Facebook–and EVERYONE has asked about the great pool..HUGE SELLER! BRING IT BACK! I Need a second one for my two ducks to swim in! BRING IT BACK!

  170. I too got this used off Craigslist but ::sigh:: without the slide. Absolutely please reconsider bringing this back. If the shipping is the issue couldn’t you make this an ‘available at retail stores only’ product? Maybe cut a deal with Toys R Us or Walmart or something? You’re shipping some product to retail already, right? One thing you’d have to be sure of though is the quality/thickness of the plastic. You’d have to make it like the original or you’d end up with a ton of returns. 🙂 Thank you Step 2 for great products that make happy kids 🙂

  171. Hey, I just had an additional thought – can you at least bring back the slide? Help out those of us that were lucky enough to get our hands on the pool? I’m sure you can figure out shipping for the slide – I think it’s a two piece product right?

  172. Please make the Big Splash Pool available again. I ran across it at a greyhound rescue at which I volunteer, and the pool is the best quality I’ve seen. I would like to buy at least one for home, as between our dogs and our llamas, the cheap, relatively flimsy pools don’t last long at all. These pools are really ideal for such animals in hot weather – in addition to kids, of course! In contrast to other posters, the slide isn’t a necessity for me… perhaps offer the pool and the slide separately, and a discount for both together?

  173. I have a daycare now for 5 years and had to buy a pool every year because it breaks .I really wish this would come back,it’s the only thing that is durable.
    I understand you discontinued because you wish to make it affordable but the demand is very high because it’s the only unique anddurable product that was out there so people don’t mind paying a high price for something that will last for years to come.

  174. Keep working on bringing this back, don’t give up! I really need something like this and cannot find one! You would have no competition.

  175. I am desperate for a big splash pool. The Rottweiler community highly praises it! We don’t even need the slide. I am looking all over ebay and googling like crazy to find one!

  176. As a reputable company, we hope that you reconsider, and take seriously, ALL of the requests that you have received to bring back the QUALITY Big Splash Pool and Slide. Word would rapidly spread that your company has listened, and responded to, it’s consumers requests. In this day and age, and in this economy, that in itself (pool sales not withstanding), would be very beneficial to your company. Please, PLEASE bring back the Big Splash Pool & Slide!

  177. My cousin has this for her kids she found at a yardsale. I wanted one so I went on a rummage sale site and bought one without the slide. I would love for it to come back as they are hard to find and I would like one for my mothers house.

  178. Please bring this pool back, I need one for my dogs. I am willing to pay what ever it will cost. I know of a boarder who has this pool and says its the best pool she has ever found for the dogs. She’s had it for years. I keep buying cheap $20 pools, but I’d rather just pay for a quality one that will last. Just like Allison said above the Rotties need this pool and don’t forget about the Pit Bulls who LOVE water. The play and shade pool is way to small. Market it for Dogs, people spend a lot on their dogs. Just PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  179. no no no I read that Step 2 won’t bring back big splash pool….very diseappointing since it would be a ‘FAST SELL’ product…i know a lot of families looking for that particular product !
    I’m sure there’s a way to bring back that product with a good price combining shipping et production !

  180. Hi, I’ve never owned this pool but I hear great things about it and would like to know if your considering bringing back to the market…I own the tugboat and the slide that can be attached to the big splash pool…please bring it back so i can purchase and attach the slide to it for my twin boys to have fun in it in the summer…Thanks

  181. I have a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old. I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Please bring it back!

  182. I NEEEEEED a Step 2 pool and the only one I’ve run across would require theft on my part! Condition isn’t critical as I need it for dogs and horses but haven’t been able to locate a used one and will happily buy a new one. Help!

  183. I loved the step2 pool, after having one for years, now my daughter has children on her own and wanted to buy one and can’t find one anywhere. There is nothing that has been produced for children that has been as durable nor safe. Ours has been around for years, I have 4 adult children with kids of their own that would love to own one. I don’t understand why something that could withstand years of action would be discontinued. (I thought 2 years ago mine was finished for sure we had someone drive in our back yard with a truck and he ran it over, let me tell you, it is still holding water without any issues. Please for the safety of the children and the wallet, bring this back.) Any family with young children would buy this.

  184. Hi. I, too, am begging you to bring this pool back. I really don’t care about the slide as I feel that might be dangerous with children but the pool was the best ever! I have had mine for at least 20 years and this year it finally cracked and cannot be filled up very high. I would buy 4 of these in a heartbeat as they truly are wonderful for kids and pets. PLEASE rethink your position on bringing this back. In store pickup only would work but I would pay a reasonable shipping cost as well ($10 to $20 range) as long as you bring back this item with the same quality as the original.

  185. This makes me sad, I ahve seen a couple used ones on craigslist but they sell so quickly, and they seem to last forever. I wish there was something comparable on the market but so far i have not found it! Bring this back! we would all gladly pay extra for something that will last! i hate buying inflatables that get holes in them every year!

  186. Why can’t u bring it back as an in store only item. I would love to have one with 5 boys trying to find something they can’t destroy is hard. My sister has one for her girls she got at a yard sale and they love it.

  187. I think you are a fool to not bring these back. There selling on ebay for $400 used. Bad business decision. HUGE MARKET FOR THIS. Time for me to get in the childrens pool business.

  188. Please bring back the Big Splash Center; I wonder why it was discontinued since it was the most durable baby pool available. Please reconsider bring it back; My nieces bough their pool a while back and now my son needs one. Please bring it back. Thank you

  189. I’m not sure how much my comment will matter but…


    It’s a pretty cut throat race trying to get one of these coveted item. I haven’t won the battle yet, but hopefully you’ll change your mind and start producing these ASAP!! These pools are so versatile. You’re doing the public a diservice by denying us these. 🙂

  190. I had one YEARS ago when my twins were babies (they are 16). I’m looking for one again, for my ducks!!! We LOVED it!!! Please bring it back!

  191. I really wish that you would bring back the big splash center as well!!! I have searched and searched to find something like this for my 4 children and I cannot find ANYTHING comparable. I would definitely be willing to pay to have something like the big splash center than have to keep buying those cheap plastic pools at Walmart every year b/c they don’t last long. The quality of the big splash center would last for years, but I cannot even find it used.

  192. I had one for years, lent it to my sister and her kids broke it. I have a little one now and I am soooo sad that they will not make them anymore. There has to be a way to make them, ship them at a decent price. People are paying $125 plus for used ones on craigslist and ebay. It is so competitive I have not been able to get one. There is definitely a market for this. Please reconsider before my little one is too big!

  193. step 2 Big Splash pool
    Im sure all would agree, you get what you pay for and I know that this pool would be a big sell for you. try just stacking them and discontinue the slide or sell it separately. we need this i bought min 8 years ago and I still have it!!! please go back to the drawing board,

  194. Why would they bring a product back that lasts 10 years plus? Probably more profitable for them to sell lower quality stuff that we all end up replacing every other year.

  195. My mother bought the Big Splash Pool with Slide for my Little Sister about 18 years ago. It has been through my siblings and cousins ( 20+ kids) I let my Mother in Law borrow it last year (7 more kids) and now it’s at my house waiting for my daughter who is 4 months old to be big enough for it. It’s a great product – if people are willing to pay $300+ for a blowup slide with a pool that lasts a season for their kids they would easily pay $250-300 for a pool that would last 20 years and 30 kids! These are going for $150+ used on craigslist like hotcakes….

  196. Please look into bringing this back again, it was the best pool my dogs ever had and i’d love to get them another to share with my son.

  197. Wow. I was just trying to figure out how much I should ask for mine, but after reading all of this, seeing the prices and demand, and learning it’s been discontinued, I’ve decided to hang onto mine for my children’s children. This was the best pool ever. My slide needs some new screws on it where the ladder portion attaches….do you sell those to replace still?

    1. Chris,

      We unfortunately don’t have have replacement parts for the slide you are referring to because it has also been discontinued. I am very sorry for this inconvenience.

  198. I bought my first pool 10 years ago for our bird rescue. We still use this pool today. With all the lifting and cleaning there is finally a crack where we lifted it. I get asked all the time by duck owners where they can get this pool for their pets. Please bring it back! I expect we will limp this one along for another 2 years then i will need to buy new one somewhere. Whatever they cost they are worth it. A normal person could have one for 20 years and not have it break.

  199. Please bring this back. I have spent the last 2 years searching for an used one. I would pay whatever it takes.

  200. I cannot understand why on earth this pool was ever discontinued, and why Step2 cannot find some way to produce it again–even after reading all of these pleas to bring it back. These pools would sell like hotcakes! How can you say it would be too expensive to make/ship when you make and ship many, many products that are much larger than this pool?! It just doesn’t make sense!

    Step2, I beg you to PLEASE RECONSIDER!!! Please respond.

    1. Melissa,

      Thank you for your feedback and passion regarding the Big Splash Pool. The reason why our larger products are able to still ship for an affordable price is because they come in multiple parts and boxes that require assembly. The Big Splash Pool would ship as a one whole product, in one very large box, which is why we are unable to come up with the right combination of affordability for both the customer and Step2. I deeply apologize that we are unable to bring back this product.

      1. How did you manage to ship it in the past? What was the cost then?

        I don’t understand why Step2 just up and decided one day that they couldn’t do it anymore, after successfully selling so many of these pools.

  201. I think Step2 is under estimating what people will pay for this pool! It is a great product and in very high demand. A big mistake to not bring it back!

  202. Dear Step 2,

    I have been searching for this for some time. It was affordable back when we bought our first one so why not just do it the same way? We don’t need it to come in a box. Just stack them like they do vinyl/plastic storage tubs or garbage can and ship them like that to the stores. I’m sure Walmart would buy them in large quantities and you are probably shipping large amounts to Walmart already so just add them to the same truck. I bet other large chains would also buy in bulk to sell in their stores. You might not be able to ship 1 here and 1 there but why not just plan on making it only available in a large store that is willing to buy in bulk? If you could do it when it first came out, why can’t you do it again? We all bought it then, we would still buy it again and so would many new customers. PLEASE!

  203. I had a big splash pool years ago. I refused to throw it away. So I gave it away. Now I have a new toddler & want him to have one. It’s a great product. Made well, big but not huge & safer than the blow up pools. Years later, people still want it. Bring it back!

  204. My 2 year old lives in this every day in the summer. And it is time for a new one. I bought it 9 years ago for my dogs and I’ve never seen any other pool out there take the abuse that the step 2 can. I need a new one please bring it back.

  205. I have been looking all around about this product to price match for a garage sale, but finding out that it isn’t available anymore, I don’t know if I want to get rid of it. I have a large slide with a deck and a small little area underneath the deck that connects to the pool. My girls are growing up and it’s small for them, but they do love going down the slide into the pool without having to worry about it breaking or collapsing. Now it’s just the option on what to do with it.

  206. I have had my Big Splash for about 12 years as I bought it at Menards in Lindenhurst for my baby spotted turtle. She now has had 15 babies, but this is the best play area for my pet turtles on a hot day! Please bring it back; I want another one for an indoor play area

  207. Most of us don’t care about the cost…just bring the big splash pool with the slide back…maybe sell it through Walmart or Target, etc.?

  208. Or eliminate some of your shipping costs and sell it through membership houses like Costco or Sam’s Club. People would buy these even if the cost was high.

  209. I know that you have said that you will not bring it back due to the fact that you can not find a way to come up the right combination when it comes to all around affordability and Quality. Have you thought of instead of selling it in store selling it on your site with different slide options? That way it goes directly from you to consumer. No middleman or stores that have to find the room to carry it. Less time and money trying to get the product out to the public. All you would have to do is make the pool and make a combinations with some of the products that you already have in stock. That you don’t have to have a separate slide a just for the pool.
    You already have people that want to the product. I also know that there are people out there willing to buy a good quality product at any reasonable price. I personally, will pay any reasonable price and whatever shipping price it would take to have it delivered to my home. I know that this pool would last my family for many years to come and that is worth it. If you ask the consumer they might tell you the same thing, but you will never know until you ask the consumer.

  210. I would like one of these so bad for my son! We cant’ find a used one anywhere!! Pleaes bring it back!

  211. It’s a shame you won’t bring back the step 2 big splash pool! I had one as a child and I hate that I can’t get one for my little girl. There is not another pool out there like it. Whatever the cost I would buy one because they are well constructed and last forever. Makes me not want to buy anything else from the company because the demand for these pools are crazy and you won’t listen to customer feedbad. It’s a shame!!

    1. Yes I agree maybe if the customers don’t buy any of the company’s other products they might stop and decide to maybe listen to the people who are buying from them. They start losing money maybe then they will bring back some of the best items because they know people wont buy from them if the company don’t listen to them. I have 9 grandbabies so I am always buying something for them and ill just buy from a different company until the Big Splash Pool comes back. It will be the next product I buy from them so if they don’t come back all buy elsewhere come on customers do the same Maybe then they will hear us

  212. I’ve been searching for one for over a year. I’d pay quite a lot (even shipping) for one! It would be awesome to bring this back.

  213. I received the pool portion from neighbor back in 2007, she was using it for her dogs, it was missing the plug and had a nail in the bottom. Which didn’t matter to me, in triple degree heat you need something to help the pups cool down. Fast foward to today… My dogs AND my three children (6,5 & 3) still use this. Bring this back and I’ll buy another for my ducks!!!

  214. Please please please bring back the step 2 pool with slide!!!!!I had one when my oldest son was a toddler-now I have another toddler and I need one and can’t find!!!!

  215. Please bring the Step 2 Big Splash pool back to the store. They are sturdy and last forever but we need a new one.

  216. Wondering if you have any plans to bring back the Big Splash Center Pool and or have anything similar? I have not been able to find anything of its kind for my 3yr old. My parents have one from my now 16yr old cousin and there’s really nothing comparable. These pool/slide combos are selling like hotcakes on ebay/craigslist – just unfortunate none have come up close enough to my area to buy a used one. You would make many many parents as well as pet owners happy if you decided to recreate. Please!!!!

    1. At this time we have no intentions of bringing back the Big Splash Center or creating a similar product.

  217. My Big Splash Center is almost ready for the trash. I have had it for 10 years. Your blog suggests that it is not possible to bring it back affordably. What about those of us who will pay top dollar for a brand new pool. There isn’t another strudy pool on the market.

    1. Angie, at this time we have no intentions of bringing back the Big Splash Center or creating a similar style product.

  218. I was looking for a pool for my boys and came across the splash pool and slide. I am so sad to see it discontinued. There is no one out there that has anything close to it. I understand it was a pricey item but with all the people wanting it back. You know you would have the sales. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t bring it back.

  219. I would love to own another one of these as well as multiple other people! I think that since it’s such an awesome product! If is actually one of the most durable kid pools that used to be on the market people! I think people
    wouldn’t mind spending the extra $50 or what ever it would be on shipping because they know they’re getting a product that will last! 🙂

    1. Olivia, at this time we have no intentions of bringing back the Big Splash Center or creating a similar style product.

  220. I agree I think no matter how expensive they are people will still buy one I know I would I really think the company is making a big mistake by not making them anymore people will take their business somewhere else if the company doesn’t respect what they want please Step 2 tell us all The real main reason for not bringing them back cant just be the cost because all things have increased in price there has to be another reason.

  221. I wish you would bring back your big splash pool. I had one for my children and would love my grandson to be able to play in such a fantastic product. Your play products are everywhere in my home and in my daughter’s home, they are first quality and I wish I had held on to that pool years ago.

  222. we have used this pool for many years for a puppy whelping box, a dog play pool and with all of the neighborhood kids and ours just broke. We would love to buy a new one…PLEASE BRING BACK THE Big Splash Center Step 2 pool.

  223. Step 2 people, Obviously, you must be insane to have discontinued this product! I just bought one on craigslist, and we LOVE it! I would have bought a new one in a heartbeat at double the price. 284 replies on here alone? I repeat….insane!

    1. Go after them Sarah I wish I could find one I have been looking for 2 years for one for my grandkids

  224. I understand that it’s expensive to ship, but just make the same product (don’t cheapen it!!) and make it available in stores!! They’ll sell out in a heartbeat. We just managed to get one for $160 dollars… USED! It’s about 10 years old but still SO durable and absolutely no damage beyond superficial ones. Please listen to your customers and bring back these pools. There are other kids’ toys (and adult products like mattresses, etc) that are even bigger than this pool/slide and they still have those things available in stores and even online, so there isn’t much of an excuse for you to not be able to continue making these pools in the same quality and ship them.

  225. Please bring back the splash big splash pool center and slide. And here is an idea for a come back! Have the pool on one side and a sprinkler hose attached on the other. Instant water park!!! Would not be an expensive addition to make but would be the best EVER! I would pay a higher price tag if brought back. Please bring it back… listen to your customers. I’m sure it can be figured out… afterall, it’s been offered before. Just do the same as you did before in term of shipping, quality and features… or increase the price. I would pay it and I’m sure many other parents would as well!!!!!!!

  226. I agree with you I would be willing to pay a little bit more the big splash pool and slide May I ask what is the reason it has been discontinued in the first place if its because of cost then just raise the price easy fix

  227. The Big Splash pool is the ONLY pool that is dog proof! Seriously!!! Mine has survived 6 large canines and is still going strong! I did have to improvise a new plug for the drain when one of them pulled it out and lost it (I learned to always put a heavy rock over the plug.) I’ve had the pool for about 15 years and the only damage other than the missing plug are some tooth marks (gouges). They try, believe me they try but, they cannot destroy this pool!!! I seriously need another one or two so I don’t have to rotate who gets to have the pool! (I’ve almost always got at least two dogs that hate each other. PLEASE!!! BRING IT BACK!!!

  228. Hey all I don’t believe the company cares because if they did they would fiqure it out how to continue to make the customers happy they just don’t want to is what I believe because I have seen comment after comment of people asking why they wont and until now I still have no answer to why they wont they say because of cost but that cant be it because they made them before and they got their money so why cant they still make them the way the always did and just charge a little more I’d pay it and so would 100’s of others so come on tell us the real reason

    1. As always, we thank you for your passion regarding the Big Splash Pool. Every few years, we revisit this product and try to find a way to make this product so that it is affordable to customers, affordable to ship, and still has all of the features and quality you would expect from Step2. Unfortunately, we still haven’t found the winning combination, as shipping this item would cost well over $100 on top of the price of the product. In-store space is also an issue so bringing this to a retailer location also hasn’t been a viable option. We will continue to have discussions and look for ways to creatively bring this product back to market at a price that people would be willing to pay.

  229. I would love to have a Big Splash Pool & Slide at my house for my grandson! Please bring it back! I would also be willing to pay more to have one of these great pools.

  230. Have been looking for the Big Splash Pool finally saw the name due to a picture on FaceBook… So terribly sad to see you have discontinued it…
    Best Pool ever but maybe that’s why you discontinued it ?
    It was so well made we barely ever had to buy another one they were that good, safe, and that sturdy!
    Glad I found the name sad you no longer sell them 🙁

  231. i have been looking for a safe , sturdy big pool. finaly to find out that it has been discontinued.
    could you please consider returning this tems.


  232. I believe you have a product that for the durability people would pay the price. I acquired one through my sister whose son had it for his kids who are in the older teens. My dog ( he loves it). I wanted one for my granddaughters but am unable to find one.

  233. I really wish they would reconsider bringing back the step 2 pool with the slide. It is a little expensive when you first buy the set, but in the long run it pays for itself. You can use this pool and slide for many years and it is still durable. I had one for my kids and we used it for about 10 years. It held up to at least 10 to 15 children enjoying the summers in it. When you consider the price you pay every year for those cheep plastic, or blow up pools. I would say this set is extremely worth it. I would love to have a set for my grandchildren. I have 3 right now and 2 more on the way. Please, Please, Please reconsider bringing this back.

  234. Please bring it back. There has to be a way! Much bigger items like the little tikes playgrounds are sold on Amazon! Listen to your customers! If you really care about us, make it happen!

  235. Bring it back!!!! No one makes a large pool that isn’t one of those horrible inflatable or pop up ones that are complete garbage!

  236. Add me to the list of people who would purchase one in a heartbeat.

    Can you please address how you have larger items on the market (playhouse, clubhouse climber, swing set) but can’t bring this back? Amazon has plenty of storage!

    Glad to hear you continue to readdress it. Now please find a way. 🙂

  237. Please start making that Big Splash Pool Center again! I bought one when they first were made and my kids had YEARS of fun playing with it. Now I would love to buy another one for my granddaughter!

    Has there been any reconsideration for the Big Splash Center to be manufactured again? I’ll be first in line when you do!!

  238. You have MANY who want this pool! I would pay the shipping or drive a few hours to get this. I run a dog rescue and these are premium if they can be found after kids outgrow them. They are wonderful for kids, too. Still better than anything else available. Please bring it back.

  239. I’ve had the Big Splash pool for over 15 years for my Labs and it’s still in good condition. However, it’s starting to crack along the top ledge. It’s a great pool, I would love to have another one.

  240. Please, please, PLEASE make these pools again! I have been looking for a used one for 3 years and haven’t found one available- i have 4 young kids who would LOVE a pool like this- I’m sick and tired of the cheap plastic pool that need to be replaced every season!

  241. Please bring back the Big Splash pool with slide setup. I had one growing up that I loved and now have a child of my own I was hoping could enjoy. I have been looking all over for it and am sorry to see its been discontinued. Will you please reconsider bring this back?

  242. I also would love this pool! I don’t think the economics matter. There is nothing like it on the market and people are willing to pay top dollar for a quality product!!

  243. It’s so amazing to me to see after 5 years people are still sharing their demand and passion for this product. I suppose it will take the right person in the right position to wave the green flag to bring this product back. Unfortunately, for us customers, we will have to continue to be at their mercy. ?

  244. I’m crushed right now that this product is no longer available. Our babysitter has one and my son LOVES it. Wish we could get one of our own!!

  245. You could easily work with Overstock.com or Amazon.com to provide the shipping for this. That or countless Pool supply companies around the country.

    Stop with the excuses Step2 and get on it!!!

    Simple supply and demand!!!

  246. People are reselling these for way too much money, for low income families and children with special needs these are the best they can hope to do for their children

  247. Please I am begging and pleading with you to bring back the big splash pool. I am a disabled person, no children, just dogs who are also my service dogs. I’ve only had dogs since my head on fatal car accident therefore, I have a lot of disabilities and a sever traumatic brain and head injury. I can’t do much with physically with them, so they play then goes in the pool to cool off. With dogs I need something very durable and strong. I bought this pool over ten years ago, and now there might be a crack in it somewhere but don’t know and would not know how to fix. I just wanted to purchase another, since that really IS THE BEST pool for active dogs or any dog. Please bring that pool back, if it was a liability issue that made you discontinue the pool, I’m sure there is a disclaimer you could put on the pool to protect the company. It’s a one of a kind pool and would be so very grateful if you would bring it back into production to be sold to the public. I do NOT want the one with the slide just the rectangular one. Read and hear all these pleas to bring back the pool and I humbly ask you to bring it back into production. I see nothing wrong with the pool, in fact I would want it a little higher for the dogs and you could market it to dog companies, online and in Retail. Then if for children , put a strong disclaimer that the purchaser takes all risks if pool is filled. I’m sure you marketing company could come up with something and you manufacture good products, please bring back the big splash center without the slide again.

  248. I had one of the big spash pools for my older children years ago. I passed it onto another family when they out grew it. I now regret it. I would have kept it had I known 15 years later I would have another child and look for one of these pools and find out that it’s not available. I’m trying to figure out what would make you discontinue the best little kid pool ever designed / made !!!! PLEAE PLEASE BRING IT BACK !!!!

  249. I used to have a Big Splash Center Pool that the family just loved. All the kids in it at one time without fear of breaking it. The dogs loved it as much as the kids, maybe more. You made the best kiddie pool on the market. When I went to buy another one, I was shocked to find out that it is no longer made. I have seen them at dog shelters, for the dogs. I know people with ducks that love your pool. We never used the slide, and would be happy with a pool that didn’t have one. I can not find anything even close to the quality of your pool. Your pools are going for top dollar on the black market, sorta. If we can talk you into making this great product again, that would be great for us. And we would not have to pay three times to cost. My grand children and dogs would love you too. They are use to cheap pools that break. Please bring back your quality pool. There is nothing else like it.

  250. I would like the large splash pool returned as a list item. I have had one in the past and am looking for another. We purchased it where it was offered through Toys R Us, and not shipped to us. We paid around $250 to $300 back in 1999 in California. Your marketing team may be greatly surprised at what the market can bear, and should compare shipping with that of the large natural sundial sandbox, which many have purchased for both sand AND water, but may not report it. If shipping is indeed a concern, perhaps offering it again through toy store or mega stores is again the answer rather than factory direct. Knowing the quality of the product, having derived many years of use, I would budget more due to inflation, and be prepared to pay more than i did in the past. This pool was a much safer option for families than any kind of inflatable, with no other comparable product available in competition. With safety and durability of years of use in mind, the public will pay more for this quality product.

    Thank you,
    Catherine Hatch
    Hatch DaySchool

    1. Thank you for your input! I will be sure to forward your comments along to our Marketing and Product Development teams for further consideration.
      Thank you!

  251. The step 2 big splash pool would be perfect to bring back even at 100.00 it lasts for years so durable and so many years of water fun.

  252. I’m truly sorry to hear that you are not going to bring back the pool …… It was the best pool ever ….

  253. Please bring back the Little Tikes Bug Splash Pool with Slide. I’ve been searching everywhere for one and can’t find them. Why discontinue a good seller!?? PLEASE bring it back!!

  254. thats pretty sad this was a great item when my kids were growing up it lasted for many years, i lost mine in hurricane sandy but i had it for 30 years. hope they find a way to bring it back im sure it will be a big seller again

  255. I need a plug for my big slash pool can I get one somewhere or do you have any extras somewhere

    1. Hi Carole! We do have plugs available for the Big Splash Pool. Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-347-8372 and they will assist you! Have a good day!

  256. Seriously looking for a great kids pool, studied literally for hours online, sadly your discontinued “Step 2 big splash center” pool is not available, finding one equivalent to yours with the same shape and made with durable material (especially when you don’t want a couple big boxer dogs to accidentally puncture it), please bring it back.

  257. I feel as though your company should revisit the idea of bringing back the step 2 big splash pool with slide. There isn’t anything like it.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Kara! We appreciate it and will pass it along to our Product and Development team!

  258. I purchased a used Step2 Big Splash Center and thankfully i found it for a good buy considering its been discontinued, however its missing the black plug on the inside of the pool. does Step 2 sell replacements or does anyone know of a good hack? any info is appreciated.
    ps. I HOPE STEP 2 finds an affordable way TO BRING BACK STEP2 BIG SPLASH CENTER!!! my toddlers Love it!! and I LOVE THE DURABILITY!!

    1. Drain plugs are available. Please contact Consumer Service at 1-800-347-8372, Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm ET.

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