The Fun of Clean Up

Have you ever considered your home or play room a disaster zone because the kids have made it their duty to leave their toys everywhere? Cleaning up after your children can be exhausting. After play time is over, maybe suggesting that clean up can be fun will encourage children to tidy up more. suggests creating a point system You can encourage kids to clean up by developing a point system. Each time they clean up their toys you can give them a sticker by their name. Once they reach a certain amount of stickers by their name reward them with their favorite food.

Putting toys away every day could get tiring, so set a day and time each week, or twice a week, to straighten up toys. This will help teach kids how to stick to a routine. Clean up can be fun and rewarding if you make it challenging and rewarding.  Try to emphasize the benefits of cleaning up to your children such as: they will be able to find their toys better, they will not step on their toys, and they will prolong the life of their toys.

A great way for children to straighten up their toys is by having an organizer to arrange their toys in. The Fun Time Room Organizer will help children to put their toys away while harmonizing where their toys belong at the same time. The vibrant bin colors and dry-erase labels will allow children to locate and return toys easily. There is even a Corvette Room Organizer for the little car enthusiast in your life!

What tips do you have for helping children to clean up?

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