How to Create Your Own Bubble Wands

It’s time to get the kids outside to enjoy spring and our Big Bubble Splash Water Table is perfect for springtime play! Ready to play? Simply fill the blue portion of the table with water and the kids will love straining and scooping the water. The fun is just starting!

Step2 Blog Bubble Wands

While there are 3 awesome bubble wands included with the Big Bubble Splash Water Table, your kids will also enjoy making their own bubble wands. We braided and twisted chenille stems to make our own wands. If you have smaller children, we found that braiding more stems together makes a sturdier handle that is perfect for toddler hands to grasp. Create fun shapes to make bubble time more enjoyable!

Step2 Blog Bubble Wands

Since it’s National Bubble Week (the second week in March), it’s the perfect time to play with bubbles! National Bubble Week started in 2000 so we could celebrate spring’s arrival.  We’re excited for the weather to warm up and to enjoy some outdoor bubble time!

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