We Created a Play Kitchen Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

Grand Luxe Kitchen Play Features

Have you heard? The Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen has features that are unmatched by any other!

We asked moms what was on their wish list when it came to play kitchens, and we heard them loud and clear! At the top of the list was realistic and trendy features – working lights, a trendy back splash, “glass” panel appliance doors, and more!

So what came out of this focus group? A beautiful, top-of-the-line, game-changing play kitchen. Step2 Product Designer Frank Kraska created this initial concept.

Step2 Grand Luxe Concept

The final version is unlike any other play kitchen you’ve seen!

Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen with lights

The Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen has upscale “slate” finish appliances, a farm-style sink with “spring” faucet, and real working lights – yes, the fridge and oven actually light up so little chefs can watch their meals cook and see if they have all the needed ingredients in stock! The lights in the refrigerator and oven activate when the doors open and close.

Grand Luxe Kitchen - play kitchen for toddlers

This luxury play kitchen includes a 78-piece accessory set that will allow kids’ imaginations to run wild. Little chefs can make pretend smoothies and and pop popcorn on the magic burner. The included “cutting board” gives kids an area to slice their tomatoes to prep for a healthy meal atop the granite-look countertop.

Grand Luxe Kitchen blender
Another realistic feature kids will love is the coffee maker. Kids can pretend they are making coffee and hot cocoa just like mom & dad!

Grand Luxe coffee station


Sleek, modern, and trendy – Our Product Development Team delivered everything moms wished for!

What is your favorite kitchen feature?

  1. I love everything about this play kitchen and I really love how the refrigerator lights ups when it’s opened. This kitchen seams so realistic.

    1. I love this kitchen, it would wow my baby girl specially because of the electronic features blender stove fridge oven best creative kitchen any toddler could ask for.

  2. I love that this kitchen has everything mom and dad would use. They can practice cooking and it looks so real. They can talk on the phone while drinking their morning coffee. What a great way to play and learn. Thank you so much for sharing this

  3. I love all the attention to detail!! The farmhouse sink and the backsplash is awesome!! I love the faucet and the blender!! So fun!

  4. I love the luxury kitchen and all the details and the sound effects it makes it sound like a real kitchen and the way the kitchen is set up is amazing

  5. I love this kitchen. Has accessories to play with and the light comes on when the fridge door is open, the burner lights up when on, has a cutting board, coffee pot and so any other attributes. My 3 year old great grand daughter has a kitchen but is falling apart. She would love this and play for hours. Thanks for bringing a great giveaway.

  6. As someone who enjoys cooking meals for others, the kitchen supplies that are included are my favorite feature.
    With this kitchen set, children are able to learn how each utensil is to utilized appropriately within preparing a special meal.

  7. Love this! My LO already loves cooking in the real kitchen and this could definitely help move him on out sometimes! Lol

  8. I love that everything is so realistic to a grown up kitchen. Kids want to be just like their parents and help in the kitchen. This is a fantastic gift for any child

  9. It has so many different additions than the regular play kitchen has. It seems so much like a real kitchen even with the back splash. My kids would love this.

  10. This is the most amazing play kitchen I’ve ever seen. It makes the little girl in me sing for joy! I love all the features but especially the glass refrigerator doors and lights that go on and off like a real kitchen!

  11. I love how realistic and interactive everything is!! We all know kids want one that is JUST like the real thing and you have gotten pretty close to it!! Way to go Step 2!! I love all the little details like the working lights and the k-cups!!

  12. This is as close to a dream kitchen as you can get (even for adults ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Those coffee maker, popcorn maker and working lights are just the things we love in my family ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. This is so awesome!!! I love that kids have so many options of play!! Kids learn so well by mimicking what we do and this is awesome they can do just that!!

  14. I love that this cool kitchen has everything that a regular kitchen does! The fridge, coffee maker, & blender are such cute touches!

  15. We love this kitchen! My 3 year old daughter is in love with it and says she can’t wait to make coffee and cook in the oven!

  16. This is so real and lifelike. What a great product to get kids interested in the culinary arts!!! My Gus would love love love this and mom would too !

  17. I love the over all design. The sink, the kids cup coffee maker, and pantry. Well designed and thought out and will provide so many hours of vitall pretend play.

  18. I love that this kitchen has so many interactive parts to it. I know my daughter would love to whip up some food while daddy is cooking in the big kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. This kitchen is better than my real kitchen! Lol! What I love most from seeing this kitchen is the space for multiple kids to play and how real to life it is. I think it is profitable to have kids play in a manner that imitates real life. It gets them excited to grow and learn those everyday things like cooking and so on.

  20. I love all of the little details of this kitchen! I love that it has like every kitchen appliance: coffee pot and blender included!

  21. Love the updated look ! Looks so similar to a real kitchen. My kids would feel like they are helping mom in their own mini kitchen just like mom!

  22. I love how realistic this kitchen and appliances are. I know my little ones would actually play with this kitchen and truly enjoy this kitchen.

  23. My son has just taken an interest in how to stir and cook in te kitchen. i would love for him to be able to pretend play and cook before i let him help more in the real kitchen

  24. I love everything about this kitchen!! It’d modern, it functional, it promotes creativity and imagination!! It is the perfect entertainment for little chefs!! Awesome!

  25. I love that this kitchen provides so much realistic action that it will keep your child busy for hours, all while he/she is learning and exploring!

  26. I absolutely love this kitchen set! My 4 yr old daughter would love this. She is always helping me in the kitchen and I think the one thing she would love about it is that she can cut her own fruits and vegetables. If she had this kitchen, I think she would be playing with this all day instead of being on her tablet. This is by far the best kitchen set Step2 has created!

  27. I love all the interactive lights and how there are so many different components of this toy for my little one to explore while learning to ‘cook’!

  28. I love this kitchen! It looks more like a real one than others I think that’s really what make it stand out. My daughter would love this style so she can be just like mommy!

  29. I love how it has working lights, a keurig machine all the way to the cutting board! It looks so awesome and endless playing time!

  30. My favorite feature is the realism of the gadgets, specially that “keurig” and coffee pods! I mean, I don’t even have the real thing in my kitchen!!! Really love kids can play with these without being in danger of getting hurt. They can be curious and safe.

  31. So realistic! Love everything about this play kitchen. Educationally, this would really help for when the child is old enough to help mom or dad in the “real” kitchen!

  32. I have 2 little girls and I love that this would be big enough for them to play with together, and that it comes with so many cool accessories!!

  33. I love thiskitchen set! I like that you can cut the eggs and that it has the full kitchen ensemble in one piece. My girls would love this!

  34. I love how realistic this kitchen is. Maybe my little will play so much with this kitchen that he won’t play in the real kitchen!

  35. I love EVERYTHING about this kitchen. It’s so realistic from the backsplash to the working lights and pots… and the k cup coffee maker is adorable!

  36. I love how realistic this kitchen is! It makes kids feel like they are really cooking and have an actual kitchen of their own.

  37. I absolutely love everything about the grand Luxe kitchen. Love, love, love how the refrigerator and oven lights up, and how the kiddos can cut the veggies in half too cute. My daughter would love this!

  38. I love this kitchen it’s so updated and beautiful and just like mommy and daddy’s that the children will love to play with bigger imagination then ever and make so much memories I’m in love with this so much

  39. I love the style of this kitchen, everything is awesome. It is very well thought out and realistic. I love that there is a working light in the oven like a real one it is very imagineative! My daughter would love this kitchen.

  40. I love that this kitchen is big enough for two (or more) kids to play together comfortably. It’s such a struggle finding toys that my twins can enjoy together!

  41. This whole kitchen is unbelievable and so fun to fulfill a child’s dreams! My grandchildren would LOVE it.
    Oh, if I could be a kid again!

  42. I can’t believe it has a kcup and comes with Cutting fruit! Homer until for Step2! That is so cool! My daughter can make me coffee all morning!

  43. I love that the contents of the cabinets and refrigerator door are visible. I also love that it has realistic features like the blender so they can pretend just like mommy. It’s so modern and much nicer than mommy’s kitchen! lol.

  44. The lights and sounds on this kitchen are absolutely stunning!! My daughter would go crazy for this!! Fantastic work Step 2!!

  45. Love the blender/burner action. The kids love to help in the kitchen but this is a a great way to let them help, but not on a real stove top!!

  46. I am loving the new modern look! The realistic equipment for pretend play is that more engaging to little ones..I see hours of fun to be had! I am thoroughly impressed!!

  47. This is beyond amazing! The lights, cutting veggies – so many things for kids to do! My Grandbaby and I would have a ball playing!

  48. I love this, it’s the best play kitchen I’ve seen! I love the design, it looks modern with the fantastic backsplash and farmhouse sink. I love the lights and sounds, and I know that my son would love it too!

  49. This is absolutely stunning! I wish my kitchen looked like this! I love the working lights, the blender, the pod coffee pot! The attention to detail in this product is a cut above the rest! It is truly a kitchen to be proud of!

  50. love to win this for my grandchildren.its such a unique kitchen for both girls and boys to play with.i love the stove especially the pot bpiling on the stove

  51. The coffee pot is my favorite part! My daughter already knows all about coffee and tries to get ours so she would love having her own!

  52. I am in absolute love with this kitchen! I am beyond thrilled that Step2 is releasing an updated, more modern, large scale play kitchen. Love the variety of play food accessories especially the cutting board! We just bought the Step2 new easel for two at the twins birthday which was a huge success. Looks like this may be coming for Christmas!

  53. I love how big this new kitchen is. It has plenty of space for both of my toddlers to play and have fun together.

  54. This kitchen may actually allow my 4, 2 and 1 year old to play simultaneously in different “parts” of the kitchen without fighting… Maybe… But probably not ? There’s too many cool things to play with! How fun!

  55. I absolutely love how realistic this kitchen is. From the modern fridge to the coffee to the awesome faucet. It reminds me of my kitchen. My son would love this!! I can see him spending hours at a time playing with this

  56. Love the Grand Luxe Kitchen! Especially the multiple work spaces so that toddlers can play together doing different activities. Great way to teach children!

  57. My kids will love the size of all the appliances (oven big enough to fit cookie trays!) and the mixer is such a cool accessory.

  58. I love everything about this kitchen! My two year old would love the lights in the fridge, all of the sound effects, and the ability to cook food for all of his friends and family.

  59. I love the working lights in the oven and refrigerator. There are so many cute details to the whole thing; the coffee maker, the cutting board, the coffee pot, etc.

  60. I just love all of the realistic touches, the coffee pot, the light in the fridge, the cutting board and that backsplash! too cute!

  61. I love all of the little extras. The realism. The sounds , lights, and of course the looks of this. My granddaughter would love this!

  62. I love that there is more than enough room for more than one child to play at the same time and no one can get mad about not having a turn!

  63. I love how this kitchen teaches kids on how to cook & cut up the food!! And those real cooking sounds, how awesome is that!!

  64. I love everything about this kitchen there is just so much for a child to do its never ending. I love how the stove lights up & you can watch your food cook. Everything is so realistic with this kitchen. Step 2 you really did an awesome job with this one.

  65. I absolutely love how realistic this set is! Not only will the kids love to play with this, the parents will as well. It has all the bells and whistles of a modern kitchen that ensures the little one’s will have hours of fun. Love it!

  66. If my 4 year old had this kitchen, she would most definitely have to share the cooking time with her mommy lol. This looks like a lot of fun!!

  67. I love this kitchen. It’s one of the more realistic kitchens! I love the lights and the backsplash. We are planning on getting our daughter a Step 2 Kitchen for Christmas and this may be the one!

  68. I love the accessories, the fridge light, the burner the glows and makes noise, I love all the bins and opening doors.

  69. This kitchen is so cute and realistic. I love all the realistic features, such as the lights in the fridge, cutting board, -!: blender. My kiddos would love this.

  70. I love how big the kitchen is and how detailed it is , leaves so much opportunity for tons of imaginary play .

  71. I love everything about the Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen. The accessories are so lifelike, and I love how the refrigerator lights up when you open the door.

  72. I love how big it is. I have a few kids of my own plus i watch my niece and nephews almost every day and this has multiple areas for the kids to play. I love all the lights and effects. I could see the kids playing with this all day.

  73. My little chefs would love this! And I am a little jealous I didn’t have this play kitchen growing up. So interactive!

  74. Oh my gosh I wish I had one as a kid I love the boiling pot I thnk that is so cool and I love the refrigerator door lights up so cool!

  75. I love so many things about this kitchen. I love the lights. I think the keurig is too funny. I love how much stuff it has: the tools, the mixer, the sink.

  76. Love the blender and coffeemaker! My son loves to make me smoothies and drink pretend coffee with me in the mornings. He would love this!

  77. I love how everything is set up like an actual kitchen, children love to mimic their parents, allowing them to learn as they play!

  78. My favorite part of the kitchen are the working lights. I also like the fact that it keeps little ones away from TV and video games.

  79. I love how many different activities there are – the boiling pot is especially fun. I haven’t seen a kitchen with so much attention to detail and so many different activities for the kids to do.

  80. This kitchen is sooo nice! I love that it has a coffee maker and that the stove and blender look like they are really working. Super nice and deluxe!

  81. This play kitchen is #everything!!!! My boys have watched the you tube videos, and are SO ready for this kitchen!!! Their favorite features are the K-cup style coffee pot (just like mommy’s), they LOVE the cell phone feature, the lights and sounds and the blender! I love the neutral colors and the lights on the cute fridge, and the farmhouse sink! Love the new copper colored pots and pans, too! Well done Step 2!

  82. I love how realistic it is! Lights and sounds , the mini cutting board! The food that cuts in half, it’s so awesome

  83. Why didn’t they have this when I was little?? I love everything about this set up! and it would look great in grandma’s playroom!! Thanks for the opportunity! Enjoy your weekend!

  84. It’s really hard to choose one feature. I love the size! I love the sounds! I love all the accessories! The Grand Luxe Kitchen would be a dream gift for any child!

  85. My favorite feature about the play kitchen are the realistic cooking sounds that sound like frying and boiling on the stove,this is awesome!

  86. My little sister would love this! It looks so similar to our kitchen and she loves to play house! The attention to detail is amazing in this!

  87. This new kitchen has realistic burners, food to chop, phone for talk and a blender to whirl Looks like fun for a boy or a girl!

  88. I love everything about this kitchen! It has everything plus lights up and sounds!!and all the little extras like the play food and the cell phone!!my kids are dying to have it!

  89. I feel it has a retro style and feel to it and I like that most about it. It is gorgeous and great for a little boy or girl. You could have some Top Chef chef’s coming out of having this around.

  90. This kitchen is awesome!! It looks bigger! It has more “bells & whistles” then the other kitchens!
    There are more lights, sounds, doors, & more small appliances that look/sound like they really work! The children looked like they were enjoying their cups of coffee too! This kitchen is creative, imaginative, and will bring lots of hours of FUN!!

  91. I don’t think that children would ever get bored playing with this kitchen that has so many unique and realilistic features because I would love to play alongside my grandchildren in it. I have never seen any other play kitchen like it.

  92. I love this play kitchen. Really helps a child with their imaginary play and help with figuring out how things work. Perfect for any child

  93. Love the knife that cuts, the blender that whirls, the fridge that is the right height and opens, the coffee pot and the burner that “lights”… what more can a child want? My grandson wants this.

  94. I could see my granddaughter playing and exploring for days on end in this enormous play set! She would absolutely love it! I think her parents would to because it would keep her so occupied with real world activities instead of sitting in front of the TV. It’s perfect!

  95. I love it !! It is so real like and is the best kitchen set I have ever seen. I know my granddaughter would love it and I would love playing with her , when she plays with it . Great job on creating something that actually looks and feels like a real grown-ups kitchen, and a product that both girls and boys can enjoy !

  96. I love how realistic this kitchen is! I love how the refrigerator lights up and how it actually looks like they can cut the food! This is too cute! My kids would love this!

  97. Omg this kitchen is amazing!!! Its totally interactive… I love how the stove and oven light up like ur really cooking on it … Its absolutely adorable best toy kitchen I’ve ever seen.

  98. This is absolutely adorable and so creative for all young minds. My son would love this, I love it! Good job step 2 so realistic!!

  99. This is the cutest thing – I love all the gizmos and gadget, the way the food really cuts, and so on. I wish I had one of these for myself – just a grown up version! It is the perfect toy for both boys and girls!

  100. My 6 year old just loves the coffee maker and phone and it lights up and makes noise and the cut up food lol the list goes on and on lol

  101. love everything about this kitchen.. its unlike anything out there..everything is just like in a real kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. I love the food that you can cut,that is just so cute. Really love the whole setup, so realistic for the kids and nice for the parents since all the sections are here

  103. This is a great learning tool for the kids while they are having fun they are learning cooking, washing dishes and many other kitchen duties. This is a great set from step 2

  104. I love the realistic sounds of the the pot boiling and the light features. I love how the veggies can be sliced too. I just love the overall realistic features of the kitchen! Very nice!?

  105. Love the realistic features of the kitchen. The kids would love it. There is so much to do in the kitchen to have hours of fun

  106. You guy’s really outdid yourselves on this one! The light’s, the stained “glass” and my heart did flips when I seen the pods for the coffee maker! I am extremely impressed and excited about this..truly. I think I might have just as much fun as my little ones cookin’in this Kitchen! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  107. I love the fact this kitchen set is so interactive. It allows for learning and creativity and looks like something the whole family could enjoy.

  108. I love everything about this kitchen, but especially the prep space to make a healthy meal!! My daughter would go crazy if we were able to get her one.

  109. This is the most interactive, deluxe play kitchen I have ever seen. I am very impressed with the creativity of all the gadgets. The coffee maker, blender, lights are amazing. I love that it teaches kids to make coffee, because someone needs to make me coffee in the morning! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like the popcorn feature. Both my little girls would enjoy this and literally play in it all day. Step2 really did an amazing job developing this toy. It is by far the best play kitchen I have ever seen. Every little detail was well thought out!

  110. All the features are so realistic:: the farm house sink, coffee pot, popcorn maker, burners on the stove top lights up as well as the stove and refrigerator. I like the sounds that some of the features make. Also, the phone in the kitchen is awesome. Such a wonderful kitchen with all the modern designs.

  111. My 15 month old son had a chance to play with this in person. He had the most amazing time. He did not want to leave!!! He loved being able to mimic his mom and dad in his own kitchen!? I was also blown away with the details, like the working blender and noise making kettle!!!!

  112. I love everything about this kitchen!! They didn’t have stuff like this when I was little. The food that you can cut up blew my mind and so did the boiling water. Just everything.

  113. This is definitely a grand kitchen. I love all the little details from the cupboards to the stove and fridge. My 22 month old son loves to play pretend in the kitchen, he would have so much fun with this set!

  114. This is the most complete play kitchen I’ve every seen! I love all the working appliances! My Grandson would just love this!!

  115. What I love most about this play kitchen is that there was a window incorporated over the sink in the final built design, as I noticed there wasn’t a window in the first drawing shown above… How thoughtful! This momma secretly loves the fridge and desires a glass door fridge in our house. Step 2, you’ve outdone yourselves. This kitchen is fantastic!

  116. Love how much more realistic this kitchen is compared to the older versions. The coffee pot is the best haha, little kid Keurig, how cute!!

  117. I love that the lights come on in the oven and fridge. I also like the play food being able to be cut in half. The kids would love that the stove makes the noise under the pots too. This set probably works better than my appliances in my kitchen, lol.

  118. I love step2!! I love that this particular kitchen is large enough to keep both of my daughters entertained ??..love the lighted fridge too

  119. I want this kitchen for myself! Though I bet my girls would have just as much fun! We would have many hours of entertainment and learning with this. Love the sounds and style as well.

  120. I love that it has all the components of the kitchen in one especially the mixer and the tap. I love the fact that the refrigerator lights up when opened. My son would go absolutely ga ga over it.

  121. I love all the real life features like the stovetop cooking, the blender and the full kitchen use. There’s so much for the kids to play with and learn about.

  122. I love how state of the art and realistic this play kitchen is ! It encourages children to learn to cook for themselves which is very important in my book !

  123. I love that it has all of the things our grownup kitchen has. I think my daughter would be truly satisfied with this as an alternative to “helping” me and getting underfoot while I’m cooking dinner.

  124. My little girl is such an adorable copycat – she’d have so much fun playing Cupcake Wars in this kitchen. She’s an only, so she’s obsessed with being like an adult – this looks like a real kitchen. ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. I love how life like it is. I am happy to finally see a refrigerator incorporated in a kitchen set. There is a lot of attention to the detail like with the K-cups and all the lights.

  126. Love lots of things about the Grand Lux Kitchen…like it’s big enough for my 2 boys to play comfortably with it. Love that it makes realistic noises so they can really feel like they are in a real kitchen. the phone is genious! my youngest son would love it! and the coffee maker is so cute! My boys are always bringing me pretend coffee ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. I love how real this kitchen would make children feel playing with it! The way the pot pretends to boil, the food being able to be cut.. amazing!

  128. Just wow! I’m not sure what I like more- the working lights or beautiful backsplash. My daughter would totally flip for this! However, I’m not sure if a play kitchen nicer than our real kitchen is funny or teaching her to dream BIG! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  129. All of it is amazing. The”kuerig”?? What!? Lol
    I like that it doesn’t seem to take a huge amount of space but they have the full kitchen!

  130. I love how realistic everything is! My 4 youngest kids would play with that kitchen for hours! The sounds and lights..! Awesome Step2 you did a really amazing product!

  131. Love how detailed this kitchen is! so many parts to it and the little details like the light in the fridge and the fire on the stove.

  132. What’s not to love, but if i have to pick one feature it’s the the oven. Love how it looks more realistic and lights up. You guys outdid yourselves with this one. My babies would love this play kitchen especially since they love to pretend play. Love the neutral colors.

  133. There are so many features of this product that I love! It’s hard to choose just one. The sounds and lights definitely make it a more “realistic” kitchen than most you’ll find out there. But even beyond that the design of the Step 2 Grand Luxe Kitchen Set raises the standards on children’s kitchen sets to a whole new level. A backsplash…Whoa!!! A mobile device…making it relevant to the times… Clear doors for viewing what’s inside…. A coffee maker! Ok, Step 2, I’m fully convinced I won’t ever be able to look at children’s kitchen sets the same ever again. You’ve definitely raised the bar! What a great job! Every child- let alone mom- out there would want a dream kitchen set like this in their home….Me included!

  134. I love how many pieces it comes with, and the sheer size of the kitchen. My son had a play kitchen, but so many pieces were missing. it would be wonderful to have a new kitchen with all new pieces.

  135. Such a dreamy kitchen! My kids will have a nicer kitchen then me!!! I’ll want to play right alongside them.

  136. I love how realistic this looks- it’s way nicer than my kitchen! I love the lights & sounds and the nice additions like blender and cutting boards. My daughter would be ecstatic to get this kitchen as a gift!

  137. This play kitchen is amazing!! My favorite feature is definitely all of the appliances that come with it! My kids would absolutely love pretending to make coffee, use a blender, and cut veggies just like mommy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. Our almost 2 year old got a smaller step2 kitchen last christmas & still plays with it everyday, however, she’s already starting to out grow it. I love the bigger fridge that lights up as well as the oven! The little keurig is too adorable as well!

  139. I love that there is so many activities to engage a child as well as real sounds and working lights. Any child would love this!

  140. I love it all! I can’t believe how much detail is involved. My kids love to help me “cook”. The refrigerator might be my favorite part.

  141. its the coolest kitchen play set I’ve ever seen. its has everything my kitchen has and any child would have so much fun playing with this.

  142. This is such an awsome kitchen for any again child! I’d love to win it, my kids would love it even more! It’d make Christmas for my family!

  143. Oh my god, my daughter would be in heaven! This kitchen is absolutely amazing! It is the most interactive play kitchen i have ever seen! I want to play with it, talk about family time, I could see me, my husband, son and daughter all playing together! I might use it more than my real kitchen!!!!

  144. This is super amazing! I love the lights and keurig with Kcups the best. My kid would never put leave this!

  145. What don’t I love about this kitchen?!? It’s nicer than my kitchen!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I really love how everything is so realistic. It will make my little guy want to play with it more, if he feels like he is playing with something that is not a toy lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ This kitchen is fantastic, and perfect because everything is his size ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  146. Love visiting your blog !! Lots of information posted and love the Step 2 giveaway info about the Play Kitchen.. its huge an would be awesome to have for my children.

  147. I love that this kitchen looks like it grows with kids – great for babies to pull up and cruise the countertops. Great for toddlers and then great for bigger kids too.

  148. The realistic sounds and the lighting in the refrigerator is amazing! If I won this for my kids, I think I would always volunteer to play with them lol.

  149. The realistic look of the kitchen is awesome!!!! This kitchen by Step2 will bring out all the imagination in my grandson and could possibly inspire a love for cooking and a desire to maybe even become a Chef one day! I LOVE all the utensils and that”cutting board” is precious!

  150. I absolutely love how it looks like a real kitchen from the light in the fridge, to the real egg she cuts or to the hot looking stove! It’s also great because it’s gender neautral. My 3 year old loves to help me in the kitchen he would love this!

  151. I love the coffee maker, with the k cups, and the fact you can actually cut the veggies in half. This kitchen is absolutely adorable!!

  152. I love the backslash and the boiling water pan. I also love how realistic the luxe kitchen is with all the amenities.

  153. This looks like a wonderful toy for little ones! I think my son would love this because of the lights, buttons, sounds, and cooking activities! I love how it is gender neutral and would blend in with my kitchen!

  154. I love this kitchen set. I love the lights and sounds. Also it’s bigger than the previous model! Would love to get this for my lil man!

  155. I love that there are working lights and sounds and that the fridge door is clear so kids can see what’s in there to get them even more interested!

  156. I like that the fridge and the oven have working lights. There are so many wonderful features in this play kitchen!

  157. Love the working features like the lights with the fridge and oven and the noises with the blender and pot. I also love how it comes with so many accessories. The design is wonderful and rivals even my own kitchen.

  158. I really love the way this kitchen looks and how there are working features, my grandsons would really have a blast, thanks!

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