Easter’s Rolling in: Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

The Easter Bunny’s working hard and getting ready for Easter! He’s mapped out some plans and wanted to share some fun Easter basket ideas. If you’re looking to make an impressive Easter basket, the Easter Bunny suggests using a toy instead of a traditional basket, such as the Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center!

Get Your Hard Hats & Build an Easter Basket

With the wide, open design, this toy makes the perfect alternative Easter basket. This water table toy already comes with four Ball Buddies toys, 10 plastic balls, and more, so you’ll be ahead of the game.

When building this Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center Easter basket, we chose some truck-themed toys that help inspire minds:

Fill the bottom and top tiers with colored crinkle paper or some Easter grass, then arrange your Easter basket stuffers around the water table. Your little ones will light up when they see their Easter baskets!

Under Construction: Social Development

Your little one will love playing with their water table, and they’ll also develop important skills when doing so! The large design and multiple stations of the Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center makes this toy great for social development.

Children can practice taking turns and sharing as they each play with a Ball Buddies truck or with the various sections within the water table. They’ll also learn patience as they wait for their turn to play with a particular area or toy.

Splash Away with Sensory Play & Cognitive Development

One of the best ways to learn is learning through play! It’s definitely the most fun way to learn, and with water tables, children gain cognitive development skills as well.

Water tables are a great way for sensory exploration! With the Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center, littles ones can drive their trucks from land to water. Starting from the top tier, they can drive their cars into the bottom water tier and feel the water splash over the trucks. They’ll also feel the smooth texture of the round balls, cool temperature of the water, and textured surface of the cars and attached toys. Little ones will also hear the splash of the water and plop of the balls landing in the water.

This water table toy is also a great way to teach cause and effect. Children can watch the trucks roll down the ramps and into the water. Ask them if the trucks make a bigger splash than the balls and have them place a ball in the back of the trucks to see if they react any differently when moving downhill. Kids can also learn cause and effect when they pour water over the wheel and watch it spin.

Roll into Easter with an Epic Water Table Easter Basket

This Easter, don’t just put together an Easter basket, create a lasting memory! Use a Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center as an Easter basket alternative and watch your little one’s face light up when they see their water table Easter basket. They’ll play with this toy for years to come and will always remember the best Easter basket the Easter Bunny ever made.

Looking for some more inspiration? Check out Step2.com. We have tons of great Easter toys that make fun and unique alternative Easter basket ideas.

What Easter basket stuffers will you fill your Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center with? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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