Behind the Scenes: Spring 2018 Photo Shoot

Lights. Camera. Action.

We had a ball with some of our little kiddos at our Spring Photo Shoot. Our photo shoot spread over two days and covered six different holidays: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Game Day, Opening Day, First Day of Spring and Easter. If you weren’t able to catch our Facebook Live from the shoot, check it out here!

Take a look through these behind the scenes photos for a sneak peek:

What’s a Game Day shoot without snacks?
On the move! Our photo shoots are always energetic.
BFFs: Our little models are instant best friends.
Ready for St. Patrick’s Day! What’s more perfect for the holiday than the Canopy Wagon?
Comin’ through!
The best part of this shoot was the pretzels, animal crackers and juice boxes on set.
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Our photographer, Jeff, is so good with the kids because he is such a big kid at heart.
Opening Day, we are ready for you.
Swing and a miss…
So close!
Proud mama on the sidelines.
Sweetheart Playhouse for Valentines Day? Absolutely!
Jeff plays with the kids while he shoots, another reason why he is the best!
Whatever it takes to crack a smile, Jeff is willing to do it, including wearing pink glittery cat ears.
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  1. Too cute! Just bought my Grandaughter a kitchen for her second birthday and she loves it. WE ALL LOVE IT! It is interesting to see how much these
    little ones really understand about what we do in the kitchen. Given a kitchen of her own, she is quite the little chef! She shares what she cooks and
    take great delight in our enjoyment of her food. She loves her burners, the phone and the sounds the buttons make. Mama loves the storage in the
    Recycle bin. You guys are the BEST! Thank you.

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