Weekend Deals are Back

They’re back! Each weekend we’re featuring one to two products on sale for 4 days only. Save up to 20% off every weekend. We will announce the deals on the Step2 Facebook page every Friday.

This weekend’s deal is the LifeStyle Grand Walk-In Kitchen – just $188 ($70 off regular price) and the lowest price of the year! Just enter promo code S2GW312 at checkout through Monday, March 12.*

*Not valid on previous purchases, future exchanges, replacement parts, or Canada shipments.

  1. And what a Grand Kitchen it is! We still have our sand box from 5 years ago it has been through 3 kids and all their friends, That’s why we Luv Step 2!
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  2. Amazing deal! I always wanted to get my kids this kitchen after seeing it at a kid’s play place. Fantastic product!

  3. I keep coming back to see the LifeStyle Grand Walk-In Kitchen. I really like it and I know the kids would have so much fun with it. I luv watching them with their Step 2 toys!
    Gladys P

  4. What amazing deals!!! We have been eyeing this walk in kitchen. Maybe Grandma will get it for the kids for Christmas

  5. This is a tad off subject but have you ever thought of making a garage like the playhouses and kitchens? Like just 1 side open and hooks or shelves for tools, a gas can maybe. I just thought I’d put it out there.
    Gladys P

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