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The Star-Spangled Banner is a tough song to sing. One extraordinary three-year-old girl melted our hearts as she sang this traditional American song on YouTube for the world to see. Grace Anna Rodgers was born with Conradi Hunermann Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects her motor skills and sight. She is unable to walk and has multiple cataracts.


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This adorable little girl began singing when she was just a year-and-a-half old. Grace was inspired to sing by her mom, who sings all the time around the house. Her mom even helped her through her surgeries singing by her bedside at the hospital.

Grace’s family has received an out pour of well wishes for their daughter after this video of her singing the Star-Spangled Banner went viral.  This Thoughtful Thursday, we honor Grace, who has inspired many lives by the power of her tiny but beautiful voice.



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