How to bring baseball to your backyard!


Every professional athlete’s career had to start somewhere. A love for their sport most likely started at a young age and for baseball players, it probably started in their own backyard. At Step2, our mission is to bring family together and whether you have a big or small family, there are creative ways for you to hold your own baseball game. Playing baseball with your kids will get them running and also build their self esteem and confidence!

You will need the basics to get started: a bat, a ball, some baseball mitts, and some bases. If you don’t have bases, get creative with some items around the house to mark the spots. If you wanted to get authentic, you could use spray paint to mark the base paths and bases.

If you have a small family, we suggest using a net as the “catcher”.  This eliminates someone behind the plate, but if you are accurate enough, the ball will bounce back to you.

Need more players? Gather some neighborhood friends to join in the fun. If no one is available, you could use a dog who loves to play fetch as your outfielder! You can also use ghost runners instead of actual players.


Another great item to help the kids with their hand & eye coordination is the Step2 Home Run Baseball Trainer.  Kids can load the whiffle balls into the top of the machine and trigger the pitch with a tap of their bat.


They will be amazed with how far they can launch the ball! The Home Run Baseball Trainer comes with 3 whifffle balls so the batter will be able to get in some solid swings before it’s time for the next child to take his or her turn.


Building a lifetime of memories can start in your yard with America’s Pastime!

Who is your favorite baseball player or your favorite team?

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