Kids Tell us What Love Means to Them [+ FREE Printable Valentines]

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. As adults, we know what love means to us, but we wanted to find out what love means to kids. So we asked some of our littlest fans “What is love?” Their responses were too cute not to share!

“It means be nice.” – Mara, age 3

“It means you like someone in your family and take care of them.” – Silas, age 6

“Caring for our family and our pets.” – Zoie, age 8

“Love is the connection that you sometimes have with other people. A person you care about very very much and you’d do anything for them.” – Grace, age 9

“It’s when you care about somebody.” – Cara, age 7

“A strong feeling that you get inside of you whenever you just like something so much that all of these emotions explode together…and it’s just LOVE!” – Lexi, age 8

“Love is something that is special to you. Your friends and your family. You love them.” – Katie, age 8

“Love is when people like each other very well.” – Jacob, age 8

“To care for people.” – Andrew, age 7

“The way you feel for your family and people you care about.” – Payton, age 8

“Mommy and Daddy kissing.” – Brady, age 4

“Love is like when you like somebody… like a crush…” – Mya, age 7

“Love is when parents love kids, that’s love.” – Briana, age 6

“Love means family.” – Lena, age 6

“It is showing grace to someone and caring about them.” – Ashley, age 9

“When two people think they are nice and they like to be around each other and, why are you asking me this?” – Josey, age 7.

“I don’t know… you just love people.” – Charlotte, age 5

“Love your Mommy and be happy.” – Audrey, age 5

“A connection.” – Hayden, age 8

“That means you love them….because you are friends with them.” – Ava, age 6

“When you really like a person.” – Sydney, age 8

“Love means when you love family.” – Riley, age 6

“Love is at 1st touch. A kiss means you love someone.” – Addie, age 3

“A powerful feeling you get when meet someone or something.” – Meredith, age 8

“Love is when you love and kiss people and are happy.” – Brayden, age 4

“Love is when 2 people have big feelings for each other and start a relationship.” – Anthony, age 9

“Love is when 2 people love each other very much and get married.” – Sarah, age 7

“I feel that love is about what is in your heart and what you do for people not what they do for you.” – Audrey 9

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