How to Encourage Healthy Play

Healthy Play Tips for Kids

Spring has finally – fingers crossed – sprung! And with the warmer temperatures, many of us are jumping at the chance to get outside to play. Spring is a time for hands-on fun from backyard picnics to riding to the playground to sand and water play!

As moms and dads, we know kids like to explore their world hands-on. It’s just their nature. And that is why spring is the perfect time for us to celebrate a child’s curiosity and sense of discovery. It’s a time for us to let kids be kids.

Playing in a hands-on world, no matter if it is in our own backyards or at the playground, can also mean the chance of either picking up or spreading germs that may make us sick. But no need to worry; by practicing good hand hygiene at key moments, we can help reduce the spread of illness-causing germs.

According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention, the key moments for kids and parents to either wash or sanitize their hands are:

  • Before and after preparing food
  • Before eating
  • Before and after caring for someone that is sick or around someone that is ill
  • After using the bathroom
  • After sneezing or coughing
  • After touching anything that may be a transmission vector of illness-causing germs, such as playground equipment and shared toys

These recommendations are important since hands have been reported to spread more than 80% of illnesses. Hand hygiene, which includes handwashing with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol when soap and water are not available, is one of the most important measures we can all take to help reduce the spread of germs that can cause illness.

How to Wash and Sanitize Your Hands

For handwashing, the entire process should take at least 20 seconds. A good practice is to wet hands with water, apply enough soap to cover all hand surfaces, rub hands palm to palm and carefully scrub fingers, the back and front of hands and each thumb. Rinse hands with water and gently dry hands with a clean paper towel.

Sanitize hands after play

The hand sanitizing process should take about 15 seconds. Squirt enough alcohol-based hand sanitizer to thoroughly cover your hands; rub the sanitizer into the palms of your hands, covering all surfaces – fingers, back and front of hands and thumbs. Continuing rubbing hands together until hands are dry. You can also use a hand sanitizing wipe.

So let kids be kids – to play in the dirt, swing from the monkey bars, run in the grass – and when snack time comes – let’s also remember to either wash or sanitize our hands and those of our little munchkins too – so we can enjoy a healthy spring season of fun.

This post was written by Dave Shumaker, father of 2 and Microbiologist at GOJO. For more information on hand hygiene, visit

  1. I love letting my son be a rambunctious 2 year old and playing in the dirt, as long as we’re able to get him clean soon after hah!


  3. I don’t let my children walk around and eat. Their hands touch everything and then switch to holding their food! Also, their snacks often fall to the ground. I wouldn’t want another child to pick it up.

  4. We go outside at least an hour everyday. We also have the school age kids play at least one sport during the school year and one during the summer.

  5. i always encourage my children to wash their hands before and after. As well i sanitize surface alot and places that are touched often.

  6. This is an amazing giveaway! My sons birthday is the 22nd and this would make for a great birthday! He’s turning the big 2 🙂 I never leave my home without purell! Thank you both for the opportunity

  7. After my girls and I play at the park, I make sure their hands are sanitized before we leave. Also when my daughter gets picked up from school, I make sure she sanitizes her hands so she doesn’t bring germs home to her little sister.

  8. Great tips! I love those individual wipes…I keep a few in my purse for fun healthy play times!

  9. We make sure that our kids wash their hands every time after they play before they eat. And if they have friends with any type of cold germs they have to wash their hands if they play with any of their toys.

  10. I encourage healthy play by being involved and showing my girl how to be independent. We love going to the park. She’s always running, climbing and learning.

  11. Thank you for the amazing giveaway!! We encourage healthy play by always making sure we wash our hands after playing outside!!

  12. I would love to win this for my grandson, he is 15 months so he would get lots of use out of it.

  13. My kids are required to wash their hands with soap and water after every trip outside!

  14. Purell is a staple in my house and in my purse. I carry it everywhere with me. I love that it cleans your hands but yet it doesnt leave them dry like some other hand sanitizers. I also love the smell.

  15. I encourage healthy play by making sure we have washed our hands before eating and playing. Then also, making sure kids don’t share the same toy when they’re putting them in their mouth. Would love to win this prize pack to keep my kiddo happy and healthy! Fingers crossed!!

  16. I use Purell constantly, and my daycare kids love to play on anything! We are desperate for new items!!

  17. These are such great things to have for kiddos! Sanitizer is a saver when your kids are too busy playing to stop and wash up!

  18. I keep hand sanitizer in the car so whenever we’re done at the store, library or park we’re ready for clean hands.

  19. My kids love to was their hands. We make it fun by singing a song or counting to 30. When we aren’t able to wash our hands with soap and water, I carry hand sanitizer in my purse. #healthyplaytimeisFUN

  20. My kids love to wash their hands. We make it fun by singing a song or counting to 30. When we aren’t able to wash our hands with soap and water, I carry hand sanitizer in my purse. #healthyplaytimeisFUN

  21. Encourage healthy play by playing outside and limiting the hours spent on TV, computers and phones. Visit the parks and forests!

  22. I teach my son how to use his his step stool to wash his hands thoroughly so that he is clean. We also use sanitizer when a sink isn’t close by.

  23. I encourage healthy play by having purell in my bag, my car and at home. We also wash hands after playing outside just to get any dirt and germs off. Thanks for the awesome chance.

  24. We encourage healthy play by always washing our hands when returning from outside or at the park!

  25. Would so love to win this! I encourage healthy play with my kids by frequently washing and sanitizing hands when we’re out as well as reminding them to keep their hands away from their faces.

  26. My boys would love this! He knows that no matter if eating or not when he comes in from playing he has to wash his hands.

  27. Make sure everyone washes their hands thoroughly at the appropriate times.

  28. I encourage healthy play by spending time outdoors with my son’s, although I’m not a huge outdoorsy type person. ?

  29. We encourage healthy play by lots of outdoor activities, planting a garden, having picnics, digging in the dirt or sand, encouraging imaginative games, going to parks, and play dates with friends.

  30. My child’s favorite thing to do is splash in the water. So while we just started potty training, he knows every time he sits on the potty he gets to wash his hands after. I also make sure my purse always has a Purell sanitizer attached for those days out at the park.

  31. I keep packs of wet wipes EVERYWHERE! LOL In the car, the living room, the girl’s room, diaper bag (of course) and my purse. They are good for so much more than just diaper changes. Of course, we do the antibacterial thing as well: soap and water, hand sanitizer for little hands and Lysol for surfaces.

  32. My kids enjoy being outside so we ride bikes & scooters and go to the park as much as we can!

  33. I love that purell and step 2 have come together cause i know in my house there always being used together

  34. Purell was our best friend in our house when we brought our NICU baby home from the hospital. I’m sure our guests thought we were nuts but when you have a newborn in flu season, a new mom will do whatever it takes to keep her baby healthy!
    I used to teach preschool and the purell was great to use for snack time. We sang a short song that had preschoolers open/close their hands. By the time the song and actions were done, the sanitizer was dry and we were ready to eat!

  35. This is so awesome! My daughter who is 2 would love these Step 2 products! How fun! We use Purell all the time. I always make sure to stay stocked up to keep those gross germs at bay!

  36. This would be great!
    Hand sanitizer stays outside and hands and face are washed frequently. We like to play in the dirt and sand.

  37. Thank you for doing this great giveaway. Good luck to everyone who enters!!!

    These are all great things and I know my little guy would love to play with them.

  38. Healthy play, making sure hands are washed after using the bathroom, going outside, sneezing, before & after eating.

  39. We always make sure we wash our hands frequently! With immune deficiency in our household, we have to be super careful with germs so my girl’s daddy doesn’t get sick!

  40. I rely on purell sanitizer for the outings at the park or places, or when i need to wipe down a shopping cart.

  41. I teach my son to wash his hands often and cover his mouth with his arm when he cough or sneeze.

  42. I over both companies. We use purell all the time, this is a great giveaway, I hope we can win ?

  43. We encourage healthy play by letting them play outside and teaching them that fun and cooperative play is the way to go!

  44. Kids learn by playing. So best way to teach kids to wash their hands is by making it fun. You can sink a song, use foamy soaps, or reward with stickers. Soon it will become habit for them to wash their hands after potty breaks, before and after eating.

  45. I try to encourage my kids to sneeze into the arm and not to touch the face especially their mouths. We use hand sanitizer or wash hands especially after potty breaks or when leaving the park or before eating.

  46. We encourage healthy play by making sure our son washes his hands properly when coming in from outside. Using hand sanatizer when we are unable to wash them. He loves being outdoors and discovering new things! Collecting bugs is the new thing this year! He’s been asking for a playhouse so he would love this!

  47. Clean hands make happy healthy homes! We also believe in washing our hands & sanitizing between activity changes. Love this!

  48. Thank you for this giveaway! We encourage healthy play by having our boys wash their hands every time they come inside from playing.

  49. I encourage healthy play by making sure that hands are washed when we come inside the house.

  50. My little boy loves step 2 items and especially loves digging in the sand! He would love this!

  51. We let our kids play outside -dig in dirt, pick flowers, look at bugs but as soon as they come in, they have to wash their hands.

  52. I encourage healthy play by making sure all my kidlets wash theirs hands and make sure they keep them that way

  53. I encourage my boys to cough into their elbows and we always use hand sanitizer or wash our hands after playing.

  54. My kids would be thrilled if we won! We had a Step two delux house and had to leave it when we moved! I encourage my kids to play outside at the park every day and sanitize their hands immediately afterwards so we can avoid bringing home bugs to their baby sister!

  55. Dinosaurs AND water?! That’s a sure crowd pleaser around here. The two would have a blast with the playhouse too.

  56. Such a great consept using the early years of our childrens lives to promote a healthy, sanitary, situation for them to learn from. I love letting my 2 year old get dirty and he loves it too. But having a quick and easy way to disinfect is perfect. Thanks purell and step 2.

  57. My son hates washing his hands. I have to put reminders & visual cues up everywhere. I’m seriously wishing I could buy a few hand sanitizer dispensers to put up around my house .

  58. I encourage healthy play with my tots by letting them get dirty , help in the garden & then we always clean up & wash our hands ! We also do a lot of hiking & camping & I let them enjoy nature but we always check for tics , have a bath & clean up after ourselves .

  59. We always keep a travel size purell in all diaper bags and purses, in the car, stroller, everywhere lol and we always wash hands after outdoor play.

  60. I love letting my kid be a kid . Its easy to do that with wipes an hand sanitizer. I definitely don’t have to worry about germs, especially since je lo ea to play in yje dirt an be outside.

  61. Would love to buy a few hand sanitizer dispensers for my son. He hates washing his hands. I have visual cues everywhere in my house.

  62. My kids wash their hands all the time, and use hand sanitizer whenever it’s not possible to wash their hands ?

  63. Washing our hands is an important part of our day. Before and after eating, after using the potty, etc.

  64. I encourage healthy play buy washing hands after we are done playing BUT I also encourage them to get their hands dirty during play time as well.

  65. With active boys and a new baby this would be an amazing thing to receive. Hello sun. Bye bye germs.

  66. Clean bodies equal happy healthy lifestyles & we love sanitizer means no mixing of germs 🙂

  67. I love to encourage my little one to explore and discover new things especially the wonders of nature. I am so glad we are lucky to have access to clean water and sanitizers to clean our little ones up afterwards and keep them safe and healthy.

  68. My 2 year olds are obsessed with washing their hands. But I don’t like them using hand sanitizer very often yet

  69. My boys love being outside and love playing with critters. We keep soap outside so they can wash up when needed, and have them wash when they come in for the day. I always have hand sanitizer on me, so we use that when we aren’t able to wash up elsewhere. I like for them to enjoy being little and that involves getting dirty. 🙂

  70. Tons of indoor and outdoor play when the weather is nice. With a bath and hand washing afterwards.

  71. My 2-year-old son loves to play outside! We’ve made it part of the routine that he washes his hands as soon as we come inside…he loves bubbles so we make sure he gets all soaped up and rubs all around while we sing a song!

  72. I try to get my kids to play outside as much as possible and always encourage hand washing and good germ protection

  73. We take off shoes at yhe door and wash hands whenever we come in. As so all our guests no exceptions. Healthy play means learning. Ot to touch pur faces or mouths when outside the home playing. We also dont share hats, dress up clothes, play makeup or shoes.

  74. By setting up regular outdoor playdates with fun activities that get the whole family involved. I’ve also purchased some fun kids toys to play with/on outside such as those Step2 makes.

  75. We encourage healthy play by always keeping our hands clean, sneezing and or coughing into our arm rather than our hands and staying hydrated.

  76. I bought my daughter several bottles of hand sanitizer to keep in her car for her kids.

  77. We encourage healthy play by always washing our hands after getting home from school, the store, when sneezing and coughing, before we eat and after, before handling any food (especially when preparing a meal), etc. We also always make sure to sanitize when we go to doctor’s visits, the mall & even Chipotle (LOL)!

  78. I always have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes available. The best way for me to encourage healthy play is to teach them how to clean.

  79. Creative play can be encouraged by giving kids unconventional items to play with like a kitchen strainer or a pile of flat rocks

  80. We encourage healthy play by giving lots of time to play outside and making sure our girls wash their hands when they come in from playing!

  81. I had my kids use to regular hand washing and sanitizing at an early age. My son is 2 and although he’ll play in the dirt, soon after he is asking me to wipe or wash his hands off. I love that he is already practicing good hygiene.

  82. I always have hand sanitizer and baby wipes on me at all times! It’s the Mom in me. There are too many germs out there in kid friendly zones and I don’t want my kids sick. Sick=no playtime!

  83. As a Kindergarten teacher we always wash our hands before lunch and after bathroom breaks! As a parent I always make sure my 2 year old washes her hands after playing outside and before eating meals.

  84. I encourage incorporating exercise in regular play. I also encourage my kids to go outside and play instead of staying indoors!

  85. I think its awesome to remind everyone on how to keep kids healthy while they play. #giveaway #HealthyKids #OutdoorPlay

  86. Just getting outside to enjoy the fresh air, going for a walk. Finding fun things to do that don’t involve being in the house!

  87. I encourage healthy play by hand washing with my hands with my kids and showing them the importance of staying clean and healthy

  88. As a Registered Nurse I’ve had it drilled into me head how important frequent handwashing or using Purell is in infection control. I’ve instilled that knowledge into my kids. We carry bottles of Purell EVERYWHERE!

  89. We have a mini trampoline inside our house and my son loves to jump and play in it that’s how we encourage healthy play

  90. Always be sure your children wash their hands before and after playing with toys or playground equipment.

  91. We make sure we wash our hands and try not to put things in our mouth. There is no way to prevent everything but we try our best!

  92. I encourage healthy play by giving my kids time to play outside especially in the sand box or dirt.

  93. I encourage healthy play by always having fun play equipment outside such as balls, jump ropes , frisbees, and other things my kids can use to be active

  94. We always have easy access to a ‘wash up’ tub with soap and water when we play outside because lots of fun in the backyard sometimes means lots of digging in the dirt!

  95. I encourage healthy play by getting some exerciing in at least 30 minutes a day before my kid watches tv.

  96. I am an occupational therapist and my one rule for the students I work with is that they MUST use purell before every session!

  97. We try to wash our hands before leaving places and if we aren’t able to, then we use a sanitizer on our hands. We also try to wipe down carts before using the kids driving carts.

  98. Washing hands, use sanitizer, we carry wipes, when they are sick not to spread their germs by using tissue and keeping hands washed.

  99. It’s so important! My now 16 month old was hospitalized for RSV when he was three weeks old!

  100. We encourage our son to sing happy birthday while washing his hands to make sure he thoroughly cleans them. While we are out and don’t have access to soap and water we use hand sanitizer to hold us off til we can wash our hands properly. Sainted has gotten us through a lot of road trips. Thanks for the oppurtinity to win this awesome prize. We also donate a lot to moms and wives of Brazilian county which sends care packages to our soldiers over seas so this would help them a lot as well.

  101. Being immune suppressed I have to wash my hands and use hand sanitizer constantly! I had a kidney transplant at 17 years old and now as a mom to a two year old little girl I am always helping her use hand sanitizer before and after eating. At a restaurant, grocery store or any public place really. I can get sick very easily so it’s one of my top priorities!! This article was really on point about the big importance of hand hygiene! Such an important issue that everyone should be aware of!

  102. We encourage healthy play by centering our activities as much as possible: outside, at the park and beach, helping out with the gardening.. Kids today do not get enough exercise, so we are especially mindful of active play.

  103. Dirt washes off, so I let my kids play and have fun and then get a bath when they come in.

  104. I encourage my grandkids to wash their hands when transitioning from outdoor play to indoor play, and always after craft projects as well.

  105. We like to go outside and get some fresh air and run off some of the energy from sitting in school all day.

  106. Let the children use equipment at a playground that is meant for their age group. Always use sanitizer or wash hands before touching food or their face after outside playing.

  107. I encourage healthy play by using Purell routinely when playing outside and we can’t get to soap and water.

  108. My 7 month old has discovered dirt and feels that it is awesome! Now that I carry Purell hand wipes in the diaper bag I let him play with it all he wants. As long as it doesn’t go in his mouth!

  109. My girls love playing in the dirt and exploring new things! Once we come inside though it’s straight to the bathroom to wash our hands or straight into the bath tub!

  110. We not only wash our hands but we clean the toys too. Especially when one of the kiddos is sick.

  111. My son is so active that I just take him outside with a ball and he’s ready to go! As he gets older, I’m going to continue to encourage active play.

  112. I always make sure to wipe down and sanitize any toys or area before our little ones go play. It’s also a must that they wash up/sanitize their hands when eating or touching food.

  113. We make sure we have wipes and sanitizer when we are outdoors. Then we have a bubble bath when we get home!

  114. I encourage healthy play by letting the kids get dirty but making sure they get clean afterwards. We always wash hands before and after play time.

  115. I have my daughter wash her hands before and after she is done playing to reduce germs.I also carry around hand sanitizer everywhere we go 🙂 Awesome giveaway.Thanks for the opportunity?

  116. Healthy play is a key to child development in our schools. We’ve added you to our UBER Teacher Appreciation giveaways at

  117. WOW! What an amazing giveaway! My son’s birthday is in 3 weeks, we would have a blast with all of this! Thanks so much for the chance!

  118. We like to get the kids outdoors as much as possible to enjoy the fresh air – while we still have it.

  119. We don’t use hand sanitizer a lot yet but I know we will once we start going to the park in the summer. We’re working on washing our hands and not just playing in the water for our toddler who loves water.

  120. In my classroom we take time to clean up the classroom and clean our hands before snack and lunch.

  121. I always encourage healthy play with my kiddos by rewarding them by doing so! We always carry Purell with & even at home! I work very hard to ensure that my children know the importance of healthy play! Thanks for this amazing chance!

  122. Hand washing and keeping boo-boos clean and covered! Also, wearing the proper safety gear when riding bikes and scooters 🙂

  123. My kids love to go on nature walks and find rocks, leaves and bugs. I tell them what I know when we are walking and we also look up all about the things they find when we get home.

  124. I encourage healthy play by taking my son outside absolutely with dirt, rocks and sand. I love to see him run on the grass.

  125. I encourage healthy play by having my daughter wash her hands before, after and sometimes during. I always bring antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer in my daughters diaper bag. You just never know!!

  126. I encourage my kids to wash their hands throughout the day, especially before meals and after using the bathroom. We also clean our toys every once in a while to make sure things stay clean and germ-free!

  127. I encourage healthy play by letting them get as dirty as they want while playing, but then doing a thorough hand scrub before moving on to the next activity/meal.

  128. I always carry Purred hand sanitizer in my purse. I make sure the kids apply it to their hands after playing at the park. Then I make sure they all wash their hands properly when we get home.

  129. Absolutley agree on the importance of hand hygiene especially with our toddlers

  130. I take my children outside everyday. I try to make sure they run and play hard. I also have them wash their hands whenever possible and always have Purell on hand for those times when that’s not possible.

  131. I try to give my son some freedom to roam and play in a controlled and safe environment. I am not afraid of him getting dirty, though do try to keep him from eating the dirt 😉

  132. I encourage healthy play by encouraging the kids to wash their hands use purell sanitizer and clean their toys especially after sharing and playing with their friends

  133. Hand wash hygiene is the number one way to make sure germs are away. Whenever my son and I come back from playing outside he always tells me “wash hands,mama” because from a young age it’s important to teach them about that so he can do it on his own without a reminder.

  134. I love to go on nature walk’s with the kids. We always have water, sunscreen, healthy snacks and Purell hand sanitizer!

  135. I always encourage my children to wash their hands during play. We even keep a bottle of hand soap and a bottle of sanitizer outside by the spigot during summer fun.

  136. I encourage healthy play by teaching my kids healthy habits and good hygiene when playing with others.

  137. We are fortunate to have a large yard, with much open space and some trees. My kids have always been encouraged to explore in our own backyard…and then to come in & clean up afterwards. They also know to be sure to wear sunscreen and to drink plenty of water!

  138. How do I encourage healthy play? Imagination play is the BEST! I cannot stand some of the kids’ toys these days, made incorrectly with far too much lights and noise.. there is no cause and effect done correctly, I believe they are harmful not good toys. Pretend play is BEST. Pretend is practice for real life! It takes up hours… they learn thru the play! And things like puzzles and building sets.

  139. This would be perfect for my family. My daughter needs to stay clean to stay healthy. And she loves to play outside!

  140. I try to encourage healthy play by doing all the things you mentioned and by teaching them to keep their hands away from their faces!

  141. We limit electronic time by never keeping them very charged 😀 Then we head outside — bikes, bubbles, water play, scooter, kick ball — so many options that we keep readily available.

  142. I think to encourage healthy play it’s good to make kids get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. Limiting the use of electronic devices and toys is a must. Of course, after playing and getting dirty, make sure children wash their hand thoroughly.

  143. I let my kids be creative and play on their own terms but I set rules and have them repeat safety guidelines I give them so that they learn to be safe on their own.

  144. One way to encourage healthy play is by example – putting down our phones and playing in the dirt, too. 🙂

  145. We take time to wash our hands after playing outside or in any type of play area with a lot of other kids – and if we can’t easily do that, we always carry Purel and have one in the car!

  146. I try to encourag my kid’s imaginations. Instead of buying boxes of play food and all that. My kids make their own in the backyard with a frisbee, leaves and dirt, a table and sand box shovels.

  147. Thank you for the chance!! My little ones would be ecstatic if we won the Dino dig sand and water table and the Courtyard cottage!! Perfect for the patio. And I would be thrilled with the year supply of Purell sanitizer since we use it daily.

  148. These are great types for home and school! As a teacher I make sure my kids sanitize!!!

  149. We go outside and play and take walks everyday no matter the weather (unless it is thundering and lightning). They love being able to run, have scavenger hunts, and ride their bikes.

  150. As a teacher and mother I know how important washing hands is to being healthy. Such a great idea to encourage healthy habits.

  151. I encourage healthy play by making sure my grand nephew wears sunscreen while we spend a good amount of time outside this summer

  152. I always want to show my kids how important to be active outside, to move, play ,do things in our garden ,so they easily going with me and playing with shovels ,water hoses and sands – i want them to be healthy and the way they spend time playing outside is a big plus !

  153. I encourage outside play but i never forget to have her purell before coming inside.

  154. Would love to win this for my kids. We love purell products and step 2 toys! My kids would have the best summer ever!

  155. We encourage healthy play by providing blocks and other toys that require the kids to use their imaginations.

  156. My son loves playing outside. I encourage him as much as possible. But I make sure he washes his hands as soon as we are done playing.

  157. I think playing outside and getting exercise is healthy play.. Then wash up afterwards!

  158. We do a lot of hand washing and I always carry antibacterial wipes, lotions or hand sanitizer.

  159. I have 3 girls, 2 twin 2 year olds and my other girl is a 1 year old. One of my twin girls was sicker than the other in every aspect since the day she was born. She has asthma so if she catches a cold, it always goes to her lungs and then we are in the hospital so preventing her from catching it in the first place is huge!! The best way I know how to do that is with hand washing and preventative measures. All my girls love to wash their hands because they love to play in the water and I let them!! Anything that encourages them to wash their hands is fine by me! As far as the preventative measures, I disinfect everything! I love using the wipes and we carry them everywhere!

  160. We love scavenger hunts and obstacle courses to keep our kids, and us, fit and active. We geocache to help us explore new areas as well.

  161. I love to let my kiddos get muddy and have fun outside but do have them wash up afterwards

  162. WE encourage healthy play by getting outside every day, embracing dirt and enjoying the sunshine.

  163. We play hard then make sure to wash our hands or use hand sanitizer afterward. Keep it healthy and fun.

  164. I try to always get the children outside every day to play in the sunshine and fresh air. That way they can interact with other children and use their imaginations and not lean so much on electronic devices.

  165. I encourage my niece to enjoy playing outdoors as much as she wants, but to remember to wash her hands prior to eating or touching her younger sister. Thanks for the chance to win.

  166. I encourage healthy play by spending time outside daily. When we go back inside, we thoroughly wash our hands.

  167. My 18 month old son would absolutely love this! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

  168. I encourage healthy play by washing our hands as soon as we get home and carrying around hand Sanitizer.

  169. I encourage healthy play by always bringing Purell with me when we go somewhere, so my son can always wash or clean his hands after he plays no matter where we are.

  170. I encourage healthy play by telling my daughter to always be mindful of keeping her hands clean and not touching her face or putting her fingers in her mouth.

  171. We always allow our son to get messy and encourage play, but make sure after he is done to wash our hands with soap and clean up.

  172. We always try to incorporate physical activities into our day. On sunny days we play outside in the yard, but on rainy days, we crawl on the floor and pretend to be dinosaurs or play Simon Says or Follow the Leader (Mom and Dad always make our motions jumping, dancing or very active moves to copy!!)

  173. I make sure my child washes his hands after playing outside or with the dog and make sure he is always wearing sunscreen.

  174. I encourage healthy play digging in our dirt pile with are trucks and other toys. Then when done we hose off our toys and then clean ourselves up by washing our hands and changing into clean clothes if dirty.

  175. I let my son have free reign of the backyard. He plays in the dirt and the water with his bike and trucks and he has a blast! That mean he’s usually covered in mud from head to toe when he comes in so we go straight to the bathroom to wash hands and remove dirty clothes and then refuel with a snack.

  176. We encourage healthy play by always washing or sanitizing our hands afterwards! We even keep hand sanitizer in the diaper bag for when we cant get to a sink and soap!

  177. What good more fun in the fresh air and sunshine than playing with the water table and cottage by Step2?
    Everybody play and laugh!

  178. Always encourage hand washing before eating and after bathroom breaks, we sing a song to make sure the soap has time to do its job. Purell Hand Sanitizer is always great for the in between times.

  179. I do in home child care and sometimes they get down and dirty but we always wash our hands after coming from outside and anytime before a meal or snack. When it’s the end of the day we clean up and wipe everything down with clorox wipes.

  180. We love to play in the dirt pile in our yard, it’s there for digging with our construction trucks and other toys. When we’re done, we hose off our toys and clean our hands with wipes or washing them and change our clothes if dirty.

  181. We sing songs while we wash hands and ask the kids to make sure they have lots of bubbles on the front, back and in between fingers.

  182. I encourage health play in multiple ways
    1. Explain that it is nice to share but not a requirement.
    2. No pushing or shoving.
    3. use the words please and thank you
    4. Do not single any child out
    5. No food should be used as toys.
    6. wash hands after playing

  183. I encourage my child to play and I don’t worry too much about getting dirty. Fresh air and being a kid is what it’s all about.

  184. We encourage hand-washing after play (and before eating.) My son LOVES to dig in the dirt, so this is absolutely necessary when he comes inside. He would be ecstatic if we could win the Dino Dig Sand & Water Table! (and I would be happy to help him clean up with Purell after playing with it.) 🙂

  185. Per doctor’s suggestion, I avoid indoor play areas such as malls and fast food play places where there is not direct sunlight.

  186. We encouraged our kids to play outdoors. We are lucky that we have lots of wooded land with a creek so they could have tree houses and forts. They grew up playing in the creek, catching tadpoles and minnows. They and we are now passing on this joy to they next generation. My 4 year old granddaughter loves to walk in the creek in her rain boots and considers a visit to “mystery rocks” her highlight of the trip. They collect leaves in the fall, which we press between sheets of wax paper, and check out bugs, ants, and doodle bugs homes. We look up pictures on Google of the animals that could live in the woods and read about their activities.

  187. I try to encourage healthy play by keeping toys out of their mouths. My 3 little ones put everything in their mouths, great way to sread germs, ughh!

  188. Love this! Love hand sanitizer! Always makes me feel at ease when we are away from home and can’t wash our hands.

  189. Hello Step2 Team! I have 3 kids and they would really enjoy this! Good luck to everyone!?????

  190. We always wash before and after each activity. Along with sunblock this helps keep my son healthy and safe.

  191. I make sure I wash my hands and sanitize every time I visit my kids at school and they know that they need to do that every day. With so many kids sick all the time, I don’t know how teachers stay healthy. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

  192. We make sure to wash our hands after playing outside and also playing around other kids. We don’t need an sickness at our house.

  193. We encourage hand washing all the time especially since my son has Celiac Disease- it’s literally our first line of defense from coming in contact with gluten!

  194. My great nephew would love this.He’s learning to wash his hands and loves to play in the water.

  195. Thanks for the giveaway! I teach my kids and my students to cover when they cough and wash their hands before they eat.

  196. Love all step 2 products. Would love to win for our 2 grandchildren. We have twin boys age 4 and they love to play, so keeping them safe we use purell and step 2 products.

  197. I always allow time every day for my kids to play outside. We wash hands before and after every meal and after using the restroom.

  198. We are always outside playing. With having two boys, we especially have to watch out for all the germs that come from outside play. We have taught our boys to play all they want. Though they have to come in and wash their hands. There are times I feel that maybe the washing is every ones favorite part!

  199. I allow my daughter to explore everything her little heart desires as long as it is safe & we make sure to wash our hands often. She is very busy & curious so if she wants to play in the dirt or pick up the worms I’m all for it. It’s all sensory play to her and she is exploring nature. I just reinforce hand washing & keeping our hands out if our mouths!

  200. Any reason to get outside and run around I am gonna get them outdoors! I like to motivate them by rewarding them with dessert after dinner if they play outside for at least 20 minutes after school!

  201. I encourage healthy play by letting my boys be boys and enjoy having fun and getting dirty outside, but always make sure that they wash their hands as soon as they come inside, or if they are going to eat something outside. I have encouraged them to expose themselves to germs because they need it honestly, but to remain clean at the same time.

  202. I have an in- home Daycare and we are always using hand santitizers. Theywould love to play in the sDino sand and water table and the Courtyard Cottage. We could also use the Purell santitizer as well.

  203. I love step 2.Every Birthday and every occacion I can.Ibuy my grandson something from step 2.

  204. My children use hand sanitizer and always wash their hand after they use the restroom, when they sneeze and when they come in from playing.

  205. not a prob to encourage health conscious play through teaching healthy habits, i.e. handwashing, putting away toys and cleaning up afterwards. kids learn so readily and dont even know at the time that they are learning healthy habits!

  206. I think it’s very important for toddlers to play outside and feel all the different textures, but I also think that it is our responsibility as parents to ensure they have a good time. For that, we should apply sun bock, hydrate them, and wash their hands.

  207. We love step 2 products. There awesome for outdoor play. My wife and I always have our grandsons outside. Thanks Step 2. Keep up the Good Work.

  208. I allow my 3yr old daughter to explore anything & everything her little heart desires as long as it is safe. We wash our hands often & remind her often not to touch her face or put her hands in her mouth. From playing in the sandbox,mud or even picking up worms my little one is busy exploring everything nature has to offer.

  209. We make time to get outside when the weather is good and take walks, go to playgrounds, spend time with friends, take bicycle rides and go visit older people to try to help cheer them up. We take along healthy snacks and won’t go anywhere without our Purell hand sanitizer!

  210. I encourage healthy play with my child by washing our hands before we eat and when we come in from outside. We also teach to cough or sneeze into the crook of our arm, not our hands or uncovered.

  211. Thanks for the opportunity for this giveaway. Always like to keep some hand sanitizer around for germs. Great birthday presents for my 2 year old in June!

  212. I encourage healthy play by encouraging healthy habits! We wash are hands often especially before eating or handling food and after being exposed to germy public facilities. I’m also a huge stickler when it comes to washing after using the restroom or coughing/sneezing. With that being said, I still encourage playing hard and getting dirty! Let kids be kids!

  213. Healthy play can be encouraged by getting outdoors and allowing children to get physical exercise as much as possible. These days kids are exposed to electronics too much and they don’t get the chance to be kids and explore.

  214. I love Step2 Products. Buying them for grandchildren to play outside and be active and healthy is the best thing for them and me. Great product and great service

  215. Most times my grandkids ask for hands to be washed when out at parks and even backyard. Mom always carries hand sanitizer and wipes! Yeah Mom.

  216. Would love to win this contest for my first grandchild, Atticus Michael. He was born on 6-25-16. I just got back from Wyoming where I stayed with my daughter, son-in-law and Atticus to do daycare for 2 weeks. I live in California, so our visits are months between times. This was an awesome time for me to spend the days with him and have him get to know me. I had the time of my life and can’t wait until their visit here this summer.


  218. As much outdoor time as possible! Hands and clothes can always be washed, so I let him play in the dirt, splash in the puddles, and explore the world around him.

  219. This would be wonderful to win! It let’s the children interact and share which is healthy play!

  220. We keep baby wipes and sanitizer handy outside and by the backdoor so we can all play but still stay clean and healthy.

  221. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity, as well as the ‘be clean’ education!! ??

  222. I remind my daughter to put the cover back on the sandbox when she’s done playing in it so nothing will get in it.

  223. I encourage lots of outdoor play by making the backyard an attractive place for kids — there’s a tire swing and a frisbee golf target, a trapeze, plenty of trees to climb, balls and jump ropes, a trampoline, chickens to feed and gardens to help with, and our old Step 2 Sweetheart playhouse, which is always popular. I’m generally in favor of more lax, 1970’s style hygiene — the kids have to wash with soap and water before dinner and after going to the bathroom, but we don’t use antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer, etc. so that the kids get plenty of immunity-building exposure to environmental germs.

  224. I encourage healthy play by letting my toddler twins run, play and explore as much as they want. Then, I make sure we wash their hands thoroughly when they’re done!

  225. We love to play in the backyard when it’s sunny. The kids love to use their slide for their cars.

  226. My students are aware that after they finish playing in the sand, they must wash their hands and count the letters around the door. Even if students can’t count past one, they must say one repeatedly and slow to ensure their hands are clean. Students also know that if they cough, sneeze, or wipe their nose, they must use hand sanitizer or wash their hands.

  227. I encourage healthy play by making sure to remind my students wash their hands and I always have wipes in my classroom.

  228. I encourage healthy play by a simple rule of washing hands as soon as they come back from public places like parks, grocery stores, school and sanitizing hands often.

  229. I have the kids wash hands ONLY before meals. Healthy immune system starts by exposure to some germs.

  230. I encourage healthy play by encouraging adventure, while staying healthy and having h=healthy habits.

  231. I encourage healthy play by spending time outside with my niece, having picnics and taking walks!

  232. Step 2 makes the best children’s toys, hands down! Thank you for this opportunity!

  233. We always make sure we take time out of the day to go outside and be active or do some learning activities. It’s important we play in ways that can help my kids.

  234. We love our Purell wipes! Always have them in our diaper bag, such an easy way to clean toddler hands!

  235. My girls love washing their hands. One has chronic ear infections so she especially knows hand washing helps keep her healthy!

  236. We play outside with our granddaughter, riding bikes, walking, water play, chalk art and so much more.

  237. As a kidney transplant recipient, it is important to keep myself and those around me healthy. We both wash and sanitize our hands constantly.

  238. My son and daughter are home with me this summer and I can’t imagine a more fun way to connect with them!

  239. I strongly encourage frequent hand washing and good hygiene practices, but caution against germaphobic behaviors, as kids who are not allowed to build their immune systems naturally are not healthy.

  240. What an awesome prize! I love that you two great companies have come together and are promoting awareness to sanitizing and getting rid of germs!

  241. To encourage healthy play, we wash hands or use Purell after exploring at the park or backyard!

  242. I keep purell and Clorox wipes everywhere. In almost every room of the house, and the cars, and the diaper bags, everywhere.

  243. We We have purell everywhere we go. I believe playing in the dirt is great, but the germs that go with it need washed away!

  244. Keeping hands clean is really important…you can also give kids a short song to sing to make sure they are washing for an appropriate amount of time.

  245. I always tell my daughter to always wash her hands after she is done playing outside. Also to not put her hands in her mouth cause it might be dirty. I keep hands sanitizer around the house and encourge her to use them through out the day

  246. I always make sure we have bottled water so my little one doesn’t ask to use the germy water fountain!

  247. This year has been a very bad year for colds. My kids have have got used to washing and sanitizing their hands constantly.

  248. My son just turned 3 in February. He attends daycare where healthy play is a must. Washing our hands is our number one way of maintaining healthy play…but sanitizer on the go keeps us going at the playground. ?

  249. The kiddies could give the toys a “bath” after playtime. But they would use a wipe, to clean the germs off.

  250. I have my kids wash hands after playing outside and we never wear shoes in the house because we don’t want to bring outdoor germs in.

  251. I encourage healthy play by going outside daily with my girls. We ride bikes, skate, hoola hoop, swim, lots of outdoor activities

  252. My family knows I always have hand sanitizer in my purse, as well as in the nursery and kitchen, so when washing up isn’t an option, the convenience of a quick Purell cleanse does the trick and keeps this mama happy.

  253. We keep baby wipes and hand sanitizer in the cars to clean up after playing or getting into sticky situations

  254. I like to encourage my kids to play healthy by leading by example and doing the same myself.

  255. No hand in the mouth, and always wash hands after playing with soap and water or if we are not near water then with sanitize.

  256. I encourage healthy play by reminding my kiddos to not put dirty hands in their mouths.We also wash kiddos and play equipment if it’s been brought out side before returning them to the toy box.

  257. I encourage healthy play by teaching rules from the time the child is born talking to child explaining what I’m doing and why I’m cleaning their hands etc. As the child grows, they get excited that now they get to wash and clean and it’s a fun activity to them- never a chore. I’m always teaching why it’s so important to be healthy you have to be clean.

  258. We encourage healthy play by having our kids wash their hands before eating after playing outside all day. Sometimes they need baths first. Not much else you can do they love the dirt and with living in the country there is plenty of dirt to dig in lol.

  259. My kids love to explore the outdoors, And their hands an face prove it. But when its time to come and eat a good hand scrubbing it much needs before the eat

  260. We play outside but always wash our hands after and always make sure to wash before eating.

  261. We are outside t of the day. It’s easy when there is lots to do. The kids love to pick flowers, so we let them go crazy anf always have plenty to pick and lots of water fun to go with.

  262. We try to keep our yard free of anything that the kids could seriously hurt themselves on. When we first bought this house my husband spent a couple days cutting down dead trees that could break and fall on someone. We also ran a magnet over the ground where there were screws and nails to make sure we got them all. Outside fun comes to a quick halt when someone gets injured.

  263. We encourage healthy play by washing hands before and after using any community play equipment!

  264. I encourage my five year old to always wash her hands after she has played in a community area.

  265. I carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with me everywhere we go and make sure the kiddos use them before and after mealtimes and playtime.

  266. I encourage students to do as many hands-on activities as possible, but make sure they wash their hands with soap and water after.

  267. We encourage healthy play by washing hands or using Purell after we have finished playing outside, to get the dirt and germ off and to develop life long healthy habits.

  268. I am always telling my daughter to make sure she washes her hands and wiping my sons hands off. I also tell them to never put things in their mouths. It doesn’t always work but i try.

  269. This is a perfect win for a funfilled and healthy summer……I’d love to have the Cottage and Dino Dig for my backyard, since I babysit both granddaughters full time…..and a supply of Purell would keep me from having to run inside to wash their hands before we have lunch or a snack….I love Step2!!!!

  270. We play outside a few hours everyday, afterwards and sometimes during we always wash hands and face with soap and water.

  271. I encourage healthy play by LETTING my kiddo get dirty!!! We build immunities this way and that it so so important!! But when we come inside we always practice hand-washing. We make sure to sing the ABC’s while we wash to scrub for the adequate amount of time. It makes washing fun and a learning experience!!

  272. i encourage healthy play by making sure my kids get dirty – and then know how to wash up later!

  273. We encourage healthy play by washing hands before meals, after we pay at the park or play space and keeping sanitizer on hand for the cough and sneeze.

  274. i encourage healthy play by teaching them when there young and keeping up the praise lets wash our hands after play and lets wash our hands so we can go play it worked for me

  275. Gotta encourage healthy play by teaching them what to do, what not to do, and having them always clean up before going back in, and before playing on/with.

  276. I encourage healthy play by giving my kids a song to sing while they wash their hands. It makes it more fun and ensures they wash for at least 20 seconds.

  277. My granddaughters love to play outside and in the dirt, so I always make sure there is plenty of hand sanitizer on hand, if there is no soap and water available!

  278. I encourage my children to play outside daily, to run around and get rid of excess energy.

  279. we tell stories in the round and then act them out with play, like a prince went to the top of the castle and then climb on the slide

  280. I encourage healthy play by exposing my kids to different children and helping them work through small issues. I also encourage outside play exposure as much as possible.

  281. What a wonderful giveaway. I love this with hand sanitizer it would be great for anyone with little ones.

  282. I encourage it by showing my children to wash their hands and clean up after themselves while they play, both of my children are very good at keeping clean, I love it.

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