Utilizing Toys Creatively

Here at Step2, we realize that children eventually grow up and although our toys have grown with them- children eventually outgrow them. Even though the playing may be over with, that does not mean you cannot still utilize Step2 products!

Below are some ways to use Step2 toys:

1. Planters: This is a great way to make your garden look beautiful and an untraditional way to showcase your flowers. Not only can the wagons become planters but the sandboxes can become flower beds as well.

2. Pooch palace: Every dog deserves its day. Now you can let your dog have a blast on the Step2 climbers after the kids are too big to play on them.  This is a great way to help your dogs stay active besides the average walk around the block.

3. Multi-purpose table:  Even if your children are not too big for their Step2 toys yet, sometimes they may get bored playing with sand or water when it comes to the water tables and the sand & water combos. Try using different substances like shaving cream or mud (if you dare) in areas where sand or water would usually reside.

4. Animal carrier: Let your pets relax while you parade them around in their own wagon. If your children still fit in their wagon, this can be a fun way for your children and pets to bond. Otherwise, it can be a way to let your pet take a nice relaxing stroll while you chauffeur them around. Better yet, let your big kids be the chauffeur for their furry friends!

*Disclaimer*: The Step2 Company does not promote or condone the use of our products in ways other than the original intent. This blog was solely written for the purpose to encourage creativity after a child is done with the original intent of the product.

  1. i use the wagon to help bring the groceries from the car, up the front walkway to the front door, to bring the recycle bins to the end of the driveway, to haul stuff around the yard (bags of mulch, planting pots etc)

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