Jurassic Fun: Dinosaur Easter Basket Ideas

Jurassic Fun: Dinosaur Easter Basket Ideas

Turn this Easter into a hunt for dinosaur eggs! Take your littles ones on an epic archeological expedition with a unique dinosaur Easter basket. Using the Step2 Dino Dig Sand & Water Table™, you can create an Easter basket that your child will never forget.

Dinosaur Easter Basket Stuffers

Take a step through time and enter the Jurassic period! Using our Dino Dig Sand & Water Table—which includes dino figurines!—you can recreate this dino-lovers basket with the following items:

Just fill the table with some crinkle paper or Easter grass and add in some dino egg-filled candy and fun toys. Your little ones will be roaring with happiness!

Explore Social and Emotional Development

Your child’s inner explorer will come out when they see this dinosaur Easter basket! Role playing helps your child develop their social-emotional skills when they create storylines and emulate behaviors. The large design of the sand and water table also allows you child to play with other children while practicing important social skills, such as sharing and taking turns.

Conquer Cognitive Development

Not only will this dinosaur Easter basket bring hours and hours of enjoyment, but it introduces several ways to expand your child’s cognitive development.

Splashing in the water and pouring sand through their fingers allows your children to explore several senses at once, such as textures, temperatures, sights, and sounds. Water and sand play also introduces your child to early physics concepts and teaches them cause and effect.

As your little archeologist digs for dinosaurs and stomps them through the sand box, their imaginations soar. Creating unique thoughts and building scenarios is another great exercise in cognitive development.

Building Physical and Motor Skills

Scooping sand and pouring water through buckets are both great ways to help your child develop important motor skills. As they handle these toys, they’re practicing physical dexterity as well as hand-eye coordination.

Easter Basket Ideas of Jurassic Proportions

Take your mini archeologist on a dino Easter egg hunt they’ll never forget! With this unique alternative Easter basket idea, your child will spend hours splashing, playing, and building prehistoric worlds. They’ll be mastering crucial physical, social, and cognitive developmental skills all in the name of fun!

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What prehistoric-themed goodies will the Easter Bunny be adding to your child’s Step2 Dino Dig Sand & Water Table™? Comment below!

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