My First “Unofficial” Mother’s Day

Written by Ashley

While I personally deem myself a mother already, even though my little peanut has not yet exited my womb, I didn’t expect others to acknowledge me as a mother until my baby girl arrives (yes, we recently found out it’s a girl and we are overjoyed!).

So I was brought to tears yesterday as my first “unofficial” Mother’s Day began. While in the back of my mind I had hoped my husband would recognize the “holiday,” I was not expecting the onslaught of Mother’s Day wishes that were headed my way.

Text messages from old friends, my cousins, my boss, coworkers, my husband’s guy friends (which I still cannot believe!), Facebook wall posts, and gifts from my husband and my mother. It felt like my birthday (if this is what Mother’s Day is like every year, I am pretty pumped!).

After having a rough night sleep on Saturday, between the baby having hiccups just about every 2 hours (I like to think it was her way of saying “Happy Mother’s Day Mom!”) and a few bouts of leg spasms, my husband greeted me in the morning with my first “Happy Mother’s Day.”

As the day went on, we celebrated with our families and my mom gave me a beautiful figurine that reminded me of her mother, my grandmother, that will reside in the baby’s nursery.

While the physical gifts are great and very much appreciated, I look forward to the day where my baby girl will look into my eyes and call me “mom.” That will be the greatest gift of all.

Just a few more months until I meet my little princess and, to me, that will be my first real “Mother’s Day.”

About Ashley

Ashley is expecting her first child in early September 2012 with her high-school sweetheart turned husband 3 years ago. Together they have a lab named Peak whom they adopted during a ski trip in Denver. She loves all things fashion and cannot wait to start shopping for her little one’s wardrobe. She is the Social Media Manager at Step2 and you may have recently communicated with her if you’ve chatted with Step2 on Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Congratulations again!! And I hope you had a wonderful “First” Mother’s Day!! I’ve been blessed with both a princess and a prince and I just can’t wait to show my daughter all the fun things about being a girl! Hehe 🙂 It’s an indescribably and amazing experience that can only be explained in emotions the first time you see that beautiful baby laying in your arms. Those first few blinks of their eyes and them staring up at you with so much love is worth going through the hardships of pregnancy 1000 times over! I’m so excited for you, (especially knowing all the fun girly things you get to buy! lol) and I wish you, your husband and your soon to be princess the best! Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

  2. Your hubby and your mother set themselves up because now every Mother’s Day they will have to bigger and better! He he Here from Newly Crunchy mama of 3!

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