Step2 Top Toy Showdown

Step2 Top Toy ShowdownWelcome to the Step2 Top Toy Showdown. In our first ever Top Toy Showdown, we want your help deciding the top Step2 toy.

Our staff chose 64 of our favorite toys from across the current Step2 product catalog (which is no easy task)! We then seeded them based on a variety of factors from newness to the different play benefits.

Come back each round to help vote for your favorite toys. The voting period for the first round will open at 8:00 am ET on Tuesday (3/19) and will run until 8:00 pm ET on Wednesday (3/20). The winners will advance to the Second Round, and new polls will open on Friday (3/22).

The fun doesn’t stop there. Whatever toy reigns supreme, will then become an upcoming giveaway. That’s right, your vote matters and can help us decide which toy you can win next!

Here are the initial 32 matchups. You can now vote below:

Water and Sand Tables

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[forminator_poll id=”10623″]

[forminator_poll id=”10624″]

[forminator_poll id=”10625″]

[forminator_poll id=”10626″]

[forminator_poll id=”10627″]

[forminator_poll id=”10628″]

[forminator_poll id=”10629″]

Outdoor Play

[forminator_poll id=”10638″]

[forminator_poll id=”10637″]

[forminator_poll id=”10636″]

[forminator_poll id=”10635″]

[forminator_poll id=”10634″]

[forminator_poll id=”10633″]

[forminator_poll id=”10632″]

[forminator_poll id=”10631″]


[forminator_poll id=”10643″]

[forminator_poll id=”10644″]

[forminator_poll id=”10645″]

[forminator_poll id=”10646″]

[forminator_poll id=”10639″]

[forminator_poll id=”10642″]

[forminator_poll id=”10640″]

[forminator_poll id=”10641″]

Pretend Play

[forminator_poll id=”10647″]

[forminator_poll id=”10649″]

[forminator_poll id=”10654″]

[forminator_poll id=”10648″]

[forminator_poll id=”10652″]

[forminator_poll id=”10653″]

[forminator_poll id=”10651″]

[forminator_poll id=”10650″]

  1. Your products are the best on the market. You have socialization skills covered.
    You also have the transportation area covered making things easier for the adults.

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