Celebrating Milestones with Music

Written by Tena

Throughout my life my family has chosen to celebrate milestone events with music.  The technology used to serve up the music has changed through the years but I will always hold on to my tapes and CD’s that have been made with songs like, “Independent Women” and “I Hope You Dance.”

This tradition combined with my little guy’s love of music, it should be no surprise that I have made several play lists for him already.  What is surprising is the diversity in genres that we seem to come up with and how many songs I’ve heard over and over again that have so much more meaning now that I have my special boy.

I’m always looking for song ideas to inspire a slide show or a play list so I’m hopeful that by sharing my favorites, you will share some of your favorites with me.  Thanks YouTube for having all of these available!

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Glee Cast Version; obvious song choice but I really like this version
Amazed – Lonestar
Three Little Birds – Bob Marley
Fix You – Coldplay
We Found Love in a Hopeless Place – Rihanna; applicable to any parents out there who have spent a lot of time in the hospital with their precious baby
All of Me – Matt Hammitt
Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars; we adjust the words to “his eyes”, “he’s so beautiful”, etc.
A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
Made for Each Other – Emilie Mover
Good Life – OneRepublic

I’m looking forward to some of your suggestions and hopefully I’ll be able to borrow a few!

About Tena

Tena and her best friend (and hubby) had their first child in July, 2011.  Their little guy has a congenital heart defect and he is one tough little cookie; don’t ever think about calling him sick though – “his plumbing is just different.” Tena is an animal loving vegetarian and is excited to teach her son about compassion and the importance of volunteer work.  She secretly hopes her son will be left handed like his momma. She is the Online Marketing Director for Step2.

  1. With my first baby we had a home birth and I had music playing the whole time. When he was still a baby we would put the cd on when he was crying and he would stop. He still likes the CD at 3 and 1/2 years! My husband is also a professional guitar player and I was a dancer before kids so we love music for everything!
    Love this post and great choices! 🙂

  2. Hi Tena !! As you know, Mia loves music too. Here are some favs that she really gets into and is loved for different reasons.

    You are my sunshine – Elizabeth Mitchell (I sang this all the time when Mia was in my belly)

    Shake your sillies out – The Wiggles (she enjoys singing and dancing to this)

    It won’t be like this for long – Darius Rucker (so perfect!)

    I’m sure there’s more, I’ll email them to you once I think of them. hahah. Love ya.

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