Step2 Toy Awards: Favorite Toy of 2015 + GIVEAWAY!

There are so many award shows that happen during this time of year that here at Step2, we decided to host our own award ceremony and take a look back at the toys that were released in 2015. We want you, our loyal customers and toy experts to vote on your favorite toy of 2015. By voting for your favorite toy from last year, you’ll be entered into our giveaway to win one of the products below (winner’s choice)! Make sure to cast your vote at the bottom of this post.

Hot Wheels™ Toddler-to-Twin Race Car Bed
854600_KCar enthusiasts will love showcasing their Hot Wheels™ collection on the air intakes and spoiler of this kid’s car bed.

2-Story Playhouse & Slide852900_AWith multiple play levels, a built-in indoor ladder and a large slide connected to the top floor, preschoolers will have tons of fun pretending, climbing and sliding on the 2-Story Playhouse & Slide.

Love & Care Doll Stroller8541_AThis doll stroller encourages little ones to pretend to play mommy and daddy and move around by pushing their baby doll all over their playroom.

Game Time Sports Climber
850300_AWith the Game Time Sports Climber kiddos can shoot some hoops with the built-in basket, kick a goal through the crawl through space, climb the ladder and sliding down the slide. Tons of active fun for your little ones!

Sandy Shores Sand & Water Table 
855100_DThis activity table is perfect for splashing, digging and building adventure for your kiddos! It has a side for sand and another side for water to enhance your tots’ fine motor skills.

Garden Fresh Kitchen
853400_ABudding green thumbs will love the Garden Fresh Kitchen! This unique kid’s kitchen set can show kiddos the importance of healthy eating as they plant their own veggies.

Castle Top Mountain Climber
8502_BThis unique and colorful outdoor climber will help your youngsters improve their balance and coordination as they climb to the top and glide down the slide.

Wonderball Fun House
853900_AToddlers will enhance their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they toss the 20 colorful balls onto the roof of the Wonderball Fun House.

Push Around Buddy 
850600_A This compact red ride-on will be great for a stroll around the park, mall or neighborhood with your tot.

Mighty My Size Table & Chairs Set
854400_BThe Mighty My Size Table & Chairs Set is a compact activity table that is perfect for arts and crafts, a pretend tea party, snack time and so much more!

Lift & Hide Bookcase Storage Chest
857600_AThis pink toy chest and bookcase  was designed with safety and convenience in mind and has plenty of room to store toys in the bottom bin and two shelves to put books and smaller toys on.

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    1. The corvette Z06 bed is just adorable and very functional! Really would love this for my daughter! Go from toddler bed to twin…talk about a great idea!

  1. My favorite is the Sandy Shores Sand and Water Table! Great for kids of all ages! Looks fun for moms and dads to join in too! Would love to have this for my girls and niece!

  2. I love the two-story playhouse and slide. This toy would provide many years of use because the upper level is open and doesn’t restrict the height of the child.

  3. I think the 2-Story Playhouse & Slide is the best product. It offers hours of play that builds skill at the same time. I love your products.

  4. I absolutely love them all! So many different ways to play it’s awesome! I definitely loved the bed! I think it really gives the child a reason to look forward to bed time. 🙂 thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  5. As a mother of a toddler little boy who adores cars and trains, I would have to say the Hotwheels Toddler to Twin Race Car Bed is definitely our favorite. He has tons of Hotwheels and one this size he could even sleep in would have him ecstatic!

  6. I love the 2 Story Playhouse with Slide & the Wonderball Fun House. I think my daughter would have a blast with either one.

  7. The 2 story playhouse & Slide is a great toy for my little one because he is very tall for his age and other toys make him hunch over. This one he would be able to stand up straight and really enjoy it.

  8. This is very hard to have to pick one I Love them all and think they are all great! I would say the bed is amazing because making bedtime fun makes life easier for everyone and make a the kiddos happy and healthy! TY so much Step 2!

  9. All are so awesome but I think my grandsons would have the most fun with the 2-Story Playhouse & Slide, thanks for such great products!!

  10. These are all such amazing toys, but my vote would be for the Game Time Sports Climber. It motivates children to get active and stay healthy.

  11. Definitely the 2-Story Playhouse & Slide. My kids would love it! Climbing, sliding and hiding out in the playhouse! They’re both climbers so would probably spend most of the time on the top level.

    Th Castle top mountain climber was a close second, but I think taller is better in their world.

  12. The playhouse would be great. I love that it combines a house, kitchen, climbing, and slide. I have three year old twin boys and a third boy on the way in July. I never thought a kitchen would be something of great interest until they played with one today. We’d get years of use out of it and no splinters like wood play houses!

  13. I totally want to purchase the Hot Wheels™ Toddler-to-Twin Race Car Bed! By far, the favorite for my son and the favorite of mine too! I think it is awesome to provide sleep and play and imagination! Totally Cool!! 🙂

  14. I would like the hide book product for my grandaughter. She is such an amazing little girl. She had a stroke inside our daughter and they didn’t think the outcome would b good. She has done everything she has put her mind to.

  15. My favorite is the Sandy Shores Sand & Water Table, we love water play here in the desert heat! 🙂

  16. my little man would so love this…

  17. Toddler to twin Race Car bed is my favorite. My Grandchildren would love to spend the night and sleep in one.

  18. I have a soft spot for the game time sports slide, we had an older version of that for our daughter and she loved it. We had to give it away when we moved and she was getting too tall for it. I love the water table and the two store play house, she loves play houses and climbing now!

  19. my daughter would love the 2-Story Playhouse & Slide. We are redoing our backyard and i would go perfect back there for her.

  20. My sons first pick would deffinately be the 2 story playhouse with slide. My son plays on one of this at a friends house. You cant get him to leave. He doesnt want to stop playing on it! There are so many fun things to do in the house. He loves the slide! He says the slide is sooooooo fast! He would play on this all day if we let him!

  21. My favorite is the Sandy Shores Sand & Water Table, it’s a get sensory activity for those who have children with special needs.

  22. I love the Wonderball Fun House. I think it allows for endless creativity and versatility in play and also improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Little ones would love playing with the balls and discovering the exciting surprises that await, and the structure itself can be used imaginatively as a house, kitchen, etc… anything the child wants!

  23. I can’t pick just one! My faves are the Hot Wheels bed & the 2 story playhouse & slide ? My son would love either one!

  24. I love & think all your products are great but my favorite one has to be the toddler race car bed because not only does it give our kids tons of entertainment and they can use their imagination while playing with their “race car” but it also gets them excited about nap or bed time which every mom knows is a struggle with toddlers ! 🙂

  25. The Castle Mountain Climber is outstanding for physical play time that engages all those little muscles from shoulders to toes. Keeping busy and having fun will be the theme of the day with this climber.

  26. I really like the 2- story playhouse & slide, it looks tuff for my young children. It looks strong and my 3 sons would spend hours playing and having fun

  27. Love all the Step 2 toys are great and durable they go on for years! The 2 story house and slide would be nice for my 2 year old and 1 and 4 year old nices.

  28. My favorite is the 2 story Playhouse and slide. The fact that it’s a two story is really cool and fun, and to be able to exit it via slide is also so cool and fun!

  29. While my grandson and I cannot wait to be able to sleep in a car bed, and yes he loves the matchbox and corvette. I also love that lift and hide bookcase because it would make cleanup fun!! have a wonderful day!

  30. I love the 2-story Playhouse and Slide. Seems like since it’s bigger than most small outdoor activity sets, kids would be able to use it longer. My little man would love it!

  31. My kids would love the two story playhouse and slide! We finally moved from a condo to a house with a yard so we really need some outdoor toys!

  32. My 2 favorites are the Hot wheels toddler to infant bed and the 2 story playhouse. Both can grow with your child and best of all, both are vital for our children. One helps them stay healthy while the other helps them get the much needed rest to grow and thrive!

  33. I love the playhouse and slide. We have a tiny yard and have been looking for a compact climber slide that is good for our oldest and our youngest and this fits the bill. It would be so nice to be able to win this.

  34. I would absolutely love to have this for my grandchildren! It would keep them busy for hours at a time. That’s great because it’s hard to entertain 5 young ones at a time! 🙂

  35. I love Step 2 products. My daughter is crazy about cars . So my vote goes to Hot Wheels™ Toddler-To-Twin Race Car Bed & 2-story playhouse and slide.

  36. Love the Hot Wheels Toddler-to Twin Race Car Bed. Would be great to have when our grandson comes to stay overnight with us. Thanks, Step 2, for the chance at a fantastic prize!!

  37. Would love the Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin bed. Favorite product of 2015. Can see my son vrooooming off to sleep!

  38. 2 house story and slide. A chance for kiddos to use their imagination and run around and have fun. My son and his sister would love climbing and playing together on this, thanks for the giveaway!!

  39. Why couldn’t you have these toys, 40+ yrs ago when I was a kid! lol
    I love that 2 story play house and slide!

  40. Would love to win the 2 story play house with sl8de gor my k8ds and the 3 kids i babysit cause i have nothung for them to do outside.

  41. Wow, such great toys for 2015!!! My son would love the ‘Castle Top Mountian Climber’ the most at this stage of toddlerhood. ?

  42. I would love to vote for Hot Wheels™ Toddler-to-Twin Race Car Bed since I’m in the market for a new bed for my little one. Thanks for the chance

  43. Love the hotwheels bed that goes to a twin my son would love that! But also love the 2 story playhouse with a slide my 2 kids would love it they r 5 and 2!!!!

  44. My daughter said she liked the Lift & Hide bookcase storage chest. This would make such a perfect edition in her room & hold most of her toys & books. This is a great piece for a little girls room. We both love it!!!

  45. My pick is the hot wheels race car bed. It has high enough sides on the toddler version that act like gaurd rails for safety. Also it adds enough fun to entice them to go to a big bed absolutely ingenious.

  46. I love the red compact ride-on. Can picture taking my son out on a walk with it. He’ll be excited

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