Step2 nominated for 2012 People’s Play Awards

Time to Play has nominated the All Around Easel for Two and the Creative Cooks Kitchen for their 2012 People’s Play Awards. Time to Play travels the world discovering the newest toys, video games and entertainment products. Each year, Time to Play has the People’s Play Awards where consumers select the toys and games that their families are would enjoy receiving for the holidays. The Time to Play editorial team reviews and selects the nominees for each category. There are twenty product categories.

Both the All Around Easel for Two and Creative Cooks Kitchen came out fall 2012. In addition, the Creative Cooks Kitchen was already featured in a review at These products feature role play and creative play which is essential for a little one’s development.

Here are the awesome features of the All Around Easel for Two:

  • Vertical writing surfaces encourage development of proper writing skills and creativity too!
  • Features a chalk board on one side and a magnetized dry erase board on the other
  • Includes a clip to secure artwork, two removable and easy to clean storage bins and a 94 piece foam magnet letter & symbol kit


Check out the fantastic features of the Creative Cooks Kitchen:

  • The colorful backsplash, farmhouse sink and working shutters are a perfect backdrop for creative play!
  • Electronic Stove top, microwave and phone create a realistic experience
  • Kids feed their pets and empty the recycling bin, just like at home!
  • The large storage in the fridge and freezer along with cabinets and bins make for easy clean-up!
  • Several kids can play together in this spacious kitchen, cooking up their latest concoctions
  • Includes a 39 piece accessory set

Make sure to vote for the All Around Easel for Two and Creative Cooks Kitchen by clicking here.

What do you think of the All Around Easel for Two and Creative Cooks Kitchen?


  1. I was happy to hear that Step 2 is making part of the toys in Ohio, well kind of. I guess I am “kind of happy” at the way you are “kind of making” them in America. So far so good, but why not go all the way and get some bragging rights about making all your toys 100% here? Here’s what I see after the toy I want to buy “Made in USA of US and imported parts. Accessories made in China.” A retail giant like yours has the ways, the heart and the means to pursue it. Get it back home and make one customer estatic to share with EVERYONE I know. The same way I would not want to eat a half baked pie, I don’t want a half-baked product.

    1. LM, thank you for your comment! We do our best to manufacture the majority of our products here in the US. We are proud that 90% of Step2 products are made right here at our two large US plants in northern Ohio, one in Streetsboro and one in Perrysville. We understand the importance of keeping jobs in the US and strive to do just that.

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