Employee Recycling Program Reduces Carbon Footprint

Step2 has partnered with Recycle Solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. Each Step2 employee has been provided with a desk container to recycle computer paper, pamphlets, envelopes, magazines, newspaper, catalogs, and other cardboard and paper items.

Recycle Solutions

Why Step2 recycles:

  • A typical office generates one pound of paper per employee
  • 77 percent of what is wasted in offices across the country is recyclable
  • Paper makes up approximately one-third of landfill waste
  • Making paper creates both air and water pollution, but recycling techniques have been refined and mills can recycle paper with less pollution than when making new paper
  • It takes up to 40% less energy to recycle paper than it does to create paper
  • Recycling aligns with our ambitious goal to increase our energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions as a Save Energy Now LEADER
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  1. I am interested in your suggestion on how to recycle Step 2 kids toys with the number “4” plastic type. I would hate to have it end up in a landfill somewhere, and I think Step 2 should take the specific responsibility to provide a means of recycling these products that use such a large volume of plastic.

    Thank you

    Brian Isherwood
    9 Ponds Edge lane
    Warren, NJ


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