Alternatives to Discontinued Camper and Swing for Two

Step2 toys have a reputation for lasting many years. Since our toys last for so long, many times customers will see toys that their friends, neighbors, and family members own that were available for purchase in the early 2000’s. But, unfortunately, these products that have caught their attention are no longer available for purchase.

Many customers have asked about the Camper Fun Playhouse and Caterpillar Swing for Two. Unfortunately, these two products are among the discontinued. Although these adorable products are no longer available for purchase, we have products that are similar in function and size.

camper fun playhouse
caterpillar swing for two

Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse: This giant playhouse is even bigger than the Camper Fun Playhouse, which means more children can play in the playhouse together. In the old camper, children would use pretend play to imagine that they were going on a camping trip. In the Welcome Home Playhouse children can pretend to not only to play house but they can imagine they own a drive thru restaurant and use the windows to take food orders and use one of the other windows to deliver food.

welcome home playhouse

Infant to Toddler Swing: The Caterpillar Swing for Two held two children; however, by attaching two Infant to Toddler Swings next to each other on a swing set, toddlers will still be able to swing next to one another while being able to enjoy a comfortable swing all to themselves.

Which products have you purchased as an alternative to the Camper Fun Playhouse and Caterpillar Swing for Two? What do you think has been our best swing set for toddlers?


  1. I don’t see a thing here that could even BEGIN to take the place of the camper. My little grandson loves to pretend to cook, wash dishes, etc, but the real appeal of the thing was the fact that it is a truck that he could “drive”, since he is a confirmed car guy at two years of age. with all the interest in the camper, why do you not offer it anymore? And it is popular enough that no one ever seems to put used ones up for sale. Several people who have had them say they have waiting lists to sell the things, so none ever appear on the open market.
    Crank up the process and make some more, please?

  2. I completely agree with the last post. The camper is awesome and you cannot find them anywhere. I have spent numerous days and hours searching and when I do find one it was sold within minutes. I really wish you guys would make another one. I definitely know it would be sold out in no time. I hope someone notifies me if you ever do so they don’t sell out before I can purchase one.

  3. Omg I just found this camper when searching images for step2 playhouses. I’ve been looking for a playhouse for my sons and nothing seems to be boyish enoug until I saw this. It’s absolutely amazing, I can’t believe you don’t sell these anymore. I’ve searched and searched and the few I found were across country and already sold. Please make these again, I k ow they’d be a huge hit with the boys and girls!

  4. I absolutely agree that these items would be big sellers if Step 2 would make them again. I have been searching for the swing for my daycare to no avail. When I saw the camper, I fell in love with it too. Please consider bringing these items back!

  5. Bring back the camper! I’ve been searching on and off for years. My older two kids’ window has long passed to be able to play with something like this but my youngest is only 1 so I’m hoping to be able to find it for him. Good thing I’m starting now, because unless you make it again my chances of finding one are slim. Why would you discontinue such a unique toy? Your replacement toy doesn’t even compare to the camper!

  6. Hello from Ireland!

    I would love this camper for my kids! I know this would be a huge hit in this country! There is nothing like it on the market. you may be unaware of the huge baby boom that is currently in progress in Ireland and with 2014 being the busiest year for weddings it is set to continue! Start making these please

    1. Please please please, bring back the camper!! Boys and girls of this generation deserve to play in this Camper. I too have been searching for 2 years with no luck at all.

  7. Please please please bring back the camper! My son played with one and loved it and I have desperately been searching for one since. Agree that the alternatives posted above are no comparison.

  8. PLEASE bring back the camper!! My Grandson happened upon one at a playspace our local shopping center set up for patrons, and it was so hard to get him to leave. We’d love to be able to buy it for him.

  9. like so many posts before this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE bring back the camper or an updated version of it!!! If we start a petition would the company even give it a second look? I bet there could easily be 1,000’s of people out there who would want to buy this if it was available again. It would be nice to have it before my son gets his real license 🙂

  10. So many people are looking for the camper playhouses, please reconsider making them again. I BELIEVE YOUR COMPANY WOULD MAKE MONEY FOR SURE, JUST ON THIS ONE ITEM. Everyone is looking for them.

    1. I think we need to boycot the Step 2 products. Maybe Little Tikes will be smart enough to come out with an RV camper playhouse. I bet they would love our money.

      1. Michelle, I’m so sorry you feel this way. I appreciate your feedback regarding the Camper Playhouse. I’ll will make sure to pass along your comments to our Research & Development team.

  11. Can you please suggest something that actually would compare in any way to the camper? Could you please consider bringing them back in some capacity. Or at least something similar to it.

    1. Jennifer,

      Thanks for your feedback and suggestions regarding the Camper Playhouse. We will make sure to pass along your comments to our Research & Development team. We suggested the Welcome Home Playhouse as an alternative to the Camper Playhouse because it provides similar play function and size to this discontinued product.

  12. Could you pass along ALL of our comments to your R&D team? Just a quick google search will show you there is a great demand for this product!

  13. My boys never liked playing in the girly playhouse with their sister. They want a camper to drive around and be like grandpa. Even if the design was flawed in the past there are many manufacturers that can assist with that problem. I would pay any amount for this camper.

    1. Tade,

      Thanks for your feedback. We suggested the Welcome Home Playhouse as an alternative to the Camper Playhouse because it provides similar play function and size to this discontinued product.

  14. Will the Camper Playhouse be making a comeback anytime soon? We already have a playhouse and the kids are bored with it. We have an actual camper that we use during the summer and I think a playhouse version would be amazing for them to play in!

    1. Hi Anita,

      Unfortunately, the Camper Playhouse has been discontinued and we do not have plans to bring back the Camper Playhouse at this time.

      1. Thats so crazy that they don’t plan to bring it back with so many people wanting it! What a joke! Maybe a competitor will get wise and make something similar!

  15. Please bring back the camper playhouse! It is perfect for both boys and girls! There is nothing on the market even remotely as adorable and fun. I’ve got 2 boys and 2 girls and all of them would enjoy this toy!

  16. Very disappointed in what you have recommended as a replacement for the caterpillar swing. I have twins, so I was hoping to find a double swing like the caterpillar. This is not the same.

  17. It is obvious that STEP 2 does not listen to the public comments. Otherwise, this incredibly popular product would have been brought back. Also, they should understand that a playhouse IS NOT a Camper. Yes, there is creative play with a house (duh) but with the camper it changes. Children pretend to go on trips, see things as they drive, play driving games. Talk about how important for driving safety.

    Figure it out STEP2 and listen to the people who keep you in business.

  18. Step 2 said they do not plan on bringing this back 🙁 It is seriously the best toy they have ever made. All three of my children from 2-13 loved playing in it when they saw it at a children’s museum on vacation. So sad.

  19. These two items do not compare at all. I’d love to buy the swing for two. If I bought two separate swings it takes two spaces on our swing set. I have 3 spaces and 4 kids. Two youngest are twins.

    I also agree that the playhouses not compare to the camper.

  20. I agree that these Playhouses should be brought back.
    They are awesome and gets the kids in the camping and RVing mood at an early age.

    We have a website to promote the RV lifestyle and I think the users of our site would just love this for their children and grandchildren.

    Bring them back for sure.

  21. I think your audience has spoken. We want the camper brought back! Any possibility that it could be done, even for a limited run? My daycare kiddo’s would absolutely love this…as would I for them!

  22. How disappointing to see so many voices ignored! These are NOT good alternatives. I had the good fortune of experiencing both of these toys for the first time today. The two-seater swing promotes SOCIAL experience; the RV brings boys and girls together. Its sad when truly amazing toys are discontinued while run-of-the-mill, imagination-less toys are produced…

  23. Here comes another request for this camper. My daughter LOVES playing outside and has many outdoor toys including the playhouse suggested and plays with all of them. Nothing brings me more joy then to see her happy and playing using her imagination, including getting into her playhouse with her. I have searched tirelessly for this camper, but they are no where to be found!! I would pay ANY price requested for this camper. Please bring it back. This generation deserves a piece of nostalgia!! It is so unique and design is one that will probably never be encountered again!! Thank you for your time.

  24. Please make the Camper Fun Playhouse again. I would LOVE to buy it for my daughter. She would love to be able to drive and turn around and cook up a meal. It looks as though there is a HUGE demand for this product. Why does Step 2 refuse to make this discontinued Camper Fun Playhouse?

    I can’t find it online anywhere!! The playhouse you recommend pales in comparison to the camper playhouse. PLEASE bring it back!!

  25. Just wondering why not bring them back ? If there are so many people that are interested in them it seems like it would be worth it to run them again.i would definitely be interested in one for my grandkids.

  26. We ran across one of the RV campers at a campground last weekend and my grandkids love it.

    1. Hello! Thank you for your input! We will pass this request along to the proper department. Have a good day!

  27. Please for the love of GOD bring back the camper playhouse. Thank you. This is the best toy ever made and is the most sought after toy.

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