City Living: How Step2 Customers Use Push Cars in the City

Written by Aaron Taylor, Step2 Product Manager

Whisper Ride Cruiser City Walk

Over the past two years, I’ve traveled to some of the most beautiful cities around the world, which inspired me to rethink our marketing for one of our largest categories – ride-ons and push cars. Everywhere I went from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Chicago to New York City, Buenos Aires to Istanbul, and San Jose to London, there was one commonality that struck me – parents are using our push cars to explore their cities.

I saw a dad pushing around his son through the streets of Buenos Aires in a Step2 coupe. I saw moms and dads enjoying their morning walk around Central Park, coffee in hand, with their sons and daughters in Step2 Whisper Ride Cars and Push Around Buggies. I saw a mom taking a stroll down Manhattan Beach at sunset with two waters placed in the cup holders of her son’s Whisper Ride Cruiser.

As the product manager for the ride-on category, I took this into consideration when we began shooting photography for our new line of push cars this fall, available now. This is why you’ll see more cityscapes on the packaging and photos online of our new ride-ons. These images tell the story of my observations above – the families that explore the beautiful parks, streets, and buildings of the amazing cities where they live.

Whisper Ride Cruiser

And if you’re from Northeast Ohio, you might be surprised to see my favorite landmarks of the amazing city I call home, Cleveland.

  1. That’s a great idea using those instead of strollers for toddlers. I have also seen people at the mall using them.

  2. I simply love your kindness and the happy smiles you put on so many little ones faces. Merry Christmas

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