Beep, Beep! Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Beep, Beep! Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Easter’s just around the corner, and we have Easter basket ideas that your little ones will love! This holiday, switch things up and use a toy as a basket, such as the Step2 Car Wash Splash Center™.

The wide, open design and multiple trays make this water table the ultimate Easter basket alternative. Your little one won’t know if they’re more excited about the Easter basket stuffers or the basket itself!

Driver’s Manual: How to Make Easter Baskets for Toddlers

Looking for a little inspiration on how to make Easter baskets? Check out these tips from the Easter Bunny! Choose some Easter basket stuffers that encourage creativity and engage their minds. In our Step2 Car Wash Splash Center™ Easter basket, we chose the following items:

When you’re ready to build your Easter basket, fill the two bottom trays and top tray with Easter grass or crinkle paper. Then, place the toys and sweets you picked out and arrange them around the Step2 Car Wash Splash Center™.

Make a Right at Social-Emotional Development

Your child will absolutely love playing with their Step2 Car Wash Splash Center™, and they’ll also gain tons of developmental skills when they play with this water table toy!

This water table toy has multiple stations for kids to take turns and practice social skills. One kid can drive, while the others take care of business, cleaning the windshield, filling the gas tank with water, washing the wheels, and more!

As your little ones take on different roles, they’ll be exercising even more social skills development. The kids will create roles, negotiate rules, and come together as a team to bring their role-playing games to life. They can each take turns with the different roles, so everyone gets a chance to step into a new character.

Next Stop: Cognitive Development

Your little driver will also gain tons of cognitive development skills when playing with water tables. As they pour water into the top double-sided tray, water will pour down the front windshield as well as the backside. On the back, the water will pour through a shifting water maze. Watching the water move in different ways will teach little ones about cause and effect.

Water play is also great for sensory exploration! As we mentioned earlier, they’ll get to see various ways in which the water moves throughout this water toy. Children will also feel the tactile sensation of the water. They can splash, feel the temperature, and feel the smooth trickle of the rain fall.

Children will hear various sounds through the Step2 Car Wash Splash Center™, such as the rain-fall effect as it hits the windshield and the glugging of the water pouring into the gas tank. When they turn the wheel, they’ll also hear the squeak of the windshield wipers.

Final Stop: Fun Easter Basket Ideas

This Easter, give your little one an Easter basket they’ll never forget! Not only will they play with this water toy for years to come, but they’ll gain new skills as they move through various child development stages. Water toys are a great way to introduce and develop social skills, sensory exploration, cognitive development, and more.

Check out the Step2 Car Wash Splash Center™ and the rest of our top Easter toys at!

What Easter basket stuffers will you fill your Step2 Car Wash Splash Center™ with? Share your ides in the comments below!


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