Celebrating Earth Day Everyday with Climber Toys

Remember how fun it was to climb trees as a kid, feeling like you were atop the world? Now as mothers, we cringe to even think about our kids at the top of that old oak tree in the back yard. Surely there’s a safe way to let our kids be adventurous and experience that same sense of exhilaration that we experienced.

Climber Toys

Climber toys offer kids ages two and older a chance to explore without the danger of extreme heights and weak branches. These sturdy outdoor play area toys are made of durable plastic and are designed with stairs and slides and places to tunnel, among other features. Your child will get plenty of opportunity to be an outdoor explorer with a climber.

Celebrating Earth Day Everyday

Climber and slide toys are also a good way to make your child aware of the environment and to learn to enjoy spending time outdoors. With childhood obesity a growing problem in the United States, finding enjoyable ways to be active are important. As the climbers are designed in earth tones to resemble trees and shrubs,  you can also use these toys as a segue to teaching your children about real live trees and how the many ways they help the environment.

  1. I believe every outdoor toy you produce should be celebrated because each one is one more reason for a child to want to be out side or have something they luv to do out there!
    Gladys P

    (Here from Newly Crunchy Mama of 3)

  2. My grandchildren would be inside trying to be in front of the TV or game system if it weren’t for there great Step 2 toys. They started with a step 2 toy that had a wee slide, a red steering wheel and a way to climb up as they were tiny. Oops I’m wrong they first had all their smaller Step 2 indoor toys then the Step 2 Buggy then this toy. Now they have moved past their Step 2 sand box and the others to the woodland Climber. (here from Newly Crunchy Mama of 3)
    Gladys P

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