1. my 2 year old grandson would loveeeeeeee this!!!!!!!!!!!!! he loves to draw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This would be so awesome in my home . We Love Step2 products . Step 2 has come a long way , keep it up .

    1. Stayce, yes! The 2 large green bins and 4 small blue bins come with the Jumbo Art Easel. Currently, this item is only available online. It is available for purchase on Step2.com.

  3. I was just looking into buying a chakboard/dry erase board easel for my son for his 3rd birthday in August! This would be sooo amazing to win!

  4. Love to win this for our daughters…..they love art and with them all in the toddler and preschool age this would be great! My eldest love to do artwork and draw!

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