Step2 Loves Dogs: National Dog Day Tribute

Thank you to all of our participants from our National Dog Day Contest! We loved looking through the pictures of your furry family members and many of your heartfelt stories brought tears to our eyes.

One story in particular captured our attention.

Congratulations to Emily Wills! She wrote us a beautiful message about her dog, River and the bond the family shares with this beautiful pup:

“This is my 14 year old puppy River. River is a golden/yellow lab mix. She is a huge part of our family. River has been through so much over the years, the biggest being she recently battled cancer and osteoporosis in her back right leg causing her to break it, which then resulted in an amputation. She is the happiest and friendliest dog. She is particularly fond of my 13 month old daughter, Gracie. Both River and Gracie would love the Step2 Igloo Wagon, they would be able to go on walks together since River would be able to ride along. It is very hard for her to move around now that she is older and with three legs. Thank you for taking the time to hear my story and look at my beautiful dog (and baby) pictures!”


In honor of all of the wonderful dogs around the world, we’ve created a collage of all of the adorable pictures we received. Can you spot your lovable companion?

DogDay1 DogDay2 DogDay3 DogDay4 DogDay5 DogDay6

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