FriDIY: Clay Pot Snowman

Making a snowman might not be possible if you live in a warm climate or if it’s below freezing and too cold for the kiddos to play outside. Inspired by this Terra Cotta craft, we created a snowman inside with just a small clay pot and a few other materials!

DIY Clay Pot Snowman | Step2 Blog

Clay Pot Snowman

1. Gather your materials:

  • Small Clay Pot
  • Foam brush
  • Shader paint brush
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint (we used orange, black, and white)
  • Single magic glove

Snowman Supplies

2. Paint the pot white with the foam brush. Don’t worry about painting the bottom of the pot since you will cover that up with the glove. Let the paint dry for a few minutes.

3. With your hot glue gun (adults only), make a line of glue around the lip of the pot where the ribbon will be placed. Immediately place your ribbon on the glue.

4. Take the end of the shader brush and dip it into the paint to make the eyes and mouth of your snowman. Use the shader brush to paint the nose on as well.

5. Place the magic glove over the small end of the pot. Use your scissors to cut the fingers in half. Glue a small piece of your ribbon around the glove to make the hat look floppy.

This clay pot snowman can be used as winter decor or even makes a great teacher gift!

Manufacturer’s Note: This craft is intended to be completed by adults and is intended for display, not play.

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