DIY Assembly: How to Give the Best Toy Ever!

Whether it’s for the holidays, a special birthday, or a surprise for a child “just because”, we want every occasion with a Step2 toy to be full of fun and excitement. Here are a few useful tips with a complete assembly timeline to ensure your – and your child’s – experience is fun and memorable!


Assembly Time & Tips

When your package arrives

Open the box as soon as possible to make sure all parts and necessary decals are included.

In the rare occurrence that your item is missing something, please call the Step2 team at 1-800-347-8372 to request a replacement part.


One to two days before assembly

Take a minute to read over the assembly instructions and familiarize yourself with the process. You’ll save time in the long run by reviewing first, instead of trying to figure out the next step as you go.

It’s also a good idea to review the decal locations to ensure placement accuracy before you begin.


The day before assembly

It’s important to note that the assembly times below are estimated per category, and there’s a chance some items may fall out of these estimated times.

Before you begin, refer to the Assembly Time section on your specific product’s instruction sheet (listed with a stopwatch icon) for a more accurate assembly timeframe where applicable.


When you begin assembly

Review the assembly instructions one more time before you begin. Collect all necessary tools, and find a friend to assist if larger pieces need some more stability.

Lay out all the parts with their corresponding illustration on the instruction sheet. Match up the screw sizes and quantities, any decals, and other components.

More questions about screws and assembly? Read our informative blog post HERE.

Download the full DIY Assembly Worksheet HERE.

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